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What to Do When Romance Isn’t a Part of Your Holiday Season

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


You hear the music, you see the pictures, you feel the “love in the air” and you just wish you had a man to enjoy it with. But, you don’t. It’s just little old you with your Christmas music and peppermint mocha. You dream of the day when you will have a family of your own and someone to “steal a kiss under the mistletoe” with, but that’s not your current reality.

A New Perspective and a Little Bit of Hope 

We want to share with you a new perspective and a little bit of hope. We want to encourage you with some nuggets of truth that have really helped the two of us remain joyful, happy, and content during the holiday season.


Kristen and Bethany

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2 Responses to What to Do When Romance Isn’t a Part of Your Holiday Season

  1. Mary says:

    Great video!!! Sooooooo excited to hear you guys mention LAMPLIGHTER THEATRE today!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! Do you guys ever listen to Adventures In Odyssey??? You guys should talk about some good audio drama for young ladies to listen too sometime and maybe a special Christmas entertainment thingy! LOL

  2. Anna says:

    Awesome post! Very encouraging for me. Me and my family love the Lamplighter books. Have you guys ever listened to the Lamplighter audio drama’s? There are really good we love to all sit around and listen to them as a family.

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