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Same-Sex Attraction and the Christian Girl

By: Kristen Clark

She experienced same-sex attraction for the first time when she was five years old. These feelings were a part of her life as long as she could remember. As she grew into a teenager the feelings only intensified. By age seventeen, she pursued her first female relationship and openly embraced her life as a lesbian.

Then, at age nineteen something radical happened in her life. She was introduced to a man named Jesus. She had never known a love so powerful before. She had never experienced a love so intimate and satisfying. Over the next few years, Jesus transformed her life from the inside out.

This is the true story of a woman named Jackie Hill Perry.

Her life stands as a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA).

If this is your struggle, you are not alone. Jackie Hill Perry wrote an article on the Desiring God Blog where she shares how her desires and longings for female relationships were intensely real. They felt so right. They seemed so normal.

But as she grew in her relationship with Jesus, studied the Bible, and learned about God’s design for manhood, womanhood, gender, and marriage, she came to a crucial fork in the road. 

She says, “As I was praying and meditating on [God’s truth], God put this impression on my heart: ‘Jackie, you have to believe that my word is true even if it contradicts how you feel.’ Wow! This is right. Either I trust in his word or I trust my own feelings. Either I look to him for the pleasure my soul craves or I search for it in lesser things. Either I walk in obedience to what he says or I reject his truth as if it were a lie.”

Jackie is very open and honest about how hard it was to leave behind her female love interests. It was (and is) a process of trusting in God’s transforming grace each day. She said, “I cannot let these things or [women] go on my own. I love them too much. But I know [God is] good and strong enough to help me.”

If you struggle with same-sex attraction, or know someone who does, it can be a very lonely and painful struggle.

You might even feel ashamed to talk about it and afraid to let others know. But sister, please hear this. God sees you and knows your struggle. He doesn’t view you any differently than any other women. Your struggle may look different than mine, but at the core, we are the same.

We are both broken women in need of the transforming power of Jesus in our lives. We are both women who face sinful temptations everyday.

When talking about SSA, it’s extremely important to distinguish the difference between “sin” and “temptation.” Nick Roen, a man who struggled with SSA for many years wrote a helpful article about this. He says, “Experiencing a specific same-sex attraction is not necessarily a sin. Let’s say that I experience an attraction to another man. I don’t go looking for it, but it rises up spontaneously within me. At this point, my attraction falls into the category of temptation, and I can do one of two things. I can fight the desire in the same manner that anyone who is tempted with pride, jealousy, or fear would, and kill it before I sin. Or I can follow the desire into lust of the mind and eventually the flesh, which is a volitional sin.”

In light of your temptation with SSA, the Bible says there is “nothing new under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9).

Your struggle is not new to humankind. The Bible also offers the powerful truth that “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it” (1 Cor. 10:13).

Sister, regardless of your daily temptation and struggle with same-sex attraction, your temptations are not beyond the reach of God’s power. In Him there is true hope, freedom, and new life.

Sadly though, the society that we live in will not point you to this awesome Redeemer.

We live in a day and age where human autonomy reigns supreme. We’re told to “follow our hearts” and “be true to ourselves.” Although this sounds good, it leaves no room for God. Our feelings, desires, and longings become the gods in our life. We’re encouraged to place our feelings on the highest pedestal and to submit to them. Christopher Asmus, a man who has a similar testimony as Jackie Hill Perry said, “The overarching sexual ethic of our day is ‘I feel, therefore I am.’ This mindset leads us to find our identity in our sexual desires, rather than in Christ.

The Bible reveals a very different narrative.

As we open our Bibles, we see that God created humans in the very beginning of time to walk in a beautiful relationship with Him (Genesis 2). Adam and Eve were created in God’s image as male and female and were made for His glory. Their desires and longings were unpolluted by sin. It wasn’t until they chose to rebel against God that sin entered the world (Genesis 3). From that moment on, sin permeated the hearts of every human that walked on the earth — including you and me today.

Sin pollutes our desires, longings, and feelings. The Bible describes these warped desires as being contrary and opposed to what is right and true. Galatians 5:17a says, “For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh…”

Christopher Asmus says, “As a result of the fall, our hearts are out of order and dark (Romans 1:21). Instead of loving light and hating darkness, we love darkness and hate light (John 3:19). And as we fall more in love with darkness, we sin and choose the way of death (James 1:14–15; Proverbs 14:12).”

As we look to God’s Word to inform our worldview about sin and our desires, we are each faced with the same question that Jackie Hill Perry faced: Will I submit to my feelings or will I submit to God? Will I find my identity in my sexual desires, or will I find my identity in who Jesus Christ says I am?

Will I trust in God’s Word, or will I trust in myself?

Jesus loved us so much that He came to this earth and died on a cross to free us from the power of sin in our lives. What we messed up, He came to restore. He died to break the chains of bondage and distortion in our lives. He came to offer new life and hope in Himself.

“The most foundational lie SSA tells us is that a homosexual experience will be more pleasurable and more satisfying than what you are experiencing here and now. But God promises that Christ himself is infinitely more pleasurable and satisfying than anything this world has to offer (Psalm 16:11; Psalm 107:9), especially the sad counterfeit savior of a same-sex experience. If you’re a Christian struggling with same-sex attractions, know that you are not defined by your sin. Your identity is not determined by your temptations. ‘Embrace who you really are’ by embracing Jesus Christ and your new life found in him (2 Corinthians 5:17). ‘Be true to yourself’ by clinging to Truth himself (John 14:6) and enjoying the freedoms Christ purchased for you with his blood.”  —Christopher Asmus

No matter how long you’ve struggled with same-sex attraction, it does not have to define you.

Your battle is ultimately a battle of sin and the flesh just like mine. It’s a battle of faith. It’s a battle of surrender. It’s a battle of trusting in Christ so deeply and fully that His transforming grace becomes sufficient for your struggle. It’s relying on Jesus each day and looking to Him for strength to say no to the flesh, and yes to righteousness.

Jackie Hill Perry, Christopher Asmus, and many others are examples of the sufficiency of God’s grace for same-sex attraction. He is strong enough and powerful enough to change the desires of your heart. And even if the temptations never fully go away (for some they don’t), you must trust in Jesus to give you the strength to resist the daily temptation as you look to Him.

As Jackie Hill Perry so beautifully reminds us, “If lasting love is what you’re looking for anywhere else, you are chasing the wind, seeking what you will never find, slowly being destroyed by your pursuit. But in Jesus, there is fullness of joy.

In Jesus, there is a relationship worth everything, because he is everything. Run to him.”

For further help and direction regarding same-sex attraction, I highly recommend the following books and articles. Please take some time to dig into these helpful and biblical resources. They will be a huge help and encouragement for you as you navigate this struggle in your life.


Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield

Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ by Rosaria Butterfield

Is God Anti-Gay: And Other Questions about Homosexuality, the Bible, and Same-Sex Attraction by Sam Allberry


Love Letter to a Lesbian by Jackie Hill Perry

Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction and Desperate for Love by ERLC

Is It Sin to Experience Same-Sex Attraction? By Nick Roen

Longing for Intimacy: Four Promises for Same-Sex-Attracted Christians by: Christopher Asmus

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631 Responses to Same-Sex Attraction and the Christian Girl

  1. Jamie says:

    Honestly this is a terrible message to send to kids.

  2. hannah says:

    Thanks for this my best friend asked me the other day if her being attracted to girls meant that God no longer loved her and I couldn’t answer her but I will tell her about this post so thanks.

  3. Fifi says:

    There are many resources out there, and dedicated people that have spent their life struggling with SSA and have buried themselves in God’s Word. Many of them have interpreted His Living and Active Word differently, and there are many Christians that believe that being gay is not a sin. I am one of these Christians. I am not gay myself, but I think it’s impor to look at other perspectives, which is why I read this gently written article.

    • hannah says:

      I think it is a sin to be gay if God wanted that he would have created two men or two woman but he didn’t he created man and woman to be one.

      • Fifi says:

        So long as we’re assuming to know what God wanted, I think that God created a man and a woman because he created those two different sexes with the ability of procreation. In the beginning God wanted to spread His Creaton, so obviously He would have started with a man and a woman. I don’t think that’s a very good reason for why being homosexual is a sin. But no more arguing, it is unbecoming of wise people. I think we can both agree that no matter what, God loves you.

      • Geritude says:

        He did it that way because God understood basic biology

      • Geritude says:

        Well then heterosexuality would be a sin and we’d still be having a bloody argument over sexual attraction.

      • moirauchi says:

        Or, maybe, we evolved to have functioning reproductive organs so that our species survive.

    • hannah says:

      If God wanted gays to be together he would of created a way for them to have kids but he didn’t so…….

  4. Anna Irons says:

    So glad y’all posted on this!! Been wondering when you would! Much Love

  5. just a girl says:

    So how do I get out of it? The last time I checked I couldn’t flick off my homosexuality like a light switch, y’all.

  6. Cindy says:

    I love the way you, Kristen and Bethany, empower women and strife for strong and independent womanhood without loosing sight of your believes. So when I read this, I am utterly shocked by your hypocrisy.

    There are so many (and here I mean, like, really M A N Y) passages in the Bible, that state to chastise your wife with beatings, that a woman is nearly no human being at all, that she’s worthless and only there to serve men. You two have clearly, and I’m thankful for that, a different opinion about womanhood and how God and Jesus love and support women. So far, so good.

    But here it comes: there are only two direct references to homosexuality in the entire Bible. Let me state that again: two. T W O. (And even those two are not very clear and distinct, but that’s another discussion.)

    What you, Kristen and Bethany, do is, basically, say that society can change their opinion on how to treat and respect women and understand all those bad passages in the Bible about women as out-dated and not tolerable anymore (because otherwise you would have to be okay with violence against women, as it is very clearly stated many times in the Bible) – but when it comes to homosexuality that has, let me write this again, only TWO references in the Bible, you go around and tell women (and men as well) that being gay is not right, or not natural, or just not the way God wants us to be.

    HELLO? Don’t you see how truly hypocritical this is?

    How can YOU decide which message of the Bible (which is God’s word) is more relevant or, in this case, has to be taken more LITERALLY. If you argue to live God’s word on homosexuality, then you have to be okay with bad treatment of women as well. And not only that but so many other things that are written in the Bible, that we would never ever see as okay or even acceptable in our world today. Who are you to prioritize God’s words into your own liking? You simply can not say that it is in any way wrong to be homosexual and at the same time empower women in any way.

    What I see here, in your words, is how ill the Christian community is. Instead of focusing on God’s message to us all, love, you are absolutely blinded by an ideology that teaches Christians to judge other people, doubt God’s plan for other people (because how can you want someone not to be gay, that might just be what God has imagined for them) and to decide for yourself which words of God are more important and have to be taken more literally than others.

    I hope that one day you will see and understand. Until then I can only try and give you something to think about. If you throw my words away and don’t care because you KNOW how God’s words are meant, then I’m really sorry I have wasted your time.

    To know God means to listen and learn – not to be ignorant about your own ambivalence.

  7. Suzanne F says:

    I am bisexual. I suppose it is easier for me to repress that part of me that feels same-sex attraction, so I feel very conflicted whenever this topic comes up. I have felt this since I was 15. Part of me wants to come out and accept myself, but I feel guilt and shame whenever I think of it. I don’t want to make any bad decisions, and I don’t personally feel like I’m all the way qualified to speak on the subject because I also feel attraction towards men. I believe in God, and I know acting on same-sex attraction is a sin.

    The whole idea of resisting temptation and not acting on my feelings is very hard for me, because I feel that I am repressing myself, and I don’t know why God would give me these feelings. The crush I have had on a girl has felt the same as I have had on a boy, although I feel wrong about having it because I wouldn’t want this girl (who is my friend) to feel uncomfortable. I don’t know what to feel on this topic, and I hesitate to make a decision on it because I have not really come out, or accepted my feelings for what they are. Although I live in a fairly progressive area I still hear gay slurs tossed around and I wouldn’t want to damage any relationship I have with friends or family because I am bisexual.

    I don’t want to repress half of myself. I want to love God and love myself at the same time. So, it’s very hard for me to agree with you on this subject, because, yes my feelings, which I know shouldn’t take the high ground, but sometimes it’s hard to just accept God’s will and move on. I caution you from making statements like these if you have not struggled with same-sex attraction, because you do not really understand what you are saying. It’s nice in theory, to just obey God and love him, but it is hard to do so when your feelings and intrinsic nature command you otherwise. Yes, you quoted people who have experienced same-sex attraction, but ultimately the opinion is from you, a person I believe who does not experience it. I do not intend this as hateful, so please do not interpret this as that. I am just trying to get my opinion out there, as a person who is bisexual and conflicted. Thank you.

    • Courtney "Kind Soul" Faulkner says:

      Gonna go ahead and submit this AGAIN because I really do feel this needs to be heard. Come on, mods, discourse is important, I’m literally trying to help someone here, that’s a facet of Christianity. I ask only to be allowed to speak.
      Hi Suzanne! Fellow bisexual woman here! I’ve stumbled across this post and was understandably also upset by it, and touched and personally affected by your comment. While not religious myself, I understand the important role religion can play in one’s life. I promise you that there are Christian communities who have a more understanding and loving reading of the Bible and the word of Jesus than can be found in this misguided and post written by a presumed heterosexual, who simply CANNOT understand the struggles of an LGBT individual even if she ignorantly assumes her struggles are in any way comparable with ours. I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with the way you feel. There nothing wrong with the way we feel, the things we feel. Others may find them less “normal” but those people can take a hike.
      I would love to add some sources for LGBT friendly Christian communities, I find this incredibly important, however this website does not seem to like outside links. I do encourage you to research them.
      Christianity, from what I understand of it, is meant to be a movement for love and tolerance and this site is anything but. In any case, Suzanne, I wish you luck and love and all my best wishes. I hope that if you need help you have someone you can reach out to, or I can help in any way I can. You are loved. Regardless of what others may say.

      • Suzanne F says:

        Thank you so much, truly. It’s so hard to hear this rhetoric constantly said, and it almost makes me want to lose faith. Your kind words mean so much, and it’s so nice to hear this from someone who knows what I’m going through.

    • Grace says:

      Hey, girl! I understand EXACTLY what you’re going through…and this is coming from a fellow believer. It’s glad to hear you care about God, and I get the struggle you are going through with feeling like you have to choose. I myself felt the same way about everything and wrote similar things to what you just said. It started around the same age for me as well, although I only liked girls. I would love to share with you my story and what God has put on my heart for you. Reading your comment brought me to tears because I remember being in the same place as you. I’ve been praying for you and hope you hear out what I have to say. It might be hard to grasp at first. None of it made sense to me before, but once you experience it for yourself you’ll understand what I mean. Also, I’d love to answer any and all questions you may have. I’m trusting God to give me the right answers.

      I’d love to start out with God loves you so much and created you with purpose. He values you so much, shown by Him sending Jesus to die for you. He paid the ultimate price for you because you are priceless to Him. He does not want you to have to choose between being happy and fulfilled or loving and following Him. It’s a package deal. God is love of the purest form. He’s not self-centered, He’s self-sacrificing. He doesn’t hold a grudge, He holds out open arms. He does not want to be distant from you, He wants to be right there, guiding you through life. He doesn’t become disinterested, He cares so much and loves to hear from you. A loving God does not withhold good things from you because God is good and all good things come from Him. I’m sure you are asking now, well isn’t a committed relationship between two girls good? How could that be a sin? If it is, then WHY? Didn’t God make me how I am? Those are all good questions.

      To understand the answers, we must go back to the beginning. Remember in the garden, when Eve ate the forbidden fruit? This changed everything. Sin entered the world. We must remember that human nature is inherently sinful. Our feelings, our thoughts, and our actions are all affected, even our DNA which can cause us to have genetic mutations and to be more prone to certain illnesses. We do not live in a perfect world. We live in a messed up world, and we are hard-wired to do what feels right for us, to act on our feelings. Following God is going against our nature. We die to ourselves when we surrender to God and accept Jesus into our hearts, but we also live, better than ever. Matthew 16:25 says For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. If we follow ourselves, we are not living our best life, not living out what we were ORIGINALLY created for which Jesus came to restore, and we will ultimately die. That is not meant to scare you. I am saying this all from a place of love. Your true identity is not found in anything but Jesus. It is not any worldly label. Again, back to the issue at hand, well how do you know that acting on feelings for the same-sex or accepting those feelings falls under the category of sin?

      First, we must address this next question. What defines a sin? A sin is not just something that feels wrong. It is not just something that looks like it is causing harm. It is anything that is outside of God’s original design. God’s standard does not change with the world. It didn’t change when the fall happened, and it’s not going to change now, as much as I used to pray it would when I was lost. Throughout history, the things considered “acceptable” and good in society have changed with the culture. As Christians, our authority source comes from God, our solid rock, otherwise morality is not a solid concept. I could go as far to say that without God’s word there are no morals because where do you draw the line. As we get closer to end times, what is acceptable will only get worse. We must remember that even if things don’t FEEL wrong, that doesn’t mean they aren’t wrong. We can’t trust our feelings, as weird as that may sound. Don’t worry because there is good news that goes with this that I will touch on later.

      Let’s touch on God’s design for human sexuality. Originally, he created Adam and Eve to be equal partners in marriage. He created one man and one woman to be together. Jesus affirms in the New Testament as well that God intended marriage to be a man and a woman. That is the only acceptable sexual union in God’s eyes because that is how He created us originally. He made man and woman to complement each other, become one flesh, and reflect the nature of God. A man is to love his wife as Christ loves the church. Then, the fall came, and not all of us have strictly those feelings now. God gave us free will, and not everyone chooses to follow His plan. He lets us go because He wants our love for Him to be authentic. He loves us so much that He doesn’t force anything on us. We get to choose to follow Him, and He has the best plan for our life, one that cannot include anything outside of His design. If we pick anything outside of His design, it definitely isn’t His best because He designed it around His plan. His best plan is a restored life through Jesus, one filled with everything good and lasting, even if our eyes can’t see that yet, even if it doesn’t make sense to our human minds why certain things aren’t good. He’s our creator and our Father, and He has all the wisdom of the universe, which works the way He set it up. If you would like more specifics on what the Bible says regarding this issue, let me know. I thoroughly researched this myself when I was in your situation and was looking for a certain answer that would justify my feelings, but I came out with a different one than I wanted, that living out those feelings is not God’s best. Trust me, I even looked into the original text in the original language. I believe the Bible is the Word of God without error because God is perfect so therefore His word is perfect. He made sure our instruction book for life is complete. You might now be thinking, so I have to live a life of suppressing myself if I want to follow God, one of misery and unfulfillment because I happen to be someone who experiences those feelings? Why am I one the stuck with this burden to carry, one that goes to the core of my being, different from other temptations people experience?

      I am so happy to share the good news with you now, sister. Jesus transforms. It’s that simple. It doesn’t seem logical, but it’s true, and remember the truth will set you free. Did Jesus just die on the cross for our sins or did he die to put his living spirit in us when we accept it? He died so we can be fully set free, meaning we are not bound by our old nature. Jesus’ nature is in us, and that is our new nature. Jesus’ sacrifice allows us to become who we were created to be, not simply striving and trying our best not to sin. He changes us from the inside out, in all areas. As I said, our identity is found in Christ alone. He bought us back. We were lost daughters (or sons), but now we are found (once we accept Jesus). We have been adopted back into God’s family, and we have the ability to live out the design we were created for. This does not stop at our actions, it even changes our feelings. Instead of focusing on the issue, focus on growing in intimacy with God. Just by getting to know Him, He changes you (He softens your heart in preparation for the change because before I would not have even wanted to change, it felt like I wouldn’t be “me”), unexpectedly in ways you never thought possible. This happened to me. Once I stopped focusing on my feelings and all that comes with that (and once I stopped being upset and angry with God for why He couldn’t change His stance) and instead just spent time with God worshiping Him because of His goodness which I knew to be true even if everything didn’t make sense, he changed me completely. I started to realize I hadn’t had a crush on a girl in a while and then didn’t even notice girls in that way anymore. One day, I actually noticed a GUY (remember, I had only liked girls before, like my entire life, I fully identified as gay/lesbian). Now, I only crush on guys and notice guys. The idea of liking a girl now is weird to me, even though I remember what it used to be like. God used the Bible to explain to me what happened, using a verse that would have caused me much confusion before. Psalm 37:4 says Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. My desire was that having a relationship with a girl would be okay (especially since my biggest fear before was being alone for the rest of my life because I ONLY liked girls, so I could never have anyone), and I wanted to love God, so it seemed like a verse conflicting with the rest of the Bible. Actually, it’s not because when you spend time with Him and delight in Him as the verse says, He changes the desires of your heart to align with what He has for you. Think of Ezekiel 36:26 which says I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. This talks about this spiritual transformation that only comes from God through Jesus. He literally gives you a new heart, the one He intended you to have, but that you had to choose for yourself. Now with this new heart, you can live out the life he designed for you to have, a good life for his precious daughter. You don’t have to live bound by feelings from your old nature. Accept your new nature from Jesus. It sets you free. (I am not saying you won’t be tempted, even Jesus was tempted but didn’t act on the temptation, but I AM saying that you are free from that issue being a part of you, from now on all evil things are only on the outside trying to get in, oh and as well you are free from guilt and shame) If you made it this far, wow. I hope you got something out of this, only God can make it speak to your heart. I pray this came out in the right way. I know it seems like a lot right now, but God will help you make sense of it all. I’ll be praying for you and remember if you have any questions at all, I’m here for you and know where you are coming from as a fellow Christian.

  8. Maria RP says:

    Truth will remain the true even if no one wants to believe it. This is, evidently, a sensitive subject for many that seek to justify their ideology. Thank you for staying faithful to the truth. The world can huff and puff all it wants. I just hope they come to accept the truth before it’s too late.

    • Suzanna says:

      You are the one who can’t seem to except the truth. For me, personally, it would make my heart hurt to spread hate the way Kristen and Bethany do. Everyone should learn to love and be a force for good 🙂

  9. Shanae B says:

    Important topic for today! I personally have never struggled with this, but really like how you worded this for those that do!

  10. Laura says:

    I’d like to recommend to Kristen and Bethany, as well as anyone else interested in exploring this topic, a documentary called “For the Bible Tells Me So.” It shares the stories of gay and lesbian people who grew up in the church and the journey that they and their families went through in reconciling their personal faith with unaccepting surroundings. Pastors and biblical scholars examine every verse in the Bible that addresses homosexuality, and it turns out there’s a context behind those verses that isn’t apparent at face value.

    See, it’s myopic to say “we’re just preaching the Bible” when really you’re just relaying what you’ve been taught personally. There are many Christian denominations and individuals who have come to different conclusions based on Scripture, study, and discernment through the Spirit. I’m not saying you must adopt the perspective of this movie 100%, but I sincerely hope you care to research other Christian perspectives in order to speak knowledgeably on the subject.

    It’s hard talking calmly about contentious issues when I have extreme disagreements, but I genuinely intend this comment to be constructive and hope you’ll be willing to challenge yourselves with this recommendation.

  11. bean dog says:

    I dont know how i came across this but it’s one of the most horrible things i’ve ever read, i’m a lesbian and I absolutely love it and there’s nothing you or god himself can do about it lol

  12. bean dog says:

    im gonna go listen to some lesbian love songs for a couple hours to forget about this nonsense

  13. bean dog says:

    also i love how you say “struggling with SSA” like its a medical condition, what a joke

  14. summer rose says:

    this is absolutely disgusting how you’re promoting this. god would not approve. fix yourselves.

  15. As a young Christian woman who has gender dysphoric tendencies I will not lie and say, “Oh I’m 100% straight” Sorry. I’m not. But I will never give into the demon that makes me wonder if I’m more gay than I am. I think the devil has done a fine job of making girls feel gay because he puts these scenes or thoughts into our minds and we feel guilty but then feel like it’s us so we “accept it” thinking it’s the real us, when it’s a distortion. I always felt half boy half girl…even today I almost blush when I remind myself I’m 100% woman. It’s just been so programmed in my mind to think I’m a mess. But God cannot each and every one of us the way we are but the devil tries to thwart our sexuality in so many ways because it really does damage us…when he does.

    I plan to write a book about this. Coming soon…

  16. Guest says:

    Wow, thanks for this amazing post! I personally am not struggling with SSA, but this is a great post to help those struggling with it.

  17. Owlwren Skyler says:

    Are you guys trying to push people away from being christian? because it’s definitely working I’ve never wanted to be an athiest more in my life than after reading this.

  18. Owlwren Skyler says:

    Also i’m genuinely wondering why you guys are so personally offended by people being gay/bisexual/ trans? How does me being a lesbian affect you in any way

  19. Guest26 says:

    Y’all are honestly sad disgusting excuses for human beings. You’re treating people that are gg as if they have some sort of illness, as if there’s something horribly wrong with them. Honestly what is so bad about gay people? Give me one *non biblical* reason that being gay is bad.

    • ciara smith says:

      Also they use ideologies from a 2,000 year old book???? Society has changed so much since then omg.

      • hannah says:

        its all still relevant

        • Guest28 says:

          No no its not

        • Alyssa says:

          Do you not eat pork or own slaves? Most likely the answer is no. Cause society and people change. You can’t pick and choose which “sins” in the Bible should be enforced. If you do that, then that’s YOU playing God which the last time I read, that was also something y’all are against. If you’re going to try to push this narrative about gay people, then hold up to your word and not be a hypocrite and push the narrative of being against pork and be pro slavery. The Bible said to.

  20. Evelyn Fletcher says:

    Will I trust in God’s Word, or will I trust in myself?

  21. Sappy Eight says:

    Question: What happens if you were to accept your SSA and act on it? Is it in any way worse then our everyday sins? On what lines does acting on SSA fall in relation to other sins?

    • Grace says:

      Hey! If you’re genuinely interested, my answer to that (my personal beliefs from someone who used to experience SSA and even accepted it at one point, but now is freed from that through transformation from Jesus, you can find my testimony farther down in the comments) would be that accepting and purposefully thinking about it/acting on it is equal to any other sin in God’s sight. It is not worse or better. The reason why I think it gets talked about more seriously is because if you live a life of following that, it would be a habitual sin, as opposed to an everyday sin where you might make a mistake, repent, and be forgiven. You would be continually living out the lifestyle without repentance, turning back towards God, and transformation in the case where you were to accept it and go with it. If you were someone struggling with it but attempting to move away from it with God’s help and repenting like other sins, then it is not a habitual sin without repentance. It’s the same as anything else. Also, having the mere feelings of SSA beyond your control is not a sin within itself. That is what I believe. I hope that made sense and that you have a blessed rest of your day.

  22. moonlight says:

    this is sick. how dare you encourage people to surpress who they really are for the sake of your religion. you should feel ashamed.

  23. ciara smith says:


  24. Abigail says:

    Instead of looking at someone’s sin, I would encourage you to love them, regardless of their sins. We do this all the time with addicts, adulterers, thieves, etc. Why are we treating homosexuality like it is worse than other sins? The Bible says that no sin is worse than another. They are all sins.

    How many times does the Bible talk about homosexuality? Maybe a handful of times. But what about love? The entirety of the Bible, of God’s presence, of Jesus’ life on earth, is based on love. Love is the entire reason you are alive. Love is why Jesus died on the cross for you. Love is why Jesus died on the cross for homosexuals. God loved homosexuals so much that he sent his son to die for them. God loved them all. Why can’t we love them too? This love transcends all understanding. We don’t have to understand why God loves them, even though they’re a woman who loves another woman. God loves them, despite their sins. Surely if God can love them, then we can love them too.

    I also have a few questions for you: Why do you say “same-sex attraction” like it is a sickness? Why do you call it “SSA” like it is a disease? Why do you seem so disgusted at the thought of women loving women when you are absolutely willing to go into a prison and minister to convicted felons? Why are you revolted at the idea of girls liking girls when you would gladly give your life to missions, selling everything you have to go to Africa and to love on prostitutes dying of AIDS? Are lesbians any worse than murderers or promiscuous women?

    Please understand that I have nothing against those who minister to prisoners or go to Africa to become missionaries. I am just using those examples. What I would suggest is ministering and loving on the homosexuals as well. When you are ministering to prisoners, you do not berate them for their actions. You love them. When you are ministering to prostitutes, you do not yell at them for selling their bodies. You love them.

    Finally, I would like to say that I believe that homosexuality is in fact, a sin. I have dealt with it myself. I came out as pansexual. I have had boyfriends, girlfriends, and dated a trans girl. I have lived that lifestyle. By the grace of God, I was saved, and now I find my identity in Him, and not my sexuality. I was raised in a Christian home, and rediscovered my faith through my journey to understanding why I was or was not pansexual. I would never be so strong in my faith now if I had not asked those questions. Sometimes it takes a storm to appreciate the sun. My sexuality was that storm. For others, it may be depression, anxiety, a rough family life, sickness, death, etc. But God is bringing you through those situations for a reason. He is teaching you important lessons about your faith, yourself, and about Him, through those situations. If we are diligent and press into him, instead of relying on our own understanding, then He will show us amazing things, and our relationship will become even stronger.

  25. Zoey says:

    This is so true! I love your guys articles. We need to especially be praying for those who have SSA.

  26. IAmMe says:

    Hey, guess what… The Bible was written by man who is not perfect… so we can never know if what was written is truly God’s words or the interpretation of man. Also do research, many people trained far beyond myself, have evidence that the verse about homosexual was most likely miss-translated and was originally (in the original Bible) about pedophilia… just thought you should know. Also, are we not created in God’s image? If someone was having same-sex attraction at a very young age, I.e. they were born with it, you can not tell me that the devil has already “gotten ahold of them.” Lastly, I’d like to point out that God says to love all, and while this article or whatever it is, is not innately hateful, it has undertones, very strong undertones of hatefulness and judgementalness. Let me remind all who have forgotten, if you are to be true to his word then you can not lift one part of the Bible higher than another nor can you pick and choose what you believe. John 13:34- A new commandment I give to thy love each other as I have loved you. Judge not least you be judged. Jesus did not come for the Christians or the Jews, he came for the sinners not to judge them or be hateful but love and cherish them, and perhaps lead them on the path to Heaven. Jesus died for the cleansing of Sin, not just one sin but ALL sin, for anyone no matter what so long as they take Jesus into their heart and have asked forgiveness. No sin is above another, how another person chooses sin, because we all do it as Jesus said the person without sin may throw the first rock, is their business and you have NO RIGHT to tell them they must change for you are not without sin so when you are without sin then you can tell others that they must change.

  27. Shadow says:

    I have no words for how outdated this blog post is for 2018…. I can not believe people like this still exist. And I thought the article on James Charles was bad.

  28. Lezzyfeminist says:

    My SSA led me to you hit me up anytime babes

  29. Snarky says:

    This article is so toxic I could use it to kill myself….

  30. sad says:

    This is so incredibly sad. It is people like you who make coming out a “lonely and painful struggle” by encouraging people to reject the things that make them happy in order to ‘follow God.’ People should not have to suppress who they are in order or the way they feel in order to connect with Christianity. Teaching people, especially young girls, that it is important to overlook their feelings and instead blindly follow a religion is dangerous. If you want to be against homosexuality look for a logical reason (there isn’t one) instead of just pointing to the flawed beliefs of a system you so blindly follow.

  31. Connor Russell says:

    tbh ive been sleeping with the preachers son and he says ssa is just fine, in fact, he loves it.

  32. Loretta says:

    This is so sad…

  33. Kendle says:

    God wouldn’t want love to be stopped, the only polluting there is that spreading the gospel into your own words instead of Gods is false preaching. God loves every one equally and would want every one to spread love, not to be compelled to hold it back. And God is the only one allowed to Judge because we face Christ on the judgement seat and he chooses whether an act is sinful or not, but either way no type of love is sinful until it harms someone or takes advantage of. But same-sex love is still love, procreating is not our full purpose, there are women who can’t have children so they adopt. Same-sex couples can choose to adopt children or not, but either way without them there would be more children in the foster care system. Just spread love, do not twist words. Accept people and accept yourself.

  34. Sukie says:

    How can you hate love this much ?? Do you really think I’m some kind of animal ? I’m not trying to hurt anyone. You seem like such sweet girls, I can’t believe you could say something so poisonous and burning ! You’re not putting any good into the world by saying this, by condemning people who just want to live and love ! No matter how much you push this god agenda, I know my god and I know he would never hate me for who I am, he made me like this and I am still his child. I implore you to stop making young girls ashamed of who they are. At the end of the day, I hope that you would prefer a gay child over a child dead from suicide.

  35. zo says:

    hey can we notice the girls here who are debating suicide due to this article

  36. OP says:

    this is SICK

  37. Noa Morace says:

    First, here’s the thing about this blog that people clearly don’t understand: it was written to the girl who has feelings of same-sex attraction, recognizes that acting on it would go against her personal beliefs, and she wants some answers. This article was NOT written to the girl who doesn’t even believe in the Bible in the first place. Clearly this is Christian-based, so why are so many people shocked that two very strong Christians would say these things in THEIR own blog? Second thing: never once did they say that if you have these feelings you’re a terrible person. They are simply providing answers and encouragement based on God’s principles for girls and women who are genuinely seeking it. You may disagree with what Kristen and Bethany have said, and that’s fine, but if you expect Christians to be open-minded, you should respect their difference of opinion.

    • Jeff says:

      But this Blog is BAD ADVICE, since plenty of people who believe in the Bible, do not believe homosexuality a sin, anymore than they believe eating Shell Fish is a sin … the morality as defined by a literal read of the Bible is often horribly immoral .. for instance by secular standards we consider owning people as property to be immoral, yet the Bible defines exactly how to own and care for your slaves and how to keep them forever .. and Jesus NOT once said it was wrong to own people, so do go yapping that old / new Testament BS excuse. So. why should anyone depend on getting their morality from the Bible?

      • hannah says:

        the reason that eating shell fish is not a sin any more is because of the NT law that was created because Jesus died for us.and why are u even on here this is a site for young women.

    • That-One-Liberal-Christian says:

      The thing is that this mentality leads to depression and anxiety and in many cases suicide. This is not a harmless way of thinking, it does real damage, especially to those christians whose families think being gay is a sin but they just want to be themselves and live life like anyone else.

    • Veritas Aequitas Libertatem says:

      lmao if i’d read this when i was still figuring out my sexuality it definitely wouldve made me feel like i was a terrible person and then i wouldve wanted to die even more. this isnt “answers and encouragement based on god’s principles,” it’s their hateful interpretation of the bible hiding behind a mask of kindness. this kind of content is 100% harmful and quite honestly, anyone involved in producing or supporting it has blood on their hands.

  38. Caroline says:

    The thing is, that being gay isn’t a a purely Sexual thing that you’re making it out to be. It’s love, it’s just love. I’m gay and I’m a Christian and one day I’ll have a wife and we will be loving and Christian and do good, like we all should aim for.

  39. Güntine says:

    Damn, what is that? When you are gay you are gay and if you ignore that feelings it’s not very goof for ur psych. This is bullshit, bc if u say that’s written in the 3rd book Mose u shouldn’t have a problem with selling ur daughters as slaves, never touching a woman who is on her period, burning male cows, and never going to a hair stylist. That’s also written there.
    And god and Jesus are pansexual bc they love everyone.

  40. raging bisexual says:

    this is why nobody likes you virgins.

  41. Sarah’s Universe says:

    Im gay, and i find this hilarious

  42. Spencer says:

    “Wow. This article just changed my life. I am a victim of SSA; I first experienced this at a very young age. It felt so right, but something in me told me what I felt was wrong. Thanks to your teachings and God’s word, I will follow in the light that he has created for me, amen.” -This is what I would say, if it weren’t for the fact that I am a raging homosexual.

  43. macbeth says:

    this is disgusting

    • ajbird says:

      I honestly thought that Christians like this were just cheap stereotypes used in low rate TV shows. Yet here they are in all their blonde haired glory. If there was a dude called Jesus who taught what is claimed of him.. I am pretty sure he would be sickened that people like this exist in his name.

  44. Eve Morningstar says:

    lol im struggling with same-sex attraction…im struggling to figure out how many of the cute girls in my school are straight

  45. insta @__lgbt.aesthetics__ ;)) says:

    im gay and i’ve been laughing at this for like 10 minutes bc sometimes stuff is so stupid you can’t do anything but laugh
    they’re treating it like a mental disorder smh

  46. Mango Rise says:

    Wow, didn’t know being gay was so painful…
    BETTER NOT BE GAY THEN because god doesn’t want me to be happy, he wants me to follow his truth

    Now, I’m not religious but here’s a few questions…
    If God creates you, why does he make people gay if we’re not allowed to be?
    Why can’t we be gay? Why did God decide that that’s not ok?
    Doesn’t God want us to be happy? If pursuing a gay relationship makes us happy, why aren’t we allowed to do it???
    A response would be great.

  47. Jasmin Sanchez says:

    Wow… these people need to read the DSM or something. Stop treating being gay like a mental disorder. It is not and has not been considered one for a long time.
    Articles like these probably contribute to the much higher LGBT suicide rate. How surprising.

    • Shanae B says:

      The people who commit suicide under such situations would have done so regardless of articles like this. If an article written in a way as this one was makes any person (gay or not) want to commit suicide that person really does have a mental or emotional disorder that they need help with ASAP. Besides articles on this site aren’t geared towards such people, they read these on their own accord.

      • Sappy Eight says:

        Many LGBT+ people attempt suicide. 33% of LGB youth have attempted suicide where as only 7% of youth in general have. There is significance in that number. Articles like this reinforce that being gay is a fault. That it is not natural. It spreads a message around that you can be ‘fixed’ with god. What happens when it does not work, after you have tried your hardest? You feel empty as you are trying to strip one of your most basic feelings.

        It also sends messages to non LGBT people that it is not “natural.” 20% of LGBTQ students have been physically harassed or assaulted due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. The students who bully do it for a reason, and they hear their reason through articles like this one.

        A parent could read this, with a gay child and say ” these people were cured of being gay through God. Therefor I can cure my child.” This child could be sent to gay conversion camp or gay conversion therapy. Both are supposed to ‘fix’ gay people and both have horrible records of verbal and physical abuse and psychological trauma.

        I understand that these are hypothetical situations but I assure you they have happened and will continue to happen until articles like this no longer exist. I truly hope Girl Defined are simply ignorant to this as for anyone to be in knowledge of this, call themselves Christian and still spreading this message adds to the stereotype Christians of them being cold hearted.

        • Shanae B says:

          I’ve come across people who say that most (some even say all) people who are gay are so because they were abused as a child. Some even say that 50% of gay people aren’t lagitamently gay, that they just say they are for trends sake, and some of the people who’ve said that one are gay themselves. How are you not kind of proving them right with this comment?

          • Geritude says:

            Hello, gay here.
            In 1977 when being gay wasn’t socially acceptable an estimated 9-10% of the population was researched to be homosexual. In 2013 another study was taken and the percentage had jumped to 23%; and while I do agree on your comment concerning the popularization of this sexuality, many new people have come out to the public simply because they feel less likely to be assaulted, ridiculed, or placed in a mental facility just because of they’re attracted to the same gender. On the other hand your assumption that most/all people that are gay were abused as a child I’d terribly misplaced. I for one am blessed to have been born into a loving family and I have many other queer friends with a simular family structure. So please, do a little research before you put your oppressive comments on the Internet. I’d also recommend speaking to someone from the lgbt+ community and not just to argue your opinion, but to better educate yourself on the perspectives of others. Thanks and may your God bless you.

          • Shanae B says:

            I’m not assuming on this unfortunately. You’re the one who needs to do better research sweetie. You mentioned increased popularity of it. Ironically it’s predominantly just that, popularity. If there wasn’t such a massive dictatorship in public schools (and a ton of colleges) toward people (to be forced) to feel that way (in figuring out their ‘real’ orientation) then your reply would be more credible. Also get a correct understanding of the word oppression.

          • Geritude says:

            Definition of oppression: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.

            If you don’t consider being targeted by hate crimes, having you’re equal rights denied, and being treated like a person with a mental illness at least some form of oppression then you need to reevaluate yourself. Also I’m sorry if you feel forced into being gay but that’s exactly what narrow-minded people like you have been doing to the lgbt community for centuries. You refer to being homosexual as something that people choose to be just because it’s popular, and although their are some unfortunate cases of this happening, this is not true for every individual in the community. Homosexuality has existed since before Sparta and is shown throughout history even though it wasn’ truly recognized until recently. Not onto the subject of oppression in history and modern day; gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people have been discriminated against, castrated, forced to commit suicide, drowned, mutilated, crucified, or even burned alive, just because of their state of being. So when you confine this people under the same assumption, you’re mocking not just past victims of hate and oppression, but lgbt members that face the reality of this cruelty in present day. In the Middle East gay men and women are pushed off rooftops, gay bars are raided and set fire to right here in the US, and in far to many countries same gender couples are denied the simple right to marry whom they love. This isn’t just about God anymore, it’s about the lives and experiences of real, tangible people that you and the writers of this article dare to insult as sinners and the mentally disturbed.

          • Shanae B says:

            Honey graduate high school, then maybe we can talk. Don’t go by what the news, social media sites, or YouTube says about such things. Even a majority of public schools are at fault for exaggerating or making things up on such topics. The people of minority’s are lead to believe that they’re victims and oppressed or more so than they really are. Your comment proves that you’ve baught into some, if not many such cultural lies. I’m truly sorry for you and your generation.

          • Geritude says:

            I’m actually very skeptical of the media and try my best to get my information from primary documents. May I ask where you get your information that justifies your opinions on this sensitive matter. Or is it just the bible?

          • Shanae B says:

            You don’t comment like you’re very skeptical of it. I get information from many places/people. Also how did you get ahold of documents?

          • Geritude says:

            And you don’t comment like an informed individual; “many places/people,” that’s a broad statement. Who specifically; Breitbart? Infowars? Your church members? The absurd authors of this article? Honey I’ve given you factual examples I’ve gathered from information from like government archives, official records, and undoctored footage of these incidents. For your information my college assigns its’ students primary documents to study history and present conflict, and if I’ve learned anything about the teachings of public schools it’s that they under exaggerate the extent of injustices inflicted onto minorities over the centuries.Yes I do pay attention to the media, both right and left sides actually, but I’ve also done my research. All you’ve done in return is scream fake news, while supporting the ideas of a religious book written over 2000 years ago.

          • Shanae B says:

            I’m not a person who’s wordy, boastful, or insecure in myself that I have to waste time to list ALL my avenues of information just to justify my knowledge or prove any points. Acidemic levels don’t always equate intelligence or maturity. I don’t know who Breitbart or Infowars are. I did just read a few comments of yours on other articles and realized you’re one of those college students that give worrent to the negative connotations towards millennials. You feel like you have to debate and rebuttal any and all who don’t perfectly agree with you. A number of colleges are guilty of changing historical facts for reasons people debate on. As a millennial myself People have false assumptions about me because of people like you. You live in a real jerk way. Also where do you find the time to bash comment so frequently?

          • Geritude says:

            Well I’m sorry that I use my freedom of speech to express my views towards a blog that is not only harmful towards lgbt youth, but turns people away from Christianity with its general toxicity. I don’t care what you think of me personally, but of how you use your interpretation of the lgbt community to support people like the authors of this article whom spread narrow minded ideas and repress tolerance. At this point I don’t even care anymore. You seem to be missing the bigger picture, and have still failed to tell me what information justifies your point of view. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to continue being a “jerk” to people who tell me that I have a mental disorder and shouldn’t be permitted to express my form of love. Thank you and good day.

          • Shanae B says:

            I don’t think you see any picture. I don’t use any persons or people in such ways (like you do). This site is just speaking out truth (which people don’t have to agree with) and not forcing anything on anyone or harming anyone. You don’t have to add to the controversy that is making people more aware of them and interested in what they say on their own site. If this site is causing so much trouble for you maybe you shouldn’t comment or read these articles anymore. I personally have a lot of people and sites I disagree with on certain topics yet I don’t go spewing incompetence on their own personal sites and articles. I just stay off them so I personally don’t make them more popular and known.

          • Geritude says:

            This site is toxic, and while it may not affect me personally, it’s narrow minded views contribute to actual laws and actions that are being directed towards the LGBTQ+ community. I’m just returning the favor.

          • ThatBerriCake says:

            Tell us some of your sources, not just a vauge statement

          • Shanae B says:

            I haven’t given any vague statement. There are too many to list or even choose just a few. In my listing any they wouldn’t be aduqate for you. Besides you’d just make a feelings biased rebuttal, regardless of facts. You’re just out to ruffle feathers because either this post or the comments ruffled yours.

          • Geritude says:

            Lol you don’t have any sources do you

          • Shanae B says:

            I’m not telling you any of them because I’m not going to give you ground to bash. Unfortunately you haven’t proved to me that you’re competent enough to not do that. You’re upset because you can’t bash what I don’t tell you!

          • Geritude says:

            Honey it’s not bashing, it’s called refutation and it’s an essential aspect to proving a point and having a discussion. The fact that you think I could discredit your sources only makes everything you’ve been saying less believable.

          • Shanae B says:

            Calling it refutation isn’t going to change what it is. You’re not wanting to have a discussion you want to be right and everyone else be wrong. I don’t think you’ll discredit the sources, yet I fully believe you’ll say they’re wrong no matter what. I haven’t said anything unbelievable (unless the person bases the topics exclusively on feelings). I also don’t like to waist time arguing with people who hold the majority of my most recent notifications on my comment profile with many negative “refuting” comments.

          • ThatBerriCake says:


  48. trashiest says:

    my emotions are certainly real, God isn’t. i rather live a happy and fulfilling life with a woman i love than to live a sad and lonely life with man i would never love. if He is real, then its up to Him to judge me, not some unseasoned girl on the internet.

  49. Loved says:

    Wonderful absolutely wonderful and beautiful that’s what I say!
    Good job Kristen! Telling people the truth (no matter how bad it hurts them) is amazing and brave! Thank you for sharing truth!

  50. Loved says:

    By the way Jackie Hill Perry’s story is absolutely beautiful!

  51. Loved says:

    God didn’t make anyone gay y’all! He made you in his image!

  52. Loved says:

    Christians aren’t afraid of truth! Real Christians are overjoyed to hear truth! And if your upset of hearing it maybe it’s time you read your bible again God doesn’t say everything will sound perfect to you! We as sinners don’t like hearing truth or being good but because of him pur minds hearts are renewed and strengthened to his likes!

  53. magickroses says:

    jesus would be ashamed of you lol

  54. Cap'n Cancer says:

    oof the beginning sounds like the plot of a bad romance novel.

  55. Cap'n Cancer says:

    Im struggling with samesex attraction having a girlfriend is so hard and lonely I might have to comment unalive 🙁

  56. Samara says:

    I am also struggling with ssa, i just cant seem to get a girlfriend. There are so many people in my year, i just dont feel attracted to them. And Emma Watson isnt single. The struggles of a lesbian

  57. Lexi says:

    The bible says Adam and Eve, not Adam or Eve. Not being bisexual is a sin.

  58. eliza says:

    I’m gay half way
    I’m bisexual

  59. Kimmy says:

    I love being a lesbian and killing god with my bare hands.

  60. lilly says:

    So i just read this and though I don’t agree with it 100% it’s not something to mess around with some of the comments are uncalled for and rude half the people making the comments are none christans and are only on here to make a fight.

    • Geritude says:

      Well the article is about homosexuality and I am a homosexual so don’t I have a right to state my opinion on the subject. Actually, scratch that, this entire article is uncalled for and rude, and that comments just reflect that; and everyone whom reads it, is allowed to express their feelings regarding the material regardless of their religion, sexuality, political standing, etc. It’s called Freedom of Speech.

    • Geritude says:

      … you spelled Christian wrong… are you even a Christian?

  61. Graced says:

    Some people are ridiculous on here! God is not gay! He loves us yes but he’s also very very just!! Which means he’s not going to let you disobey his word and say “i love you it’s ok”
    Just like a parent who has to disiplen children he will disiplen you!
    The bible says it’s wrong!
    PLEASE stop being so immature!

  62. Graced says:

    It’s not secret Geritude that your on here only to correct, make fun of, and just be plain rude to people.
    Can I ask you if you truly think it’s being mature?
    I’ve noticed your post to Hannah about “what about the sin of braiding your hair and pearls”
    I believe your interpreting that verse wrong,
    Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.
    1 Peter 3:3‭-‬4 ESV
    It’s saying that although we strive to be beautiful externally, God desires us to strive to be beautiful by having a gentle and quiet spirit! Like it says that is very precious in the site of God!

    • Geritude says:

      Wow I feel so honored that I offended you! I honestly have no idea what that’s like! I mean It’s not like you and this entire article attack and criticize my community! I’m so overjoyed that by pointing out your and others’ comments that support this outright discrimination towards LGBTQ+ people is disturbing you! I also love how you interpret that one verse with skepticism, but then take every verse about homosexuality literally! That’s SO sweet!

  63. Graced says:

    It’s not what tests your put thourgh that matters it matters how you respond, of Hannah or I where told by our parents to sleep with some one of the same gender we being true Christian wouldn’t do it! It’s against God therefore we can’t and will not do such!
    Neither mine not Hannah’s parents would do such… so your comment is very irrelevant!
    Also God has not changed his mind lol he’s very clear it’s sin it’s nasty and it’s absolutely wrong!
    God gave us a gift and twisting that gift and making it your own way is just plain silly.

  64. Geritude says:

    Lol that’s just because I’m too lazy to scroll all the way down.

  65. Graced says:

    Also Geritude, unless you think a college student is not an adult…. you said that you where a kid in the beginning of this post … now your a college student?

  66. Chloe Brooke says:

    Could you give an example about being in a monogamous gay relationship is sinful according to the Bible? Because most verses that Christians like to quote are not about homosexuality, are misinterpreted and misused. It’s interesting, because you wrote in your previous comment, that the sin of braiding your hair is interpreted wrong, but the verse about homosexuality is not.
    I’m not gay, but I’m very supporting, because it’s not that hard to understand, that homosexuality is a natural thing, not some sort of deviation. Also, I’m a rational person, so I’m not writing this, because I don’t want to hear your ‘truth’ ( accept it or not there isn’t absolute truth or morality, so it’s your truth). I’m open to facts and your opinion on this topic ( NOT what the Bible says about it, but your opinion).
    Thank you in advance for your answers!

  67. mr gay says:

    im gay

  68. deez nuts says:

    i’m gay AND pagan kristen is quaking in her joots

    • Daniel says:

      Asexual, FTM trans, and somehow still Christian despite the crap I go through from other “believers.” I’m like the unicorn of queerness.

  69. Chloe Brooke says:

    Sooo… I wrote a comment yesterday, but it looks like the moderator didn’t like it or i don’t know what happened…
    I basically answered your questions and gave examples from the Bible and explained them. I didn’t wrote anything that would offend people. I would be happy to answer your questions again, but i don’t see the point as long as i don’t have the right of freedom of speech here.

  70. kit says:

    im bisexual – whats your opinion on that? whats your opinion on bisexuals?

  71. Michaeleah says:

    The way in which you spread your underhandedly, hate-filled “message of God,” is so incredibly damaging. Although you have intentions that you believe are “God-honouring,” you should really be focussing on how you are affecting the people on this earth who are existent and tangible. Perhaps take the time to honour those that surround you and those that consume your content. The way in which you preach harms these people’s lives, specifically the lives of impressionable young girls. Not only are you spewing falsified views about feminism in order to align feminism in juxtaposition with your own views, you are consolidating the concept of subservience within their minds and contributing to a culture of deference to men instead of using your platform to empower the next generation of leaders. You are essentially dragging young girls back into a time where their sole purpose was believed to be providing children and a functional home. You are misusing your platform and damaging the self-esteem and self-image of so many young girls. You are diminishing their their worth and their potential to be something more than a ‘wife,’ by your backward definition. You are teaching them to define themselves by words that were written over a thousand years ago. It is all good and well to want to be “God-defined,” but when you begin to make people feel as though they have no choice but to be Christian, when you begin to describe anyone who is not Christian as the “darkness” in this world, you are completely invalidating the opinions and feelings of every other person on this planet. You are a prime example of the roots from which hatred and bigotry stems. I am, to be perfectly candid, disgusted and appalled with the way in which you handle your platform. I wasn’t going to comment anything on your YouTube channel, because, to be quite frank, I didn’t think you deserved my time of day. Now that I have found your blog, I see that I was correct. YOU don’t deserve my time of day, but I owe this much to every young girl out there who has her self-hatred affirmed with every word you write. Stop. The toxicity you spew is significantly more detrimental to society than a girl who loves girls. “Y’all” are an absolute disservice to your religion and to this world.

    • In Aww. says:

      So… you believe that people who aren’t true Christians are just as saved as the ones who truly are, am I correct?
      Also are you saying all this because YOU disagree with them or because you truly believe it’s harming young women and girls?
      Just trying to figure where your coming from… so are you one of those people who are speaking up against Christian world views and then just leaving it at that and not giving the young women who follow those words you spoke someone to follow and get mentored by?
      All answers are very very helpful!

      • Michaeleah says:

        I am saying that my words aren’t shoving a religion down the throats of young girls and women. My words are asking those who are “following Christ with their whole hearts and believe this way” to not guilt-trip those who are not. My words are simply conveying the message that you can be Christian and still chose how to live your life. My words are saying that anyone should be able to embrace their life in the way that they chose, as long as they are kind. Kindness is not condemning someone’s love or their right to express themselves. Kindness is not laying down a foundation upon which young women who love women can learn to hate themselves. Yet this is exactly what these two are spreading into the minds of young women. You may ask why I think this, and my answer is this. Yes, this kind of thinking has harmed me AND relatives of mine. However, even if it hadn’t, I would continue to place myself in opposition of this kind of thinking. The condemnation that these women seem to offer is the kind of thinking that drove me away from Christianity. I am confirmed and I identify with elements of Christianity such as the love and kindness that it often emits. However, I oppose the ideology that these women are aligning themselves with, wherein they believe that they are somewhat enlightened and placed above those who are not Christian.
        I am telling these women to stop spreading ideas that are damaging to the self-esteem and self-image of young girls. They are condemning a so-called “sin,” and claiming to follow the bible and the “Word of God,” when in actual fact, they are omitting certain parts of the bible in an attempt to consolidate their arguments.
        The bible, no matter how people twist it, cannot be the “Word of God.” It was not penned by God himself, it was written by humans. As you have so obviously pointed out, humans are plagued with sin.
        How can you take the “Word of God” from the mouth of a “sinner”?
        How can you be certain the people who wrote the bible were not plagued with the same sins you accuse “unsaved” Christians of being plagued with?
        You cannot. Therefore you cannot be certain in any part of your preaching which is why you should allow for some leeway in terms of interpretation. People should be able to interpret Christianity in their own way. These ways may differ from your own path, but this does not invalidate their religious journey. If their interpretation is not hurting another person, if they are kind and loving, you cannot invalidate their religious journey.
        Additionally, feminism is the movement that means theses two are able to sit in front of their camera, record and post these videos. It is the reason that they can read, write and share their opinions through this platform. They have every right to do so, but I have every right to oppose their viewpoint. Feminism is fighting for the right for everyone, of any gender, to decide the path that they shall take; a right that these women are condemning.
        Feminism is equal opportunity. It is allowing women to be in positions of power that haven’t previously been afforded to them. It is allowing men to feel safe in expressing their emotions, to understand that emotions do not make them weak. It is breaking down the social stigma surrounding the societal role for each gender and reconstructing a progressive and positive, universal role for every human. It is, to me, like many, and by definition, the equality of the sexes. I believe that people who aren’t “true Christians,” by your definition, are still just as valuable and have the same worth as those who are. If you disagree with that, you are essentially insinuating that your life is more important, simply because of something that you believe in. And that is the point at which I will inevitably tune out.

      • Michaeleah says:

        I am saying that my words aren’t shoving a religion down the throats of young girls and women. My words are asking those who are “following Christ with their whole hearts and believe this way” to not guilt-trip those who are not. My words are simply conveying the message that you can be Christian and still chose how to live your life. My words are saying that anyone should be able to embrace their life in the way that they chose, as long as they are kind. Kindness is not condemning someone’s love or their right to express themselves. Kindness is not laying down a foundation upon which young women who love women can learn to hate themselves. Yet this is exactly what these two are spreading into the minds of young women. You may ask why I think this, and my answer is this. Yes, this kind of thinking has harmed me AND relatives of mine. However, even if it hadn’t, I would continue to place myself in opposition of this kind of thinking. The condemnation that these women seem to offer is the kind of thinking that drove me away from Christianity. I am confirmed and I identify with elements of Christianity such as the love and kindness that it often emits. However, I oppose the ideology that these women are aligning themselves with, wherein they believe that they are somewhat enlightened and placed above those who are not Christian.

        • In Aww. says:

          I’m sorry I’m not at all trying to imply that I’m a great Christian or anything of the sort if your thinking that I was just trying to figure where your coming from, to many people get on here and leave huge heart felt comments then leave their readers hanging.

        • In Aww. says:

          Oh and another question that way I don’t imply something I shouldn’t and offend you are you saying that your a Christian that stands on the grounds of kindness and love? A kind and loving God?

      • Michaeleah says:

      • ThatBerriCake says:

        Again, not Michaeleah, but here are my answers
        1. Yes, I do believe that. Everyone, no matter how ‘sinful’ they are, were saved, and given the opportunity to relieve themselves of their ‘sin’ . s
        2. Yes, believe it or not, this is incredibly harmful. It teaches women and girls to not use their imagination, or follow their dreams, but instead to be a soulless housewife for eternity. This, is actually a bad thing
        3. I’m not against Christians, or their beliefs. I just speak up when those beliefs could effect others negatively.
        Hope you appreciate my answers

        • In Aww. says:

          Your answers are hard to comprehend.
          #1There’s no being saved or forgiven of sins unless there is a saver… we can not save ourselves.. to be able to be righteously justified we need somebody who is righteous to save us, we need somebody who is perfect and spotless, what good would a person do who is covered with their own “blemishes” “failers” “sins”, they wouldn’t be able to be that perfect spotless sacrifice, like the lamb that had to be sacrificed, Jesus was sacrificed, just like on the Passover the lamb was sacrificed, Jesus was sanctified on the passover, how could we save ourselves? We need something greater!
          #2 if this spotless savior saved us from ALL sin shouldn’t we at his mercy be able to obey his every word? He saved us from burning for eternity…
          “Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.”
          Titus 2:3‭-‬5 ESV

          Our savior asks is to be workers at home… as wife’s, if your a daughter you have the opportunity to find some job that doesn’t require your whole life, if your a wife who has a broken marriage, or a single mother you can take a job your not being banned from it, IF we where all in Christ centered church’s usually the men if church should be helping you out but sadly not all women have a good church, but if you do take a job as a Christian you should try and make sure your not working with other males who have families.. because it can be a stumbling block for these men who are in a marriage, and it will affect them. There is nothing wrong with giving your life to somebody who has done better and good for you!

          #3 I’m not trying to say that I hate LGBTQ I’m saying that, as a Christian of a perfect savior I’m to hate evil and love good! I’m to encourage good and make it known I won’t accept sin, I love these people dearly! But the sin is wrong! It’s going against good! They need to know there is another way! And if they don’t want to hear it it’s their own fault.

          Why though would anybody accept living for nothing?? There has to be something worth living for! And I know with all my heart that there is sin in this world and that it’s bound up in the heart of every living being! And that the only way out is a perfect spotless savior who gave up everything for a people who wanted nothing!!

          Please! I’m begging you to understand that if anybody has committed suicide or self harm, it’s because it’s not easy to live with sin in your life all the time and it can become overwhelming and will eat you to the core until ethier you repent and turn away or think your only way out is to end everything which sadly only leads to a life worse then this if your not saved!!

          Sincerely, A true friend❤

        • In Aww. says:

          Your answers are hard to comprehend.
          #1There’s no being saved or forgiven of sins unless there is a saver… we can not save ourselves.. to be able to be righteously justified we need somebody who is righteous to save us, we need somebody who is perfect and spotless, what good would a person do who is covered with their own “blemishes” “failers” “sins”, they wouldn’t be able to be that perfect spotless sacrifice, like the lamb that had to be sacrificed, Jesus was sacrificed, just like on the Passover the lamb was sacrificed, Jesus was sanctified on the passover, how could we save ourselves? We need something greater!
          #2 if this spotless savior saved us from ALL sin shouldn’t we at his mercy be able to obey his every word? He saved us from burning for eternity…
          “Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.”
          Titus 2:3‭-‬5 ESV

          Our savior asks is to be workers at home… as wife’s, if your a daughter you have the opportunity to find some job that doesn’t require your whole life, if your a wife who has a broken marriage, or a single mother you can take a job your not being banned from it, IF we where all in Christ centered church’s usually the men if church should be helping you out but sadly not all women have a good church, but if you do take a job as a Christian you should try and make sure your not working with other males who have families.. because it can be a stumbling block for these men who are in a marriage, and it will affect them. There is nothing wrong with giving your life to somebody who has done better and good for you!

          #3 I’m not trying to say that I dislike LGBTQ I’m saying that, as a Christian of a perfect savior I’m to not like evil and love good! I’m to encourage good and make it known I won’t accept sin, I love these people dearly! But the sin is wrong! It’s going against good! They need to know there is another way! And if they don’t want to hear it it’s their own fault.

          Why though would anybody accept living for nothing?? There has to be something worth living for! And I know with all my heart that there is sin in this world and that it’s bound up in the heart of every living being! And that the only way out is a perfect spotless savior who gave up everything for a people who wanted nothing!!

          Please! I’m begging you to understand that if anybody has committed suicide or self harm, it’s because it’s not easy to live with sin in your life all the time and it can become overwhelming and will eat you to the core until ethier you repent and turn away or think your only way out is to end everything which sadly only leads to a life worse then this if your not saved!!

          Sincerely, A true friend❤

    • In Aww. says:

      And am I correct that your telling these young women to stop encouraging other young women to be modest to be mothers and wife’s that honor God?
      Also are you saying that because the world has grown in sin that other people should? That we should put aside what is true and follow after falsehood and shame?
      May I ask why you think this? Is it because it has harmed you or someone in relation?
      What’s feminism to you? (Asking like what does feminism look like or what are it’s views look like to you?)

      • kay says:

        lol thanks to our world that “has grown in sin” you can actually type a comment on a website on your computer or smartphone. If guess some things invented by this sick and sin-full world are actually useful for you? (Thank you science and technology)

        • In Aww. says:

          Yes I didn’t say you couldn’t build or be smart if you where sinful or in a sinful world but there we go again twisting others words just to get riled.

          • kay says:

            So stop using the internet it’s a tool made by those who follow Satan in a way to turn you away from God. If I follow your way of thinking using a tool made by evil minds is not a sin which is clearly not what the Bible says: John 3:8 “The one who does what is sinful is of the devil” those tools (like the internet or your computer) are therefore of the devil as well

          • In Aww. says:

            And ummm where do you get this info that this was all made by Satanists?

    • In Aww. says:

      Are you saying your words aren’t damaging and hurtful to young women who are following Christ with their whole hearts and believe this way? And saying that the words of these women are?

    • ThatBerriCake says:

      Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! One thing I never got with Christians being homophobic, is how they preach love, but spread hate if others are a certain way. I’m so glad to see a rational person address this, you have no idea 🙂

  72. Michaeleah says:

    I’m assuming that you meant “wasting” a comment. So my answer is, if you are going to imply that you are somehow greater because of your beliefs, as mentioned before, I will tune out, so your comment will be wasted.

    • In Aww. says:

      Yes I meant wasting my bad.
      No not at all actually.
      I’m asking honestly because so many people have ignored me after me asking questions and trying to get answers I didn’t want to sit here trying and get ignored again.
      Also I’m asking because I’ve been called countless names by others and I try and make it clear I’m asking questions as sweetly as possibly and not being snooty like I know others can try and be…
      Also my comment about “greater beliefs” earlier was just questions.

    • In Aww. says:

      It is not my way to say that others are less then I.
      Just so you know

  73. Maria Louis says:

    Not a battle. Not a struggle. I’m gay and proud, thanks a lot ✌

  74. Maria Louis says:

    Honestly though, have you ever experienced being gay? You and your sister are always talking about boys, being boy crazy and how to fight that, but in the end are allowed to marry a man and spend your life with them. But then have the nerve to tell us that we’re wrong and basically we have to spend the rest of our lives alone unless we can “fix” ourselves? This rhetoric is what causes bullying in youth AND adults. It’s what has caused people to send they’re children to conversion camps where many people come out the other end (if they do) with tales of horror (I challenge you to watch the new movie or read the book “Boy Erased”). Kids aren’t necessarily struggling with homosexuality, they’re struggling with people like you that refuse to accept that’s how they are. You can’t force someone to be attracted to someone they’re not. You may not see it, but your bigotry is masked with flowers and a facade about Jesus loving us only when we’re not “sinning”. Just please think about the message you’re sending not only young people, but adults who have fought their whole lives just to feel loved and accepted. Because that’s really what everyone just wants. And it seems that you have found it, so please stop trying to take it away from others.

  75. PartyCity says:

    Haha homophobia’s pretty rad, huh fellas?
    Kill your parents, happy hlloween, and hail satan!

    • Graced says:

      So evil! Satan will destroy your life and the only way out is God…. praying for you! Only his word will get you thourgh!

      • PartyCity says:

        For the love of Lucifer, don’t pray for me! Don’t pray my gay away!!!

        • Graced says:

          Gods power overrules! Satan has lost! Death is conquered! Hail the one and only true God!!
          The only way the only savior!
          Lord I pray you’d lay your hand on the heart of this person! And save them!

        • Geritude says:

          Lol they actually tried to pray your gay away

          • Graced says:

            I can’t pray gay away… only God can take sin out of somebody’s life. But I can pray.

          • Geritude says:

            If only God can take the sin out of someone’s life then why do gay Christians exist?

          • Graced says:

            “Gay Christians ” Don’t exist.. I’m sorry call me what you want bit there’s no such thing.. but if you want to rephrase your words to
            If only God can take the sin out of someone’s life then why do gay people exist?
            Then I can answer like this.
            Just like anybody gay people have the choice to sin… (like a murderer has the choice to murder)
            God gives his children a way out of sin, eternal life through him.
            God has also made the wicked for the day of judgement… God also has chosen who will come to him, and those who come don’t come by themselves, but through the prompting of the holy spirit who can soften even the hardest heart.

          • Ezra says:

            actually gay christians exist I know plenty of them! they cherry-pick like you and choose not to believe in the most absurd parts. I mean can’t believe you would support this scripture for example: “Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel.” (1 Peter 2:18)

          • Graced says:

            I believe you mean (gay say they are Christians) I don’t cherry pick point out a cherry picked verse.
            What is wrong with that verse? Lots of people had slaves back then (I’m not saying it was right and neither was the bible in that passage) there had to be guide lines for them too! But obviously God didn’t plan on allowing slaves for long right? Look at everyone now there shouldn’t be any one who’s a slave, but those verses can be used in your and my life as well for our bosses etc

          • Ezra says:

            Well then you are making an interpretation of what you think it says. You are just choosing to avoid certain parts or just making an extrapolation to fit your actual life (even though I don’t think my boss is my master haha ). This is cherrypicking as well and twisting the words 😉

          • Graced says:

            Ummm no I’m following what the bible says, All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.
            2 Timothy 3:16‭-‬17 ESV
            Oh my your very confusing and hard to understand I can’t figure if your being sarcastic or something…

          • Ezra says:

            Plus the verse is advocating for abuses in the work place if I follow your way of thinking since I should submit to my cruel boss haha

          • Graced says:

            Where does it advocate for abuse in the work place?

    • Stardust says:

      Haha yeah, homophobia’s so cool! Hail Satan! Yeet all of your problems away!

  76. Ezra Lin says:

    i am pansexual AND strong in my christian faith. so please girls i have a serious question for you. i want 3 different answers in a video preferablly, what would you do if…
    1) you child came out to you as gay/lesbian (even through there strong religious upbringing)
    2) your child came out as bi/pan/queer/etc (even through there strong religious upbringing)
    3) your child came out as trans/genderqueer/non-binary/etc

    please answer this because i want to know what you both would do if this subject came into your life.
    *keep in mind how you would react depending on if they were a child or adult please*

  77. Lydia Blount says:

    hi, i was wondering what Gods word says about masturbation and if us as christian women should be for or against it. Me and my friend were wondering about this when we were on your channel.

    • Graced says:

      I believe they already did a post on this… if you search for it it should come up.
      In him ~ a friend❤

    • emma says:

      weird how no one is concerned about male masturbation? or male virginity? lol crazy right
      to answer your question, anything that good should never been done in indulgence, just don’t over do it
      but of course the answer here is most definitely no so depends on your worldview

      • Loved says:

        That’s because they aren’t ministering to men.
        They are teaching women to love their husbands and be mothers and daughters.
        It’s wrong because it’s indulging in the gift that is only supposed to be done in between a husband and wife.

    • emma says:

      Masturbation is okay kiddo, discover your body as much as you want 😉 No need to go look for this kind of answers in an old book advocating for slavery and which is so poorly translated that from one country to another it doesn’t say the same thing.

      • K says:

        It doesn’t advocate for slavery.. you forget they had slaves back then and if that was to be then there had to be some guide lines right? Also God obviously didn’t plan on people having slaves for long look at everyone now, we should and are all free men. Also those verses can go anyway for us both, if you have a boss and you don’t exactly like or agree with him it is respectful to keep that verse in mind to not roll your eyes and be disrespectful because if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have a job.

        • emma says:

          So you are interpreting the Bible, this is your interpretation of what it says 😉 You can pretty much make the Bible say anything if you just find the right verses or if you just choose to look at it a different way. My point was just that this Book can’t be considered as holding the absolute truth of how to be a good Christian!

          • K says:

            No…. that’s not really significant either….
            That book as you call it is where Christianity comes from so yeah it would be the best and only source for somebody who is looking to Christ.

  78. lauren says:

    just say you’re homophobic already. it’s almost 2019 live your truth.

  79. ThegayagendaIguess says:

    Your messages add up to the reasons gay kids commit suicide. Very loving. But then again, you don’t really have a conscience. Nevertheless, their blood is on your hands.

    • Loved says:

      Their blood is on the hands of people who told them their sin was okay.

      • Grace R says:

        Actually, gay teens who come out to accepting parents are much less likely to commit suicide. What causes teens to suffer from depression and commit suicide is having parents/community members who tell them that who they are is not ok.

        • Loved says:

          Lol that’s just it…
          Parents had a girl didn’t want a girl wanted a boy, she knew that so acted like a boy then when she became of age went and had surgerys and loved in their garage and acted like a boy, parents still hated her
          She dies months later from surgerys,
          Parents still didn’t accept her and didn’t care about her death.

          Disclaimer TRUE STORY!

          They only commit suicide and become depressed because from the beginning they didn’t have God.
          And because their parents are okay with their sin that will only lead them to the pit.

          I believe who God made them to be is GREAT! So when they change who he made them to be I ofcourse make it clear I love them and hate their sin.
          I will not accept their sin.

          • Stardust says:

            I’m so confused by that. How does that story even relate to this? That was a situation where the person was not struggling with feeling like the other gender, but trying to get their parents to love them. I’m not saying it isn’t unfortunate, but having a male brain and a female body or female brain and male body isn’t optional. When their parents disregard them for that, depression ensues and they may eventually commit suicide. People like you are the problem. It doesn’t matter if you dislike them, or their sin, or whatever. It makes them hate themselves. It’s a horrible thing to do. THEY CAN’T CHANGE. These people are dying! And you say “Oh, well they didn’t have God so that’s why!” No. It’s NOT. It’s because no one accepted them for who they wanted to be so they decided they were not going to be at all.

          • Daniel says:

            I still got suicidal thoughts back before I knew I was trans, before I even left the evangelical church. Depression is a MENTAL DISORDER. Suicidal thoughts are a MENTAL DISORDER. They are not character flaws! Reading the Bible won’t magically cure them. “Having more faith” won’t do anything. God let us get smart enough to invent medicine and therapy for a reason. The church’s treatment of mentally ill Christians is shameful, and it needs to be held accountable for letting these preventable deaths happen.
            You need to get over yourself and learn some empathy. The real reason LGBTQ+ people and mentally ill people get depressed and commit suicide is because people like you treat them so badly. You offer them no help, only judgmental statements and harmful theology. It’s shameful.

          • Loved says:

            Daniel going to church doesn’t make you a Christian saying a prayer doesn’t make you a Christian.
            (Suicidal mental sin disorder?)
            I have empathy Daniel, I care enough to stop leading them to the pit like you are!
            Don’t waist your breath on a Christian blog that you don’t agree with.
            Truth hurts Daniel, it’s offensive girl.

          • Daniel says:

            Not a girl.

          • Loved says:

            Love how you ignore the rest and just point out one thing….

          • Daniel says:

            Y’all have been doing the same thing. Not a girl.

          • Loved says:

            Whatever you say.

  80. ThatBerriCake says:

    1. Christianity is not the truth. Neither is Judaism, or Hinduism ect.
    2. They aren’t blind they are more rational than you’ll ever be
    3.Why should they tell their life story to you?
    4. Sin doesn’t exist, everyone just has flaws, that is natural

    • Graced says:

      I agree Judasim and Hinduism isn’t truth….
      I get told I don’t understand then when I try I get in trouble…
      Really ?

  81. ThatBerriCake says:

    They just don’t want to talk to people that spew bullcrap

  82. ThatBerriCake says:

    But what if he did? What if the God you know never existed, and instead there was a God who did say that? What would you do? Not saying you HAVE to do it irl, it is just a question, not something that is affecting your life.

    • Graced says:

      Well again this question makes me wonder what they teach in school these days..
      That would never happen so… this question is silly. I mean that’s luke me asking you what you would do if an imaginary unicorn came down and hugged you, SILLY
      Why can’t we talk normally and get along.

      • Geritude says:

        If an imaginary unicorn came down and hugged me I’d get on it’s back and we’d go to Narnia together.

  83. HIS says:

    Really? Please tell me your not an atheist. Show me how it’s not sin.

    • Stardust says:

      Being who you are because it’s literally not possible to change? Oh no! That’s HORRIBLE!

      • More says:

        ? Your comment makes no sense….

        • Stardust says:

          It’s sarcasm, m8. You can’t change your sexuality and that’s just how it is. What you can change, however, is your opinion.

          • More says:

            Really? First your comment di dnt even make sense… it’s like you put words together and threw then up here.

          • Stardust says:

            Well, I’m sorry if it was hard to read. But the point I was trying to make is you all dislike these people for their sexuality even though they can’t change it.

          • More says:

            No.. I dislike their sin…

          • Stardust says:

            Sin is what? Something that goes against whatever your god says, right? Is there anything in the bible that’s purely against LGBTQ+ people? Because a lot of commenters are saying that there isn’t. And even if there was, who cares? They have their own beliefs, you have yours. That doesn’t mean that if you see two men holding hands then you scream at them about how it goes against your god’s word. It’s cruel and it doesn’t get you anywhere. Being homophobic gives you nothing in life other than the belief your god or whatever supports you more because why? You dislike a certain group of people? For their supposed, what, sin?

          • More says:

            Why do bad things happen then? Why do people commit suicide? Why do people want to change who they are to what they think they want or need to be? Why do you keep calling me homophobic? Why do you think I’m mad at the world? Why do you think I’m screaming at people who believe suggest then me? Why do you believe I Don’t love anybody?

            I believe you need to watch how you respond to me and watch what you say, you don’t know my beliefs your guessing that I’m like others you don’t know what I’ve been through you don’t know who I am.
            I can tell you this, I’m not a people hater I don’t despise anybody who believes different from me and I don’t want to fight with you, I’m not against you, I wish that we could be friends, but it’s when you start trying to guess my situation and start pushing me, that id much rather just stop trying to have a good conversation.

            Please don’t make me out to be what you have you have no idea, I’m human just as much as you.

          • Stardust says:

            I never said you don’t love anybody. I’m certain, in fact, there are people you love and care about. And you are as human as me. But that doesn’t change the fact you’re putting people down because you believe homosexuality is a sin. I can’t guess your situation, either. I do guess you’re like others, because beliefs generally have patterns. If you can explain to me why you think the way you do, actually, I’d much appreciate it because I’m trying to figure out religious beliefs like this, that say a certain group of people is bad or unnatural. Also, I feel I should explain “homophobic.” It’s not actually a phobia. It’s someone disliking LGBTQ+ people for whatever reason. I believe in your case it is because of religious beliefs. However, disliking a sin and disliking a person is one of the same, especially if it’s a trait they can’t change. Imagine someone saying the color of your eyes was a sin, and that you HAD to change the color of your eyes. You could wear contact lenses, but that wouldn’t really be the color of your eyes. After hearing about how the color of your eyes is bad, you would grow to hate that trait of yourself. That’s how LGBTQ+ people feel when you say “Homosexuality is a sin.” Does that make sense?

          • More says:

            Okay I’m sorry I never answers was busy….
            Look I’m focusing in on this section of comments not jumping around any more getting overwhelmed.
            It’s no different then you putting me down because you believe I’m against homesexuals.
            I’m not like others. I will tell you if your going to stick around, I’m tired of taking the time doing it then being ignored.
            Your allegory doesn’t work… there’s a difference, a male changes his gender to female his choice people hold him accountable, somebody has blue eyes and somebody dislikes it.
            Listen I’m not saying homesexuality is the only sin in the world that is condemned by God! Stealing lying murdering idoling taking his name in vain worshipping Satan etc is also very commendable, you me my fam your fam your friends my friends are all commendable for some sort of sin.

          • Geritude says:

            Lol you can’t change your sexuality though, you can choose not to kill someone. How many times does that need to be said.

          • More says:

            You are changing your sexuality, if God made you female you don’t change it to what you feel like being Geritude.

          • Geritude says:

            Don’t change what exactly?

          • Stardust says:

            It’s not what you feel like being, it’s what you are. People are gay, or lesbian, or bi, or things like that. That’s just how they are. It’s not worth hurting yourself and repressing your feelings for whatever religion you have. You have to understand there is a line where there are things that can be proven and things that can be believed, such as what a God might think. That’s what you believe. The chances of there actually being a God out there that believes homosexuality should be regarded as a sin is very, very unlikely. Also, why are you saying “Because you think I’m against homosexuals”? Didn’t you say you believe it’s a sin? And aren’t people that are in some form Christian against sin? So that means you are indeed against homosexuality, right? Also, I’m sorry I managed to take five days to reply, I’m caught up in school.

          • More says:

            Ugh… sorry didn’t see this… its very unbelievable that there’s a God out there who’s okay with people disobeying his word or with people changing their gender just to feel good.
            I’m against sin! Gods against sin! Not people! Homesexuality isn’t a person! It’s sin!
            You might not believe the way I and GD do that’s fine But when you come on here getting mad and throwing hate around that’s not right! Just like if I went on to some homesexuals blog and started fighting it wouldn’t be right. Look if you don’t like it don’t read it, you obviously don’t agree.

          • Stardust says:

            You know what? Go ahead and go to some gay dude’s blog and be like “Yeah, dudes might be hot but the Holy Spirit is hotter.” It’s expressing your opinion, I guess. I’m just saying, if you can’t prove that your god is out there, why bash people for living their lives how they wanna because you say it’s a sin? Are they hurting anyone? No! So just leave them alone! I don’t have a problem with religious people, but if you use your religion to bash other people for how they live their lives then yeah, I’ve got a problem with that.

          • Daniel says:

            “homesexuality” lmao. Those goshdarn gays and their s*xual attraction to houses, amirite?

          • More says:

            Spelling classes…. maybe?
            Can’t understand blabbering.

          • Daniel says:

            ‘Twas sarcasm, mate!

          • More says:

            Truly? Usually I can laugh at sarcasm I couldn’t understand this stuff though…

          • Geritude says:

            Did ya hear about the things they do to door knobs? Gotta bring a spare pair of gloves with ya everywhere nowadays.

  84. Graced says:

    Why would you worship satan?
    He’s done nothing for you.

  85. Stardust says:

    Is it bad I read things like this because it’s such a trainwreck it’s hilarious? Remember kids, even if it’s literally not possible to feel attraction to someone from the opposite gender you shouldn’t love someone that you can love because a dude in the clouds doesn’t like it. Like, why?

    • More says:

      “A dude in the clouds”… your respect is magnificently low… I wonder how people put up with you ?

      • Stardust says:

        They put up with me by knowing I don’t despise someone based on their sexuality while I try to shove my religion down their throats.

        • More says:

          I don’t know where you get “despise” at… jumping to conclusions gets you no where.

          • Stardust says:

            Dislike, at least, then.

          • More says:

            Dislike their sin.

          • Stardust says:

            Do you understand that there isn’t a difference? Disliking their sin is based on their sexual orientation, which is part of them and something they can’t change. Why is this so hard to grasp?

          • More says:

            You don’t understand… what is good to you? What is bad to you?
            Let’s look at it this way, you have two friends ones bubbly and always happy, the second is always down and out, you dislike that the bubbly one is very into calling your parents sheltering but she’s your friend you love her but dislike this part about the friendship, the second you dislike that she’s always down but shes a good listener… she’s your friend,
            Then your in the position where you have 3 choices with the first one leave her calling your parents names and hurt your parents 2 end the friendship 3 hold her accountable for hat she says and let her decide if she’s willing to be held accountable.
            Then your in the position where your second friend is down and you feel like she’s bringing you down with her, the 3 choice happens again 1 stay friends and become down like she is 2 end the friendship our 3 hold her accountable and encourage her.

            My position is the same and I choose to hold my friends accountable and I leave them to make the final decision

          • Stardust says:

            What does this have to do with homosexuality? Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I don’t get it.

  86. God says:

    Girldefined is gay

  87. Bisexual&Proud says:

    People can’t just change their sexual orientation. This is the most homophobic thing I’ve ever seen.

  88. linn says:

    queer and proud, I’ve never once felt it was a struggle

  89. Veritas Aequitas Libertatem says:

    this article made me gay

    • Veritas Aequitas Libertatem says:

      being gay/other lgbt isnt a struggle that u need to feel ashamed of or hide bc its not bad or evil or a sin. the true evil out here is the tangible harm the women writing these articles are doing to young girls/women/people by spewing lies and encouraging self hatred. i cant even put into words how much what theyre doing here pisses me off. all of their content that ive read/watched just disgusts me bc it’s so hateful and fake and misleading…yikes.

    • Trebeju says:

      Lol homophobics make me want to be gay

  90. ChristianGirl says:

    I’m gay and Christian, and once I felt ashamed of my attraction, but now, I’ve realized that I am in God’s image. He loves me no matter what. I can’t change myself, and knowing that I can love any other consensual adult brings peace to me. For the girls scrolling through worried about their sexuality, don’t worry what the others say, any true Christian that believes in Jesus’ message of love and acceptance will accept you. This website right here is not the majority. Hate and true Christianity cannot coexist, that is one of the most common themes in the sermons at my church.

    • Truth says:

      Hmm may i ask what church you attend? Seems to me like your pastor has done to much of sugar preechen and letting truth decay…

      • Geritude says:

        Oh read a bible Truth. See what your scripture has to say about hate before judging and asking questions about her church’s sermons.

        • Truth says:

          See what the bible has to say about holding others accountable.
          See what the bible has to say about lying.
          See what the bible has to say about harassing.
          See what the bible has to say about murdering babies.
          See what the bible has to say about knowing truth.

          • Michael Johnson says:

            Why should anyone care what the bible has to say about anything?

          • Truth says:

            Well if your not a believer you won’t care and I don’t push you to read it unless your going around trying to ruin it and twist it.
            Michael Johnson I don’t expect you to like what you hear from me or this blog but if you come on here putting me and my faith down and what the bible truly says then your asking for me to be truthful and hold you accountable IF you claim to be Christian. But I’m guessing you have no faith or true God so I won’t bother you with the truth unless you care to hear.
            Have a blessed day.

          • Geritude says:

            “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

        • Truth says:

          If her preacher is teachen that we need to accept homesexuals… then I’m going to just guess that he also preaches that Joel Osteen is a great pastor (which he’s not)

  91. LadyStardust says:

    As a lesbian who grew up in a Christian household, I can tell you that I have tried for years and years and years to change who I am. I would pray until I was blue in the face that I could just be straight, just be normal, but it never happened for me. Have any of you been forced to live with a part of yourself that you hate so much that you would give anything to change it? Have any of you ever spent a majority of your life horribly depressed because you knew something was terribly wrong with you but no matter what you did it wouldn’t go away? If you’ve never felt this way, then you honestly have no right to talk about how being gay/queer/trans is a “temptation” or sin that one has to overcome. I spent nearly my entire life praying for the strength to rid myself of this “temptation” but it never came. I went to church four days a week, I read the Bible, I talked to my church elders and nothing changed. It’s because being gay isn’t a temptation or a sin, it’s how I was made. I didn’t choose to be this way, and if I had the chance I never would have chosen this. I never would have chosen to be discriminated against and hated by my religion. But we are beautifully and wonderfully made and God made me as a lesbian. This year I finally came out to my family members who are all strong in their Christian faith. Not a single one of them told me that I was a sinner and that I needed to change. They told me that God still loved me and it was okay to be who I am. They told me that God made me this way and because of it I would just need to be a little tougher, stronger, braver and never give up the fight to be who I am. For the first time in my life I don’t actively want to die because someone finally told me that this part of myself that I hated so much is okay, is loved. Honestly, how dare you tell young queer teens that all they need to do to be normal is to pray a little harder. How dare you. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in all individuals ages 10-24. Queer youth are five times as likely to have attempted suicide than heterosexual teens. There are 123 suicides per day in the US alone. That’s one death by suicide every 12 minutes. That’s 123 lives that God created that are taken because they lost all hope. Stop taking queer people’s hopes away by condemning us. Stop creating the darkness that we can’t escape from. Be the light that God calls you to be. Love us as God has loved you.

    • Geritude says:

      *Standing ovation* you are brilliant.

    • Leo says:

      This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life you are an inspiration to us all !

    • Evgenia says:

      can this be packaged and posted to all religious fundamentalists

      GirlDefined, take notes

    • #faithwarrior says:

      Yes I love you with enough love to hold you accountable.
      But umm God says he h*t*s sinners… so… show me where it says that changing your identity and s** is okay in the bible and I’ll consider, but honestly most people who commit suicide are not in need of approval or acceptance.. they need God! Because if your a true Christian ( who’s not breaking Gods word) then all you need is God to approve and accept you! Nobody else.
      Just because they have a strong religion or goof church doesn’t mean anything espessialy if your church is also losing its way and accepting sin.
      Look to the bible friend and find your answers there like in the passages “God made you in his image” “homesexuality is sin” “any sexual immorality is sin” you know the ones that speak truth but we with our sinful flesh twist and change for our own desires, yeah those ones.
      He never said accept sin, but rather turn away from it, be disgusted with it.
      God is disgusted with sin and sinners.

      But over all I’m not mad angry or disapproving you rather praying weeping and leaning on a perfect creator who made us both perfect with perfect bodies.
      Sin came in and ruined that though making us discontent and unsound, taking our affections and twisting them.
      Remember flesh is not good.
      Jesus is!

      • Daniel says:

        Wow. Imagine hearing this heartfelt testimony from a lesbian Christian, hearing about all her struggles, and still thinking “lol nope, gay bad, she just didn’t pray hard enough.”
        Disgusting. Learn some empathy.

        • #faithwarrior says:

          Daniel… the amount of rudeness that comes out of your mouth is exhausting.
          Look it’s you who doesn’t care about this person not me so keep your criticism to yourself okay?

  92. 10028#) says:

    Cody Ko and Noel were absolutely right…this is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever read lmaoooooo subscribe to poppy Harlow from Pew News!

  93. Lark says:

    If following your heart and being true to yourself leaves no room for God then God didn’t belong in the first place. Also these people were confused, actual LGBT people aren’t confused. If God created man AND woman BOTH in his image he has some explaining to do, he’s obviously not just a man. He could be hermaphrodite for all we know. If being gay is a sin then I embrace the sin.

    • More says:

      Lark, I feel for you. I understand that people don’t understand somethings… but sometimes sin feels good.. and even though it feels good now it won’t later. Maybe it doesn’t make sense now.. but God knows what he made and how it should stay.
      LGBTQ people have the right to be understood.. but then we in turn (true Christians) do as well, but one thing that bothers me is that they never want to explain, they just fight and fight until they get angry.
      I’m a Christian… which means I believe God made me perfectly and that I have no need to change who I am… I also believe that everyone is made perfectly.
      And I’d rather know that I tried explaining and holding people accountable when I die then die and know I did nothing.

      • Leo says:

        there are many books explaining the LGBT+ community you just have to look and you word it like true Christians and LGBT+ people can’t be the same but LGBT+ people can be true Christians

        • More says:

          Please give me a bible reference if this is so? I won’t be looking to any secular books for facts.
          But give me a solid word from God in the bible and I’ll consider it.

          • Ezra says:

            “I won’t be looking to any secular books for facts.” Are you saying you won’t go looking into scientific facts or scientific studies to document yourself? ^_^ you made my day, you are so funny
            Oh my bad it’s true that the Bible is a purely scientific book… just remember that the computer or phone that you are using right now to post a comment on the internet was made possible thanks to science. Computer science and electronics are all based on maths, physics and logic (and I know what I’m talking about I am computer science engineer). I hope you realize one day that there are probably more “facts” that can be accurately proven out there in the “secular” world than in the Bible which was mostly designed to try and explain what we couldn’t at the origin of mankind 😉
            I am Catholic by the way, I do like to believe in some of the values taught by this religion, but nothing should be taken literally out of those books.
            All the best

          • More says:

            I see… so, your faith is in what? If you can’t believe his word then how can you believe in him?

            I’m not looking to secular scientist who question God and his word
            Now secular scientist who are making things apart from trying to change his design.. that’s different because I don’t see them putting in the phones that God isn’t real and that we can change our gender.
            I might say I’m slightly offended you claim to be a Christian of some sort yet you don’t even believe the bible the Word of God! Look what name you give true believes, you make us look like straying sheep who don’t even believe half the word if God. Very disappointing

          • Ezra says:

            It’s pretty simple 😉 we can’t go to religion thinking it’s an absolute true because everything in the Bible was written by men. This means the Bible is an interpretation of what men thought God’s words were. Plus with the many translations it went through the Book has changed over the centuries. Therefore I believe in the underlying metaphors written in the Bible, I believe in a global signification and lesson behind each story told. Which is my interpretation of the Bible just like you interpret things from the Bible when you read it as well. The main problem for me is that pretty much anything can be justified using the Bible if we don’t go past the words (like slavery for example). Hope I clarified my faith a little bit more

          • More says:

            But Ezra, the Holy Spirit was speaking through them so now your saying that Gods word can’t all be trusted…?
            Now your making less sense.. because if then you can’t believe Gods word then how can you know your a believer?
            You can’t nitpick the bible Ezra.. that would be like me taking the declaration of independence and only following half of its words….

          • More says:

            Also what about slavery?

  94. Loki says:

    It’s not a struggle! I love who I love and noone has the right to take love away from me. The only struggle with mg sexual orientation I’ve faced is homophobic people like you, who feel the need to tell other people how to live their lives. Also gender isn’t a choice, I just am non-binary and how other people view me doesn’t change that.

  95. Loved/more/L says:

    The Lord tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.
    Psalms 11:5 ESV
    Let’s look at it this way God hates sinners!
    I love you but I’m not going to accept your sin and I’m also going to pray for you!
    Yay! All done! Truth has spoken people have declared.

  96. NoName says:

    First off, literally no one uses “SSA” as an abbreviation for same-sex attraction. “SSA” is the musical abbreviation for 3 part vocal music to be sung by the Soprano 1 group, the Soprano 2 group, and the Alto group. “SSA” literally means and is meant to be read as “Soprano, Soprano, Alto”. Guess that was a big whoops on your part. Second off, gay people aren’t confused or wrong. Your feelings matter and god wants us to be happy. He loves his children, with an unconditional, never-giving-up, ultra kind of love. God’s love is unconditional and last time I checked, unconditional means without contract. I know so many gay, trans, bi, pan, asexual, gender fluid christians who are amazing people. I think you will find that life is better once you get your face out of an outdated book and look around at how happy people are when they are in love.

  97. alexander says:

    it’s the 21st century and i love how people like you are living their lifestyles and mindsets as if it was 2000 years ago. i don’t understand why people are still being homophobic. why are you hating on someone’s feelings towards another? stop being so delusional about gays, bisexuals, and transgenders are confused and are sins to God and whatnot, because they’re not. they’re just normal human beings who wants to be open and free, and be loved, but that can’t happen when people like you are talking about the lgbt+ community being “confused”.

    i used to be christian too. i went to church, sung songs, and did my devotions every single day. however, i am a transgender male. when my pastor found out that i was transgender via my friend exposing me to her, she told them that i was a confused person who didn’t know who i was, and she told them not to tell me.
    do you understand how much pain an individual has to go through and the anxiety that happens when this happens? personally, i felt betrayed, upset, and angry at this. therefore, i left that church. i have a friend who still doesn’t support me and thinks that i should be what God made me, and that reminds me of how some christians are so toxic. it also reminded me of you two.

    • KristenNoelle says:

      This website is to encourage Christian girls (not to say men can’t benefit from it) in the ways of our wonderful Lord and Savior. If you read the post above, it was explained why we, as Christians, believe what we believe about such topics such as whether or not what LGBT people are doing is God-honoring.
      One specific passage from Romans comes to mind on the topic of gays/lesbians. Romans 1:26-27 says ”
      Because of this (worshiping created things rather than God), God gave them over to
      shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for
      unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned
      natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one
      another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in
      themselves the due penalty for their error.”
      This verse depicts the depravity of mankind (which we all suffer from) due to sin. Instead of not falling into temptation, the people embraced the temptation as a lifestyle, considering it normal.
      As a 16 year old, I’ve often been grappling with the question of right and wrong. This is especially hard for me because Christians are called to love one another as themselves, but we’re also told about sin and how we should point out sin in order to point our brothers and sisters towards Christ. I believe for Kristen and Bethany to write a post about such topics as these is wise, not only because they are controversial concepts that God clearly addresses, but also to help shape our thinking as young Christians who are exposed to so many philosophies that aren’t based on the Bible.
      What it all boils down to is- do you believe in God’s Word as the one true and infallible Word of God? Because if you don’t, then you’re searching for your answers in the wrong place. Bethany and Kristen are writing these posts to glorify their Redeemer. They are writing these posts to inspire people in God’s Word.
      I would suggest that you take the time to read the post if you already haven’t and see how it is coming from a Christian worldview and it’s not written to condemn you as a person, but to condemn the sin! And we all struggle with different sins, so it’s not to say that only LGBTQ people are sinful.
      I trust that God has His hand on your life, and I’ll be praying that He reveals Himself to you in all His glory for your good!

      • Joy says:

        @KristenNoelle, thank your for taking time to speak up! Yes I agree with you while heartedly!! One thing that I’d like to add to your comment of “This is especially hard for me because Christians are called to love one another as themselves, but we’re also told about sin and how we should point out sin in order to point our brothers and sisters towards Christ. ” is that even though pointing it out or holding each other accountable might seem mean or disagreeable, it’s one of the strongest best love in a friendship there is! Having somebody love you enough to tell you that they see something that could be making them stumble is a big thing!! Because if nobody does and we let it continue without say then when on the judgement throne we stand and are asked “why didn’t share my love and gospel” we will be just as much to blame then they will for their sin because we didn’t follow Gods commands!
        Again thank you thank you thank you!! For doing what is right!❤❤

        Much love, another 16yr old; )

        • KristenNoelle says:

          I completely agree! Thank you for replying 🙂

        • Olivia says:

          I know you wholeheartedly think that pointing out that homosexuality/being transgender is a sin is something positive and that you are helping the person in question. You aren’t. You are making things harder for those who are a part of the LGBT+ community and I speak from my personal experience. My family is very Catholic and I went to church every week. When someone tells me that what I am doing/feeling is sinful I am hurt, because it was not a choice, I can’t change it and my life is too short for me to live a blatant lie.
          Put yourself in my shoes and imagine what it would be like if a huge group of people told you that being straight is a sin, that you will suffer from it and that you have to be a homosexual to fit in. How would you feel?

          You are only 16 and I honestly hope that one day you can look at the LGBT+ community in another light.

          • Joy says:

            That’s just it, I am told I must go against my Lord everyday! Everyday I’m pushed and tossed hurt and wounded by people and sin. People who don’t want my life to model Christ sin that wants me to fail and fall every moment and minute. My savior is my stronghold so I’m not like the others my stronghold gives me strength and is my strength! I don’t get hurt easily when I’m looking to him! Olivia cachlic beliefs aren’t grounded in the word look to the bible and look to the system two opposite things.

          • Olivia says:

            But what do you consider to be an everyday sin? Surely it is a group of small things that you consider to have done wrong.
            Being part of the LGBT+ community however cannot be changed, so when someone says that they hate the gays it becomes an offense not to the act itself but to the person in question. Now, I know that religious people often make the case that we can just “not act on such tendencies”, however it put me in such distress that I became depressed and suicidal. And I know that religious people follow that up with “then look to God and you will no longer be depressed”, which doesn’t work.

            A simple comparison would be if you had a group of friends and they all started saying bad things about you because of this other kid who is also your friend told them so. The two choices are: you step away, realize that you are not bad because of the things that they told you and start loving yourself, or become best friends with the kid who started the rumors and changing yourself so that the things they said no longer seem true while feeling miserable and have a high chance of ending your own life. Which one would you honestly choose? (please give me a straightforward answer)

          • Joy says:

            Anything that goes against Gods word. No my sin is great and I fail a lot, but I’ve been forgiven and I hate sinning! I fear displeasing my Lord.
            God hates sinners and sin.
            You don’t just look to God but be like him.
            If he’s given so much for you then why can’t you give him your little?
            Again I’d follow my Lord and saviors design for me, I don’t need others approval, his is enough.

          • Olivia says:

            Thanks for your straightforward answer (irony).
            The whole fear of sinning and forgiveness seems like an abusive relationship to me.

            What has God given me? A family that hates me and that would make me homeless if I was myself in front of them? Also, if my little involves me being miserable, no I can’t give it to him. You have no idea the pain that LGBT+ youth goes through because of that.

          • Joy says:

            It’s not a fear of sinning, it’s a fear of disappointing the one who did so much for you! Your not going to want to sin, you’ll hate sinning and you’ll be disgusted with it.
            God gave you life, he gave you the chance to be forgiven and love a better life! God doesn’t make family members hate each other sin does, have you tried giving him your life (since you basically own it to him) not just your money not just your relationships or even just your time but your life? You might be miserable because you still haven’t given him EVERYTHING!

            If you made something completely by yourself for a perfect plan, for something that you where super excited about and then that beloved creation turned from you did it’s own thing went their own way, then got hurt and sentenced to death without even realizing it, wouldn’t you try to find a way to save it if you really cared about it? You then would do the thing that could deliver your creation (that at this point was ruined from sin) from it’s deadly destruction, sending someone who was perfect like it once was and sacrificing it for your beloved, and then your beloved turned away and still deciding after it knew it’s fate and the sacrifice you gave and went it’s own way, wouldn’t you Olivia be hurt angry even that after all you did your creation still withdrew it’s self from you?

            Same with Christ! He made you for his perfect plan! Then sin came and ruined that perfect plan, so God wanting you to have life into eternity, gave something he loved and sacrificed it for you, but you now have choice instead of death you can have life in him a perfect peace knowing he’s in control, could you really turn away from such a perfect loving creator just to have a little happiness now? Olivia, he’s not a weak God! He has everything in control! And he loves those who love him and obey his will.

            God is perfect and without blame for our discontemptment, if only Olivia you could see that Christ is worth so much more then our little happiness now.

          • Olivia says:

            Girl, for 10 years I had Catholic education outside of school, for 3 I had Catholic education at school and until I was16 I was obliged to go to mass. I believed in the church until I started thinking what was wrong or right outside the book and the things I was told.

            The answer to your question is that I wouldn’t be mad or disappointed in any way if the creation did its own thing. The creation has a conscience, therefore it can decide what is right or wrong based on experience, surroundings, etc. If the creature thinks that is the right path I also wouldn’t send that helper for two reasons, the first one is that every creation has the same worth so to use one as a mere tool would be discrimination and the second one would be because I perhaps didn’t take into account the experiences that took the creation to follow a certain path.

            He isn’t perfect if he was this would be a paradise and you wouldn’t need to pray for heaven.

            Quoting you “And he loves those who love him and obey his will.”, that sounds like an abusive relationship once again.

            I don’t believe in the afterlife, there is nothing else but being decomposed after I’m dead and I’m fine with it. The “little happiness” is all I’m sure exists, so I may as well be as happy as I can while I am still alive.

          • Joy says:

            I’m sorry you feel this way Olivia… one thing I want you to know is that the cachlic church and it’s schools aren’t I repeat aren’t Christian, they do not follow Gods will or word.
            He is perfect, his creation doesn’t have to be perfect for him to be perfect Olivia but to make that that statement even more questionable is that all of his creation was perfect, sin/wrong doing/ faults etc have changed that.
            I do not see where that relationship is abusive, tell me would you have great love and forgiveness to someone who hated you and your words? Who after asking for forgiveness continued in their sin and folly?
            Happiness does us nothing when we have nothing.

          • O***** says:

            Saying “I love you but…”
            Saying things like “If you don’t _____, I will_____.”
            Domination and control.
            Withdrawal of affection.
            Guilt trips.
            Making everything your fault.
            -Once again, by saying somethings are a sin, yes

            Isolating you from friends and family. – at times, yes
            Using money to control. – yes, by paying for your sins at mass
            Constant calling or texting when you are not with him/her. – not applicable
            Threatening to commit suicide if you leave. – not applicable

            So as you can see, there are similarities, I wasn’t just making it up.
            Yes, I would love and forgive. I know you hate my words and that you hate me (not me my sin but its the same thing as we cannot disassociate), but I still have hope you can see a position different than yours.
            Also, I don’t feel like I need to ask for forgiveness because it was not my choice, in sin you usually have a choice, I didn’t, I was born like this.
            I am happy, I found happiness in myself by accepting myself. If the only thing you have is god, I would reconsider life in general.

          • O***** says:

            I tried to post a second part but I am being censored. Part 1 and Part 3 it is then.

          • Joy says:

            I have tried posting several times as well but it won’t let me… Olivia would you please (just for me if not for yourself) look something up?

          • Olivia says:

            Part 2

            I know that you are doing this with the best intentions, but I dare you to look at more than just the bible. Look at the world and think about it without the Christian point of view.
            LGBT+ people get away from religion because we become tired of hearing that our existence is sinful and that we have to be a certain way to be happy. We just want to be ourselves without being hated or having fingers pointed at us.

            In regards to the other message, look what up?

          • Joy says:

            Olivia, a true Christian, only looks at the world through Gods word, and honestly IF I was to look around without it, I know all of see was falling people and lots of wrongdoing (sin) going around.
            Be happy? Is disobeying your creator happiness?
            Look up Grace To You and in their search box type in this “Exposing the Heresies of the Catholic Church: The Mass” and this “God’s View of Homosexuality, Part 1”
            Just read it, please, and there’s more if that’s not enough for you.
            Love a friend in Christ.

          • Olivia says:

            I don’t believe in a creator, therefore I am not disobeying anyone by being myself.
            I will read those texts if you watch this video on youtube /watch?v=EoJvFJAMml4

          • Joy says:

            Olivia I wish I could watch it just to please you but… I don’t use or watch YouTube I can’t even watch the vlog posts by girl defined when they use it…. I’m sorry

          • Olivia says:

            What, why?

          • Joy says:

            Well, my parents have it disabled an my phone because I asked them to… and the reason why because I find there being lots and lots of por***phy and I don’t want to see it and I don’t want any of my siblings seeing it, so it’s not used on my phone…. I don’t have a computer at the time being, and I’ll probably have it disabled then and not use it…. I only watch it off of my mom’s phone or computer and I can’t use hers, and somebody older is with me because I find it more comfortable.
            I’m sorry is there not something you could find that I could read off of a pasted and copied so that you can read or listen to the ones I asked of you? Sorry for the inconvenience.

          • Olivia says:

            Well, I would like to start by saying that that isn’t that much p*rn on the internet on places that everyone sees and that Youtube is relatively safe. Unless you search for it, it won’t pop up.
            I can email the video to you if you like.

          • Joy says:

            Olivia, I side differently I guess… I should say that there is also lots of immodesty too… and I feel better not to see it.
            That would of been nice but I can’t give my email out like that (sorry:( ) what about a transcript?
            I could read anything you post here, and any other girl defined blog post comment sections ; )
            I hope it’s not to much of a inconvenience!

          • Joy says:

            I’m not saying I love you but…
            I’m saying i love you so much I would like to save you from death so please think of what your condemning yourself too!
            The rest I don’t really understand, but I can tell you that cachlic aren’t true Christians.
            I do hate all sin Olivia, but I love more then you know.
            I believe the problem is that many people who come out LGBTQ are from church back grounds that don’t follow the Lord correctly, if somebody becomes a Christian (a true Christian ) there is no falling away.

          • O***** says:

            part 1
            English is not my first language so there is a thing that was not clear, I was a Christian.
            According to the Bible, he made us in his own image (Genesis 1:27), so the creation should be perfect. If the creation isn’t perfect neither is God.

            To prove to you it is an abusive relationship I took this list of the internet.

            Psychological abuse can look like:

            Humiliating or embarrassing you.
            Constant put-downs.

          • Joy says:

            I never said he wasn’t rather “He is perfect, his creation doesn’t have to be perfect for him to be perfect”
            You said his creation wouldn’t be a mess if he was perfect and I answered that, he is perfect and so was his creation BEFORE it fell into sin.
            He hasn’t humiliated or embarrassed anyone but rather they have do e that to themselves, we have put him down and he has never put us down, (obviously Christ have us a way to be saved that’s no let down)
            I don’t believe the next two have anything to do with this at all as well.

      • Ezra says:

        Can I please ask you which branch of Christianity you are part of? Catholic over here but I absolutely don’t agree with you on some points 😉 I guess there is not one Christian religion overall

        • KristenNoelle says:

          I’m Protestant, specifically the Orthodox Presbyterian Church 🙂

          • Ezra says:

            Okay that could be an explanation 🙂 I always feel weird when people speak of “How To be a good Christian” because depending on which church you are from things are different ;). I come from a Catholic Church which seems to be more progressive and more open to the LGBT community. I just think that labelling a belief has “the right way to be a good Christian” doesn’t exist and shouldn’t be considered as an absolute truth. There are many different way to live your faith so I think the two girls writing this blog should be more open to the fact that they don’t know the absolute truth about God’s words as it is always an interpretation made my humans.

          • Joy says:

            But Ezra… haven’t you’ve noticed that the churches that gave the beliefs that you can accept stuff like this are also calling apart spiritually? If you can’t take the word of God literally then how do you know that the parts you do follow are okay?

          • KristenNoelle says:

            I do disagree with a lot you just said and I guess that’s why 🙂 We come from different backgrounds of Christianity. Personally, I believe that Kristen and Bethany have an amazing understanding of what God’s Word says concerning the LGBT community. Although I agree that people do live out their faith in different ways, I think that since God’s Word is the basis for faith, there is absolutely a “right way to be a Christian,” and that would be doing everything you can to conform to the truths that are contained in God’s Word. I wouldn’t say a “good Christian” actually exists mainly because of what Romans 3 tells us, but by our faith we can be justified by Jesus’ death and resurrection 🙂

      • Rachel says:

        Hi Kristen, Joy, and others seeking to be faithful to Christ: I hear your love for God in these comments, and your desire to love other people. I wanted to let you know that there are many faithful Christians who believe it is not a sin to be LGBTQ. A quick google search will show you scriptural arguments in favor of LGBTQ people and relationships, so you can learn about the other perspectives out there. I hope you can also take some time to pray about this issue. Blessings and love!

        • Joy says:

          Rachel I’m not looking to other “faithful Christians” I’m looking to God, and my savior has made it clear that we are not to accept sin, but to be grieved by it. And pray for the sinner.

        • KristenNoelle says:

          I’m with Joy on this! The Word of God should be our sole authority and I believe that God’s Word tells us that it is a sin to be LGBTQ. I would still love to learn about other perspectives! Another google search can show you scriptural arguments that aren’t in favor of LGBTQ. But thank you, I will pray about this and I hope you do as well! 🙂

  98. Sammy Renee says:

    My girlfriend and I use this a roleplay scenario.

  99. Rebecca Trumble says:

    where can I meet a man named Jesus I am a lesbian in desperate need of help 🙁

    • Trebeju says:

      You do not need help to “fix” your attractions. They are perfectly natural and no one should make you feel ashamed of them. Reach out to other LGBT people or people who accept homosexuality as the natural thing it is if you need to talk about it! And if there’s nobody like that in your family or friends, you can talk to me if you want, I will certainly not judge you. I wish you true freedom and happiness!

  100. Hi says:

    I’m not gay, but………


  101. Raquel says:

    This article is BAD. As a asexual and panoramic girl, that’s all I can say. Yikes.

  102. Raquel says:

    Also, SSA stands for soprano, soprano, alto

  103. Leo says:

    This article is very offensive. I’m panromantic but you should embarrass who you are and NEVER think that being LGBT+ is a sin, if you think that way all you will do is hurt yourself because you can’t change who you are and you shouldn’t have too. God made you the way you are and being who you are is NOT a sin.

    • Joy says:

      But being something he didn’t make you to be is a sin friend.
      Would you like some verses?

      • emma says:

        please can you justify this with something else than the Bible? Then we’ll have a real debate

        • Joy says:

          Everything I believe and do is formed and rooted from the bible. Just like you have something you’ve rooted your life in so have i.

  104. Leo says:

    SSA actually stands for social security administration don’t go making up words.

    • Salty Space Lesbian says:

      The term they were looking for is “SGA” (same gender attraction). This is proof that they can`t even be bothered to do proper research before writing this nonsense.

  105. Evgenia says:

    Yah Jesus can find me as a happy and well adjusted Gay. Jesus had two dads so my kids can have two mums.

  106. Evgenia says:

    I know you’re reading these comments

  107. Evgenia says:

    Stop it
    Stop censoring everyone you don’t agree with

  108. Evgenia says:

    Love your neighbour, you hateful dickheads, stop telling us that we have no right to exist just because we’re not just like you

  109. Evgenia says:

    I can see you’re not letting my comments post, so you must be reading these, or at the very least seeing them. I want you to read every word and know that we have always been here and we’re not going away.

  110. Evgenia says:

    How often do you check these comments, I wonder?

  111. Evgenia says:

    you present this sunny, helpful, girly front, but really you’re contributing to thousands of children’s deaths every year

  112. Evgenia says:

    Do you believe we should be put to death?

  113. Evgenia says:


  114. Evgenia says:

    executed, as we are in the Middle East?

  115. Evgenia says:

    Being transgender is a literal medical condition. It is quite literally a illness that can be cured, and the cure is hormone therapy and physically transitioning to correct whatever mistake was made biologically. It’s wayyyy more than just “feelings”.

  116. Elsa Hallberg says:

    Do you realize how hurtful this is to say to someone? If you do understand that you hopefully wouldn’t have posted this since your religion is supposedly built on love. Love knows no race, gender or limits. If you don’t believe that I’m truly sorry for you.

  117. Susana Paço says:

    If by any means you are religious and homossexual may these words find you and encourage you: you are not a freak nor you are a sinner. In nature plenty of species have homossexuals, only one has homophobic behaviour, the humans, so which one do you think is unnatural ?
    As long as you have a healthy relationship with boundaries based on respect and consent there is nothing unnatural in relationships both heterossexual and homossexual.
    Be sure there are people in this world (both religious and secular) that love you and accept you for who you are. Please do not believe in these two misinformed and dogmatic women.

    • Susana Paço says:

      For the two ladies of this website. Please do some research outside of your bible. This kind of views has driven young men and women to suicide because they think their deity hates them and will never accept them by who they are. Plenty are homeless because their families chose religion over their own children, Plenty are in deep depression because dogmatic people like you tell them that everything in them is wrong. Live and let live ladies. Step down from your religious high horses and look at the reality and stop contributing for the suicide of young religious homossexual people.

      • Seeking him says:

        So, your saying give up God for their sin?

        • Luke 17:21 says:

          Proverbs 21:23.

          Speaking to others in this way will not lead them to believe that we are a community of love and compassion. Showcasing Christ in this way breaks His heart. Susanna, I’m so sorry for this backlash you’re facing, I promise that not everyone falls under the same paralyzing belief of belittling those who are struggling with the fact that they fall in love with the same gender. This response of anger is not from Christ, it’s merely mortal anger. We’re all still learning about God’s love and wisdom, so forgive some members of the community who are quick to type in fury. I hope you have a great rest of your day, though, both of you.

      • Seeking him says:

        You might not believe in Him, but I do and GD does and just because you don’t doesn’t mean we have to give up our God for your selfish gods, of love of self, hatred, pride, etc.
        Live how you want but don’t say they didn’t warn you.
        At least they love enough to care.
        And are not pointing others to go to death and burn right?
        If life is just now and death ends all then why do you care what happens? You have nothing worth living for.

        • just trying to help people says:

          the bible was written by biased white men in the 6th century.
          if god wanted to write his truth, he would have written it himself

          • Madi says:

            Right? He can scribble down ten commandments but he couldn’t write his own word down? If i was an omnipotent and omnipresent being I’d have to write my stuff down. Handling my Sims are enough on their own

  118. emma says:

    Actually many trans people have transitioned and are living super happy life! 😉 One of my close friend is transgender and I can tell you he is way more happy since he started transitioning . I can link you several sources if you want to document yourself on this matter.
    I am Christian by the way, but I completely support transgender people. I think you need to meet someone or see it for yourself in one of your friend to really understand what being transgender mean. I hope you get to meet a transgender person one day 🙂
    all the love

    • Joy says:

      Honestly if I’m meet a trans any time soon I’ll be just as happy to share the true gospel with them then ever!
      Trans people are sinners but so am I and so are you the only difference is that I’m a Christian and my sin is now looked down on in my own life and God has forgiven me.

      • Hope says:

        You know, they’ve done autopsies confirming transgender brains correspond with brains of their identifying gender. Is it really so hard for you to believe that maybe, just maybe, these people are just as, if not more so, holy as you? Think about it: You judge them for being something which they cannot control, while Jesus taught us to love thy neighbor. The good do not take pride in their goodness, nor do they parade themselves above those they call bad. They offer kindness and acceptance. No politics, no discrimination, no ‘sin’ speech, only acceptance. The only sinners are those who set out to harm others or put them down. God will take in all his flock so long as they accept the lord in their hearts, so why turn them away with vile words and criticisms, when you can embrace them with kindness?

        • Joy says:

          Excuse me? You want to believe sinful human beings rather then the creator and then your going around suggesting to me that I’m not holy because I’ve chosen to follow the God of the bible rather then the gods made up in this world? I don’t judge point to me where in the bible it says holding other accountable is judging. Yeah loving your neighbor isn’t allowing then to dwell in sin. I’m not prideful in these situation I have had faults beyond measure and I’ve never said that I was good, nor do I parade myself (maybe consider going around announcing your gender is) where in the bible does it say to accept sin? Where? You seem so sure please tell me where do you find all this “what real Christians do”? He doesn’t say just accept me! I believe your missing the part TURN FROM SIN! Repent and turn away maybe? Your thoughts on kindness lead others astray friend, and mine prays that they’ll repent.

          • Evgenia says:

            Look, I believe happiness when I see it contrasted with astronomically high levels of suicide and depression. Not a Bronze Age book.

          • Joy says:

            The resurrection of christ has been scientifically proven truthful. Your “bronzed age book” is the one your trying to write yourself that is wrong.

          • Joy says:

            You also ignored almost that whole comment and only answered part of it.
            Good job now I am sure that you don’t have a good argument on this and that your afraid too.
            But all is well, because Christ has won.

  119. Lex says:

    This message is disgusting and vile, Kristen Clark should be absolutely ashamed of herself; but of course her and Bethany are way too indoctrinated to realize their views are extremely bigoted and shallow. I feel sorry for anyone who worships an outdated book with discriminatory and evil opinions. Get a grip of yourselves, there is NOTHING wrong with LGBT+ people. They are human, and have feelings, and have no choice over who they love, just like you have no choice in loving men.

  120. Mary says:

    Hey girls, you know what would be iconic? Making this comment section into a dating spot.

  121. hi i'm a lesbian says:

    so anyway y’all wanna hear about my girlfriend

  122. Sarah says:

    This is why I’m so glad I left religion couldn’t be happier now that I don’t have to deal with small minded bigots all the time. I love being a lesbian far happier now than I’d ever been in religion.

  123. Geo says:

    Now, I’m even more gay and even more atheist. It feels so good that I’m not one of those close minded imbeciles.

    • Joy says:

      Well that’s fine but why waist your time and comment when you probably have better to do? And why spread hateful names when it doesn’t do any good?

      • Lex says:

        Besides the original comment Joy, this article is despicable and needs to be taken down. The message is damaging to the livelihood of LGBT people. I could care less about what Kristen and Bethany are doing UNTIL it involves the safety of other groups. Just leave the LGBT alone and we wouldn’t have a problem.

        • Joy says:

          Lex that’s your own feelings.
          If speaking truth hurts you so bad to hear then maybe it’s true and it’s getting to your conscience friend.

          • The Father says:

            Joy, your argument is being challenged and that scares you, so you’re fighting back. Trying to snake your way in with a comment that twists the (rather obvious, mind you) purpose of Lex’s post. You’re afraid of this, aren’t you? Afraid that something doesn’t conform to your beliefs? So you’re trying to slip your way out of this, make it seem like redemption is speaking, when everyone can see that it’s just you trying to win what was already lost. This isn’t about ‘christian morals’ or ‘family values’. This is about twisting God’s word in ways that aren’t defined in the Bible. Stop abusing the Christian faith for your means. It’s rather demeaning to the church.

          • Joy says:

            I’m not afraid one bit, I’m not losing or failing. Nobody’s scaring me or making me waver. My God isn’t fake and he hasn’t changed his rules! The truth is that nobody’s challenged me with anything, they just complain that they don’t like this blog but nobody’s given anything that’s challenged me. What would you know about church? If you knew Gods word you would be speaking the truth and not lying for your own selfish reasons, this isn’t about Christian rules or family values! It’s about the fact of LGBTQ is sinning against God and they think that he’s changed his rules so they go around lying and being hateful. I haven’t said once that I dislike or hate anyone!! But yet y’all are so offended that you twist and change words just to get yourselves riled up! Look at yourselves! Who’s calling who names? Litterly we are all sinners! But difference your living in sin and I’ve turned away from it in called as a child of Christ to hold you accountable and because you would rather obey sinful flesh and people you choose to try and discourage me? Well guess what you haven’t!! Now more then ever i know it’s a sin and I’m not afraid to speak up!
            Have a good day.

  124. Justine says:

    Hi please don’t call me a broken women that’s pretty insulting. And honestly the fact that you’re trying to “relate” by saying you’re broken too is even worse.

  125. The Elusive Sea Donkey says:

    I mean, prostitutes an’ drugs are fine as long as no one’s gettin’ hurt. The problem with those is the law o’ the land. But guess what? There’s no law sayin’ ye can’t be gay. There’s no hurtin’ anyone in bein’ gay. There is, however, hurtin’ people in messages like this, where ye try ta completely go against nature. I don’t get ye religious folk; ye think bein’ a human with wants an’ needs is so pathetic an’ somepin’ ta be ashamed of, all because o’ old stories yer gran’s gran’s gran believed in. So ye try ta repress it all, give it a bad name by callin’ it “sin”, an’ shame people who live diff’rently. Not sayin’ we don’t have our faults as humans, ’cause we do. It ain’t right to kill, or steal, or be violent, ’cause then, we would hurt people, and could’nae live as a society. But tryin’ ta reject ev’rythin’ we are as humans ain’t good. It leads ta opinions like the ones expressed in this here blog post. So what I’m tryin’ ta say is…yer definition o’ “sin” is subjective, an’ mostly meaningless. Love who ya love, an’ don’t hurt others.

  126. The Elusive Sea Donkey says:

    Ye, I’m from the South, but this isn’nae how I usu’lly type. This is ma serious voice. An’ I’m sorry, but how is bein’ gay any more hurtful than bein’ straight? Ev’ryone experiences trials when it comes ta findin’ love…’Tis nothin’ new fer either side. All o’ the hurt, all o’ the pain…it seems ta come from one source, an’ that’s the folks who try ta condemn them fer who they are. But I heard all yer stances before. “Love tha sinner, hate tha sin.” But in this case, tha “sin” is nature. So ye’re hatin’ nature? Ye know that ancient peoples would often embrace homosexuality. Christianity, however, jus’ wanted ta be all hipster an’ be like “We gotta be diff’rent from all the others, so let’s ban homosex an’ magic! An’ also, men, ye can’t be havin’ foreskins anymore!”

  127. missing you ✿ мушка says:

    Your story is all fine and dandy but it’s very situational lmao. I had
    abusive HETEROSEXUAL parents growing up. Did they hurt me BECAUSE they
    are heterosexual or because they just aren’t good people? You also start
    talking about transgender people which is in no way correlated to
    sexuality. You use this story as an argument for why being gay is “bad”
    but you fail to make the connection that it has nothing to do with the
    fact that these women are gay. There’s nothing connecting this to the
    fact that they’re gay. Lmao.

  128. missing you ✿ мушка says:

    It’s not about “not agreeing” with people. It’s about discrimination. Is it right to deny service to a disabled person? Is it right to deny service to a black person? “Good people” don’t discriminate against others. If an LGBT person were to deny service to someone for the sole fact that they were a Christian, they would also be in the wrong. Use your brain a little bit.

    • Innocent until proven guilty says:

      Do you believe in murdering babies?(abortion) because that is discrimination… as for the other two you mentioned black people are made black that’s apart of them they can’t change that and neither can we, they are made perfectly in Christ’s image and their skin color should be why others discriminate them. As for a disabled person, well they can’t help that either that’s a real actual medically proven trial some people have to go through (God be with those who suffer these disabilities). As for LGBTQ being denied well quite honestly you can help this… but I’m done talking about it, I’m not up for people accusing me and being hateful. I would like to know your answer to my abortion question though..

      • missing you ✿ мушка says:

        i don’t know why people are still commenting on this.
        if by “you can help this” then, you can’t. people don’t choose to be gay.

        as for abortion which is entirely off topic: NO, I don’t believe in murdering babies. No one LIKES abortion, but it’s necessary to keep legal otherwise we’ll just have a higher percentage of deaths. I’m more conservative than most, and I can see both arguments. However, me, personally? I’d be forced to have an abortion. Because of my illness there is no possible way for me to carry a child to full term without seriously injuring myself OR the child. Do I like this? No. Will I get an abortion if need be? Yes. Because I believe I have a higher purpose in my life, and that is taking care of children that don’t HAVE homes. I have been shamed and ridiculed for this my entire life.
        So to answer your question directly, do I like abortion? Absolutely not. Do I believe it is sometimes necessary? Yes, unfortunately.

  129. missing you ✿ мушка says:

    But what does this have to do with being gay lmao?

  130. missing you ✿ мушка says:

    The question was whether or not homosexuality does harm. And it doesn’t.

  131. missing you ✿ мушка says:

    Where did I have a “dirty mouth”? Please give me a real reason as to why homosexuality can be harmful. Then we can talk.

  132. missing you ✿ мушка says:

    The Bible also says to follow the laws of the country. There’s anti discrimination laws in place. Denying someone a cake for the sole fact that a person is gay IS discrimination.
    Also schools don’t “teach” you about LGBT LMAO like honestly, have you ever been to a school?
    I have not heard of this kid. But let me point out the difference here: Donald Trump is a person. Not a state of being. You can’t be born to love Trump. It isn’t discrimination to deny someone a cake with Trump on it. You’re telling me to use my brain yet you won’t use yours.
    I’m not trying to take this post down. I’m trying to point out the blatant flaws.

  133. missing you ✿ мушка says:

    Omg literally tell me where I used dirty language. I was born and raised Christian in an extremely conservative country. I know, at the very least, quite a bit of what I’m talking about.

  134. OkThisIsFine says:

    You aren’t allowed to “share Christ” in school because not everybody’s christian. You still haven’t explained how LGBTQ beliefs are harmful or “destroying”. The LGBTQ thing is similar to Racism in the 20th century: People realized it was wrong, and therefore started to fix it.

    • Seraphina Lark says:

      No, OkThisIsFine. Teachers aren’t allowed to FORCE Christ into school and punish kids for not complying. Students can band together and hold bible studies on their own time. Which this nugget of information only proves your point, but I just wanted to clarify.

  135. eh says:

    I do not like the way same-sex attraction is being diagnosed as a syndrome or disease. It is something you can’t change. The way it is being discussed in this post is truly disgusting

    • Jelly Sandwych says:

      being gay is a choice. do not question the word of god.

      • Trash Queen says:

        trust me I wish it was, but it isn’t. So go complain to sky daddy for me ok

      • Evgenia says:

        that sounds suspiciously culty…

      • Alexandra Tirler says:

        Read One good article about it and you will see that it is not a choice you can Only accept it or deny it. And denying it won’t help anyone so embrace your sexuality

      • Seraphina Lark says:

        Two things, Jelly. 1: Prove that this is the word of god, and not of people using the words of other people and slapping the “GOD” label on it for their own reasons.

        And 2: When did you choose not to be gay? When did you choose to be straight? Because a man can be with all the women he wants, but if he only feels ATTRACTED to men, then he’s still gay.

      • abby says:

        god was gay dummy

      • it's madeleine yo says:

        The word of god recorded by men, who are fallible. He is the only one who can judge me and in my faith I can’t believe a god who created me with love would hate the way I am. Reconsider if this is truly spreading love as Jesus told you to.

  136. Jelly Sandwych says:

    Thank you! I bought this book and it has helped me deal with my SSA, and has helped me regain faith in fixing my sinful disposition.
    And to anyone else out there suffering from SSA, buy this book!

    It is saddening to see all of the hate being spread in this comment section.

    • Olivia says:

      Don’t buy this book, you are not broken for being a homosexual. There is nothing to fix.

      What you are saying is so harmful to those who can’t “just be straight” and people like you are the reason why suicide and mental illness rates among LGBT+ teenagers are so high.
      The hate came from your side first, we were minding our own gay business until you people started saying we were not as worthy because of who we are and who we love.

  137. Trash Queen says:

    yoooo I’m bi, 14 and single hit me up XD jk ( but not really I’m desperate )

  138. Merle Marie says:

    How does LGBTQ hurt others exactly?

  139. mrcosmopants says:

    I don’t understand why you would think being attracted to someone who is the gender as you is wrong, or you would talk about it like it is some form of disease. Love is love

  140. Nola says:

    The Bible does not condemn gay relationships. If you took two minutes to actually look at the context and original meaning of the verses that seem like they condemn gay people, you would realize that. Please look up Kevin Garcia’s videos. He explains all of this really well.

    • Daniel says:

      Valiant effort, but you know these fruitcakes will just claim he’s “not a real Christian” because he doesn’t confirm their bigotry. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried to demonstrate objectively that being LGBTQ+ is natural and not sinful in any way, nor does the Bible condemn it in any way if you read it correctly, but they jam their fingers in their ears and go “La la la!” because I’m not saying what they want to hear. Ironically, they accuse people like you and me of doing exactly that. Fundamentalists aren’t very good at practicing what they preach.

  141. Geritude says:

    I don’t think you understand that law… also wasn’t this conversation about homosexuality? How does it keep coming back to transgender people?

  142. Geritude says:

    Oh dear lord of gay wtf am I doing here

    • V says:

      What are you doing here? I can’t help but notice you are constantly saying stuff on this “Christian” blog yet you don’t agree with them… it’s kind of like you eating something you don’t like just to get sick… except your commenting and reading something you don’t like and are getting riled… wouldn’t you consider it a waist of time?
      Anyways I kind of don’t get some people they say “don’t judge” yet they know these people believe in a God who dislikes sin and loves his people, so these people go around shedding light on dark evil things and you say “don’t judge”… so let me get this y’all… your saying you know I believe in God who says repent and turn away from sin or else go to ***l and you know it’s my job to share this coming destruction and you know I’m showing you because I don’t want you to go to ***l yet your telling me to be quite and keep it to myself? Wow.
      Like ummmmm your saying to be like a person who sees a tornado coming towards you and your house and doesn’t run and help you but instead walks last you and your house? Golly what a world.

      • Geritude says:

        It’s called discussion. I realize my comments can be very salty, but honestly I’m trying to understand your point of view… and failing. First of all, your metaphor makes no sense. If a tornado was coming towards my house I’d probably hear it because well, it’s a tornado. Also if such an event was to occur anyone who tried to “save me” isn’t very bright. If they walk towards a tornado they will just die too. Not to mention I could just really want to die via tornado. What a way to go.
        Regardless homosexuality is an entirely different matter. No one is going to get ripped to shreds by 70 mph winds (no idea how fast a tornado is lol) if I kiss someone of the same gender. No one is going to get tossed around the sky like a rag doll if I decide to marry said person.
        I didn’t exactly ask these people to tell me I’m not going to heaven or that I’m mentally ill. I definitely never asked y’all to dictate my love/bed life. So excuse me if I decide to post to an article that spreads this form of information.

  143. Madi says:

    As a pansexual(I love the person for being them instead of the gender they were assigned at birth) it’s easier for me to hide my “same-sex attraction”. While I do lean more towards male(I’m a female) I will always love and appreciate everyone for who they are. It seems to be that you guys are unaware that sexuality is in fact a spectrum. That being said, love knows no gender

  144. GeorgeSalazarIsTheBest,FightMe says:

    Im a bisexual panromantic person who is desperate af, and valenties is coming soon, so hit me up! ‘Cause 99% of the people reading the coments are probably LGBT+ (Im sooo fkn desperate…..)

    • Seraphina Lark says:

      Don’t be desperate to be in a relationship, it can make you more vulnerable to toxicity. Happy late Valentine’s though, and I hope you find a good, fulfilling, healthy relationship. 🙂

  145. Seraphina Lark says:

    So I read one of the articles, and have listened to someone read some of Jackie Hill’s books. Both of them come from very Christian backgrounds. One has to wonder if they are genuinely finding god and being inspired by him, or if they are being bullied by other Christians into hiding who they are. I know my Christian family back in Mississippi has tried to bully me and manipulate me into being straight, which is why I don’t talk to them anymore. I want to know what, outside of the Bible, is wrong with homosexuality. Can you prove, outside of your Bible, that homosexuality is harmful? Because in embracing my “SSA”, I’ve come so much farther in regards to healing from my turbulent past than I ever did when I was a devout Christian. Christianity kept me in perpetual guilt and anxiety, atheism helped me begin to discover who I really am and to take charge of my life and accountability for my actions. I have to wonder what your true intentions in writing this article are. Are you truly trying to be uplifting, or do you simply want the LGBT+ community to keep quiet and conform to your views for your convenience?

  146. Seraphina Lark says:

    Oh, look. Yet another willfully ignorant person comparing homosexuality to proven risky and harmful behavior. Drugs do have harmful effects, and sleeping with prostitutes CAN have harmful affects. So what exactly, OUTSIDE of your bible, are the harmful effects of homosexuality?

  147. Seraphina Lark says:

    Show me where hundreds of “good Christians” have lost their jobs over being sued. And show me what those lawsuits were about.

    Secondly, my straight parents abused me, my straight Christian mother even enabling her straight Christian step father to sexually abuse me for six years, and on top of that would not allow me counseling. Does this harmful, toxic situation mean that straight Christians shouldn’t have kids? And is this story about the gay moms one that you made up or one that you witnessed happen? Either way, the point about my straight Christian family members shows that bad people are in EVERY group.

    Secondly, over the centuries, less and less people have been killed and oppressed for being different, so I wouldn’t exactly call that “Worse”. And if Jesus hates to see others in pain and suffering, then wouldn’t he have hated when conversion therapy was legal and even encouraged? Wouldn’t he have hated that the LGBT+ community had to hide for our own safety for so many years? Wouldn’t he hate all the Christian parents who cast their LGBT+ kids out onto the street? Wouldn’t he hate all the Christians who abuse their LGBT+ family members?

  148. Seraphina Lark says:

    Wonder, Homosexuals doing harm is not the same thing as homosexuality doing harm. Homosexuals are people. Homosexuality is an orientation – an abstract idea and identity that cannot make the decision to do harm like the characters in your little story. Don’t keep talking in circles, recognize the difference and answer the question.

  149. Seraphina Lark says:

    Again. The lawsuits are people making choices, not actually the fault of homosexuality as a concept. There have been straight people who have made lawsuits that have ruined the defendants, as well. Does that mean that heterosexuality is harmful? You would say no, so why are you saying the actions of homosexual PEOPLE make homosexuality harmful?

  150. Seraphina Lark says:

    No LGBT+ person has denied you the right to practice or worked solely on the basis of your religion, so no. Your religious freedom is still intact. Disagreeing with you is not infringing on your religious freedom. And if you use religious freedom to not do your job or to harm others, then facing consequences for those actions does not infringe on your religious freedom.

    Good people do bad things all the time, because human beings are nuanced and imperfect. King David was considered one of the most holy men in the Bible and he killed a man so he could sleep with his wife. Your bible says that’s sin, but it still paints King David as a good man. You tell people to please use their brains, and yet you are making the argument, “Good people don’t live sinful lives”. Yes they do. Your bible has a very loose definition of sin, and many mundane, everyday things can be considered sinful if you look at some specific verses.

    You complain about the people who didn’t get sued for not putting Trump on a cake, but you fail to realize that this event was AFTER the whole fiasco about the gay couple not being provided service they asked for. Because of the uproar, it was harder to sue over denial of service and people who disagreed with you took advantage of that.

  151. Seraphina Lark says:

    Prove that your ideas are right. Prove that your opinions are worth upholding. Prove that your morality is objective, how it’s objective, and why everyone should follow it. Until you do so, the US will rightfully remain neutrally secular in our laws (hopefully). You can practice Christianity without suppressing other viewpoints and lifestyles. You simply don’t WANT to.

  152. Seraphina Lark says:

    It’s funny that blasphemy is the only unforgivable sin when rape and murder are far worse than mean words about a deity whose existence has yet to be proven.

    Correct. No one is born Christian. Why is this relevant?

    How does it hurt children?

    How does it hurt family members who know us?

    Fun is a wholly subjective concept. Why is this relevant?

    Prove that there is a god to anger.

    Prove that boys are claiming transgenderism so they can peak on girls. Because the only people who have peeked on me in bathroom were small children whose parents weren’t watching them.

    I mean, trans women don’t want to be accosted by Christians slinging slurs their way every time they have to pee.

    Peeking on people is wrong in everyone’s eyes. Even trans people’s. They just want to use the bathroom.

    Prove that people are using the gender change and homosexuality for our own, selfish nasty reasons.

    Once again. prove that there’s a god, and prove why we should listen to him if he exists.

    It’s not our job to prove why something doesn’t exist. You are the one making the claim. If I claim to be a world famous super model, then you would expect me to prove it to you, not the other way around. If you make claims and expect them to be taken seriously, then you absolutely need to prove those claims and prove why they matter.

    No, being born in a Christian home doesn’t make one a Christian, but why does that matter? And as a side note, you are VERY likely to become a Christian if you are born into a Christian home, just like you’re very likely to become a Muslim if you are born into an Islamic home. So what is your point?

  153. Lake Strobel says:

    Hmmm, yeah I’ll stick with being gay, this sounds awful. Imma love my girlfriend because oml I haven’t been this happy in a while–she is not, I am happy, and this poor woman is more lost than “us gays”. Im not lost, I’m just gay.

  154. Lilith says:

    why did you sensor mouth?

  155. Emo Dorito says:

    This website is disgusting! Articles like these are the reason why my friends (who are also queer and in middle school) have attempted suicide before. I’m pansexual and I’m so bloody done with people spreading this bullshit.

  156. yea says:

    i think homos should burn. does that make me evil……. i think they can be straight if they just actually put effort into it……
    love and prey

    • it's madeleine yo says:

      Yes, that makes you evil. You’re not in any position to judge anyone especially people who are doing their best. I don’t interpret god’s word as hatred of gay people, and if you think you’re in a better position to judge than god, you better have never committed any sins in your life. Stay in your lane.

    • Becca says:

      “Love and Prey” is more accurate to how cishetties act towards us queer folks than you probably realize

    • Jacqueline Falcone says:

      Jesus – “Love your neighbor as yourself”

      Yep, you sound like a real wholesome Christian and not some hateful psycho with cult mentality. Btw you spelled “pray” wrong. So I do pray for you to learn how to write properly and maybe even learn how to not be a close-minded bigot.

  157. bigoof says:

    pretty sure the comment section has turned into a lesbian matchmaking forum. so hey whats up

  158. ohyesshedid says:

    lol what

  159. Grace Carmody says:

    I think that god loves everybody no matter what, and I think it’s sad that different religions have said that he wont love you because your gay, bi, lesbian, etc. People may disagree, but isn’t the whole foundation of religion and believing in god is love. I think god doesn’t care if you love someone of the same gender. Because even the bible says: “By the grace of God, I am what I am.” – 1 Corinthians 15:10, God made you beautiful and the wonderful person you are! If you read the article and think god doesn’t love you because your LGBTQ+ , just remember god loves you no matter what! There is so much evidence in the bible, doesn’t the bible say “love thy neighbor as thy self.” So why should we be telling other people that their living their life wrong, and that god doesn’t love them! Not trying to offend anyone just my opinion!

    • Better then no one says:

      I get ya Grace.. but actually in the bible God says he hates sinners.. and LGBTQ is a sin because it goes against Gods design for us, with that being said although we as Christians aren’t supposed to hate or judge we are supposed to hold each other accountable and not accept sin but pray for each other love each other the way we where born and made. Grace no body is born LGBTQ…. no body is made by God with two genders, no body is born with a one gender body and one gender mind that isn’t possibly.. but what is possibly is this, we all (including myself) are sinners we are flesh and we want stuff we can’t have we desire what is ungodly because we are ungodly, but with Christ our desires are changed for the better we desire godly things, which means we want Christ and his word fulfilled in our lives. Grace I don’t hate or look down on LGBTQ, but I do pray their desires would change. We can’t change each other. We can’t force others to see the way we do but with Christ all things are possible.

      • Nope. says:

        Nope. Nope nope nope. The part that said “man shall not lay with man” is an incorrect translation. It was supposed to be “man shall not lay with child”…. Don’t say that people are sinners because you have your own personal problems. You are ignorant if you say that being LGBTQ+ is a sin. God can make mistakes. Why do you think he had the flood? He can put people in the wrong gender. (And I don’t believe in God, just trying to let you understand that what you are saying is simply not true)

      • Cyn says:

        If God hates sinners (!!!) then God hates his creation because we are all sinners.

  160. emily says:

    Seeing articles like this make me sick. You can’t change something that someone is born with. I hate to break it to all of the people who think that no one is born LGBT+, but yeah you are. The only reason people don’t realize it sooner is because the idea of being heterosexual is crammed down our throats from as early as we can remember. By telling members of the LGBT+ community that God doesn’t love them, or that how they feel is a sin, you are teaching young people to hate how they feel and who they love, you are telling them to hate a part of their identity. Gay conversion therapy should not exist, pressuring people to change a part of who they are (which doesn’t work anyways) is disgusting and quite frankly, you and anyone who supports denying members of the LGBT+ community their rights to marriage, to express themselves, and to pretty much be themselves is a sick person.

  161. gael alah says:

    SOMEBODY PLEASE RESPOND! is masturbation a sin?

    • Emo Dorito says:

      If it makes you happy and isn’t hurting anyone, then it’s fine.

    • Me says:

      I believe it is… girl defined has some posts on this. But the point is that you are finding pleasure that should only be found in marriage. It can be something that pulls you into deeper sin through the years.

    • Cyn says:

      That is depressing that you have to ask a question like this and nobody gave you a straight answer. There is nothing biblical about it being a sin to enjoy your own body. If God didn’t want you to enjoy that G-spot it would only activate when you’re married.

  162. sasuke uchiha but lesbian says:

    i cant even take this seriously like LMAOOOOO LIKE THIS SERIOUSLY ISNT SATIRE anyways lesbians put your hands in the air!!!!!

  163. Becca says:

    yeah sorry im still gay this didnt do anything

    • Shanae B says:

      They’re not trying to change you, they’re only speaking truthfully. You don’t have to read, listen, comment, or feel forced to stick around if you’re incapable to handle truth.

      • Salty Space Lesbian says:

        It`s not the truth rofl it`s bigoted cult mentality written by close-minded individuals like you. Also homosexuality is not a choice, NEXT.

        • Shanae B says:

          You’re the one jumping on here acting like a closed minded bigot. How open does the mind have to be before it starts to leak?

          • SaltyWitch says:

            I`m the close minded one when you don`t even seem to know the definition of the word bigot and at the same time cling to a harmful cult mentality? Sounds about as right as your misguided definition of truth.

  164. Becca says:

    cannot for the life of me believe people still think like this

  165. godislove says:

    love between women is beautiful, natural, and holy.

    • The Truth says:

      There is nothing “holy” about lesbianism. I don’t know where you get that idea but it is definitely not from the Bible or Christian tradition.

      • SaltyWitch says:

        God didn`t write the bible tho, men at that time did, for their benefits and needs specifically. Women are property, women must be submissive to their husbands, women should not have individuality. Does this sound like a mentality that belongs in modern society? Also while we`re at it, why don`t we re-establish slavery as the bible considers it to be an acceptable thing? Or are you just picking and choosing the parts that justify your unreasonable lesbophobia, rooted in bigotry?

    • Shanae B says:

      I’m so sorry you feel like your comment is actually in anyway a correct statement.

      • Salty Space Lesbian says:

        And I`m sorry that YOU feel like toxic heterosexual relationships are actually normal or “how it should be” just because the bible says so. I`d rather have a wholesome and healthy relationship with my girlfriend than with some dude just because society expects me to. Sorry Rebecca but orientation is not a choice, it`s how you`re born, nothing`s going to change it and that`s a FACT.

        • Shanae B says:

          Homosexuality + is the societal construct. Everything that was developed educationally, medically, and technologically was formed through the nuclear family. It’s been greatly distorted in current culture. Also my name isn’t Rebecca.

          • SaltyWitch says:

            “A social construct or construction concerns the meaning, notion, or connotation placed on an object or event by a society, and adopted by the inhabitants of that society with respect to how they view or deal with the object or event. In that respect, a social construct as an idea would be widely accepted as natural by the society.”

            Ok Becky explain to me again in logical terms why society learning to accept the LGBT+ community as normal and deserving of basic human rights like “normal” people have is a bad thing. Also, how exactly does it impact you personally what other people do with their lives or just trying to live their best lives? Like why do cishets feel the need to go after people who are not bothering them in any way, but for some reason blindly hate them just for existing. How does me dating a girl disrupts your daily life? – It doesn`t. So why are you against it then if not out of bigotry?

  166. Gayisok says:

    The cringe is unbelievable.

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