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The Secret to Becoming a Bold, Brave and Beautiful Woman

By: Bethany Beal

The stage was filled with the presence of a woman overflowing with confidence, security, authority, beauty, and boldness.

Silence filled the auditorium as we all watched this mighty woman of God share counter-cultural truths that would utterly shock the average woman. She wasn’t scared or afraid to say what she was saying. She spoke like a woman who knew that her source of information was as true as true can be.

This woman possesses the secret that we, women as a whole, desperately long for.

She has found the secret to true womanhood. She knows that her Authority and Guide is tried and true. This woman has the answers that so many of us are searching for and striving after.

She’s discovered the secret to true worth, hope, and satisfaction.

Can you imagine being a woman who is extremely confident in her identity? Can you imagine knowing exactly where your worth comes? Can you imagine waking up every day with full confidence that you have an important purpose for that day?  Can you imagine fully embracing the reality that your value has nothing to do with what guys think of you, how much money you have, how great your job is, or how hot others think you are?

Can you imagine?

The truth is, you can be that kind of woman.

The woman I introduced you to has found the secret to becoming a truly bold, brave and powerful woman and I want to share it with you. The secret is this:

Her entire identity is found in Christ alone.

He is her rock.

He is her strength.

He is her goal.

He is her focus.

He is her Joy.

He is her prize.

He is her peace.

He is her comfort.

He is her hope.

He is her foundation.

He is her security.

He is her example.

He gives her power.

He gives her boldness.

He makes her brave.  

He gives her true and lasting beauty.

He transforms her to be like Himself.

He is strong when she is weak.

He gives her breath and life.

He is the reason that she lives.

This woman understands that God is her Creator and He alone defines her purpose, worth, and identity as a woman. She knows that the Bible is tried and true and that God’s Word is the only true source of authority to stand on.

If you want to avoid (or overcome) serious insecurities and major identity issues, stop and ask yourself this question:

Is my identity as a woman found in Christ alone?

If you are looking to anything (absolutely anything) other than Christ to give you true worth, purpose, and fulfilment, it will fail you. It will not work long term.

I want to challenge you to stop and evaluate your own life. If you are totally and completely honest with yourself, which camp do you fall into? Do you define your worth according to what others think about you? Or, do you define your worth according to who you are in Christ and what He says about you?

Take a few minutes right now to stop and listen to “In Christ Alone” by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

If you desire to have true confidence, security, and hope in your own life, you have to make the words of that song true for you. Reread these slowly and make this your prayer.

Ask God to make this true for you.

“In Christ alone my hope is found

He is my light, my strength, my song

This cornerstone, this solid ground,

Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.

What heights of love, what depths of peace,

When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!

My comforter, my all in all

Here in the love of Christ I stand.”

Make it personal…

In what ways are you looking to something/someone, other than Christ, to bring you worth as a woman?

How can you strengthen your relationship with Christ so that He truly becomes your all-in-all?


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11 Responses to The Secret to Becoming a Bold, Brave and Beautiful Woman

  1. Kate says:

    Oftentimes I care too much what my friends think about me when God’s approval is the only one that matters.

  2. Rebekah Teravskis says:


  3. Liz H says:

    So encouraging Bethy! Thank you for that truth this morning. <3

  4. Brynna Rice says:

    I love “In Christ Alone”! It has such a beautiful and powerful meaning.
    Thank you for the encouragement today.

  5. DJR says:

    I am not a believer. I read your blog to try to understand the way you and your followers think and feel, because it is important to me to find a common humanity in our beliefs or lack of them.
    I trust in your honesty, that your version of Christianity has given you a purpose and vision for your life that is satisfying and fulfilling for you. Now I need to ask you to trust my honesty in telling you that my lack of belief has also given me and many others who think as I do, a vision of life that is equally satisfying and fulfilling. I know that you do not believe this is possible given my lack of belief in Christ, so again, I ask ask you to trust me that I am telling you my truth.
    There are many Jews, Hindus, Jains, Muslims, etc. who feel as strongly as you do about their religion. They feel, as you do, that it is the one true faith and nothing else can possibly satisfy. This is a shame because one size does not fit all. Because there are thousands of different religions, it is quite impossible that all of them are the one true one.

    • Caitlyn says:

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I love how there are so many people on the same blog who believe different things and see the world differently. I also thank you for your openness.

      I wanted to ask you: what exactly do you believe? You mentioned that you have a vision of life that is also fulfilling. I also enjoy learning about how other people think and why they believe what they believe.

      Personally, I believe that the “one size does not fit all” is precisely why Jesus is so amazing. The Bible says that we are created in the image of God, therefore, we all have a piece of God in us. This blog is neat, because it helps us see some of the pieces of God distinctly present in each gender. Guys have a piece of God that girls don’t, and girls have a piece of God that guys don’t. (By “piece of God” I mean characteristics, etc) In addition to the pieces we have by our given gender, we also have individualized pieces. God is an artist. He’s a mathematician. He’s a scientist. He’s a good, loving Father. He’s a friend. And so much more… So if all of us are different and He is in all of us, doesn’t that make Him such a big, diverse God? He can relate and help all of us! He speaks each of our personal languages and pursues us with a passion! And yes, every relationship with Him is going to look different because each person is different.

      I do believe you can be satisfied, to an extent, even if you don’t have Jesus. I agree that many people are. But I do think that there is a special fulfillment and a greater satisfaction that comes when you connect with God. It is then that you can truly grow those “pieces of God” in you, because you are then connected to the Source of Life Himself.

      I believe that our main purpose in life is to know God and be known by Him. That’s why we were created. We see this in Genesis when He created us and walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden. Then in the Old Testament, God was constantly giving His people ways to be close to Him. He provided for them and blessed them with His grace and mercy even before Jesus came. In the New Testament Jesus came, gave us an example of how we should live, died, tore the veil that separated the people from His presence in the temple and rose again so we could be close to Him, not only in heaven when we die, but on earth too! All throughout the New Testament, it’s all about how we can be close to Him and grow in our relationship with Him. And then in Revelation, it talks about how we get to be united with Him and spend eternity growing with Him! It’s ALL about that relationship. It’s ALL about that love. Because of those reasons, I believe that, yes, Christianity is the only way to find true fulfillment and the only way to get to heaven (where we will have the fullness of joy). I agree with you again on the point that “it is quite impossible that all of (the thousands of different religions) are ‘the true one.'”

      Do you see how everything connects for me? I believe that God is the only way and the source of my joy and strength and identity, because I can see how that was how we were designed as humans. So naturally, if someone has different beliefs on that and different values, yes they will find satisfaction in whatever they feel is important. But because we were wired a certain way, wired for love, a lot of these religions and beliefs aren’t going to give you the fullness that you would get if you were flowing with Jesus and living out your true self – as a son or daughter who carries the unstoppable love and life of our Father.

  6. Abigail Jackson says:

    I love that song! We sing it in my church’s choir sometimes, and every time, I have to try not to cry while I’m singing. Thank you for stating this so clearly and strongly. People need to hear it, whether they want to or not. Truth is truth. God is the only One who can make us everything we can be, because He is the only one who knows all the possibilities. He is growing us into the image of His dear son, and only the Holy Spirit can keep doing that throughout our entire lives. Thank you for sharing this powerful post.

  7. Larissa says:

    While I truly appreciate the content of this post, I would be very cautious with the Gettys. I have heard that they believe in ecumenism, and are one world church builders, which includes uniting Christians with the catholic church, quite a dangerous practice.

    I still do acknowledge that the content of this article itself is extremely useful.

    • Anna says:

      Are you saying that the Catholic Church is dangerous? I’m a Catholic Christian and you have been greatly ill informed about the Catholic Church. I encourage you to do some research into the Catholic Church . The Catholic Church is the Church Christ founded whilst here on earth and assigned Peter to be the head of (the first Pope) in Matthew 16:18. All Popes, Bishops and Priests of the Catholic Church exist in an unbroken line of apostolic succession back to Peter and before him Christ. All other Christian churches are a break away from the Catholic Church. Christ established one Church – the Catholic Church.

      I appreciate Kristen and Bethany’s articles and know that they write for all Christian women no matter their denomination. I just wanted to clear up a misconception about the Catholic Church.

      • Hannah says:

        The Bible never even mentions Catholicism. I’m sorry you think of Peter as the first Pope and as Christ establishing the Catholic Church too cause that just does not fit at all with the Bible. Denomination really doesn’t matter all that much. What matters is that all people must accept Jesus as their personal Savior to be right before God and to live in eternity with Him.

  8. Heather Hemsley says:

    Thanks Bethany for posting this. It really got me thinking…
    Also, I have the song “In Christ Alone” but it’s by Owl City… It’s so good!!!

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