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What is the Purpose of Being a Girl?

By: Kristen Clark

It was a cold and windy day in Texas. Definitely not ideal weather for shooting an outdoor video, but it didn’t matter. We were on a mission. With our small film crew in tow, Bethany and I headed into the heart of our local University campus.

We scanned the sea of busy students and decided to place ourselves right in the middle of the action. With our microphone in hand and the cameras rolling, we approached random students to get their thoughts on some controversial topics.

“Besides the obvious physical differences, do you think there’s a difference between guys and girls?”

This was the first question we asked each person. Without hesitation, almost everyone agreed that there was a small difference between guys and girls, but not much. We then asked, “Okay, if guys and girls are different, what would you say is the distinct purpose of being a girl?”

This question was instantly met with puzzled looks and surprised faces. “Hmmm…a purpose…” one girl said in slow confusion. Overall, not one girl gave us a confident answer for why she existed in this world.

“Should a person’s gender affect their life plan?”

was our third question. Their demeanors instantly switched gears and they gave their opinions confidently. “Not at all,” several girls said. “A person’s gender should have nothing to do with their purpose and roles in life.” Another girl said enthusiastically, “a man and woman should always do the same things.”

You are distinctly different from a guy.

What’s your personal opinion? Should a man and woman always do the same things in life? Are you any different than a guy? To get some answers to these life changing questions we have to go to the source.

The only person who was around when all of this went down – God himself. He had a blank slate in hand and could have designed anything He wanted. Instead of creating a world with only one gender, or a world with multiple types of genders, what did He do? He designed a man and a woman (Genesis 2).

He purposely created two distinctly different genders. God didn’t design an “Adam and Steve;” He designed an “Adam and Eve.” And He did it for a reason.

Being a girl has a ton of significance because of that one act of God. Our loving creator is the author of the female design, and He never intended for us to become, “basically the same as a guy.”

No way!

God purposely, intentionally, and with forethought invented the woman – you – to be totally different from the man.

God’s Design for the Girl is Incredible.

Whenever God does something as obvious as creating two distinctly different genders, we should always stop and ask, “Why?” What did God have in mind when He decided to make us this way? He had every human being in mind, that’s what.

In order to give you and me a small glimpse of God’s divine nature, He carefully crafted the human race to be a reflection of His personal image (Genesis 1:26). He designed the man and the woman to display the glory of God in ways that are unique to each. He designed us as equally valuable humans with two different roles and purposes in this world. Stay with me now – it’s about to get really good!

“Men were created to reflect the strength, love,and self-sacrifice of Christ. Women were created to reflect the responsiveness, grace, and beauty of the bride He redeemed. And marriage was created to reflect the covenant union of Christ and His bride.” – Divine Design (pg. 27)

As a girl, you can glorify God in ways that a guy can’t.

For starters, you are gifted with the ability to bring new life into this world. You’re able to grow a child inside of you for nine months and then feed that baby with your own body once it’s born.

That’s amazing!

God instilled deep inside of you a nurturing spirit of gentleness, compassion, comfort, sympathy, insight, and encouragement. A guy will never make as good a “mommy” as a girl will. Being a mother isn’t a lowly job in God’s eyes, it’s one of greatest things you could do with your life.

“Many women have done excellently, but you [wife, godly mother & homemaker] surpass them all” (Proverbs 31:29).

God also gave you the role of being a teammate and vice president to your future husband. Marriage isn’t supposed to look like two people living independently of one another. You’re a team!

As a wife someday, you will be able to glorify God by showing the world what a supportive, loving, encouraging, organized, wisdom-filled wife looks like. As you and your husband serve God side-by-side you are called to be the primary overseer and manager of everything regarding your home. You will have the challenge of making your home a place of peace, refuge, security, and hospitality for your husband and family (Titus 2:4-5).

If God calls you to be in the small percentage of women who serve Him through a life of singleness, you will still serve in similar ways as a married woman. You will have a home base where you can serve God through hospitality, reaching out to neighbors, hosting events, leading Bible studies, etc.

Whether a woman is single or married during her lifetime, we are all called to the same standard of godly living.

It’s Time to Embrace Your God-Given Purpose.

I’ve only scratched the surface on God’s unique design for the girl. Being born a girl isn’t an accident, and it’s not a position that should taken lightly. Our enemy, satan, is working hard to deceive people into believing lies about our gender roles and purposes.

If you choose to believe the lie that guys and girls are basically the same, you are telling God that He didn’t know what He was doing when He designed you.

I challenge you to study passages like Proverbs 31 and Titus 2, and the lives of Biblical women such as Ruth, Esther, Abigail and Mary. These women lived their lives to honor God by displaying His beautiful, feminine design to the world around them.

To sum things up: Yes – I do believe that guys and girls are different.

Very different.

Second, the purpose of a girl is to glorify God by serving Him in ways distinctly designed for her gender. Whether it’s as a wife, mother, single girl, grandma, or little girl, God has instructions for how we as females should live and what our priorities should be in life.

Last, a person’s gender should absolutely affect their life plan. Your gender has everything do with your role and purpose in life. Your future goals and life plans should align with God’s vision for a successful woman.

Don’t look to the world for answers regarding your purpose as a girl.

They will feed you lies. God designed you and He’s the only one who knows how you should live. Follow God’s directions. Turn to His Word for answers. You will never be happier than when you’re walking in the center of God’s purpose and design for you.

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