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Sexual Longings and the Source of True Satisfaction (Part Four)

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


If a girl is going to be single for her whole life, does that mean she will never have sex at all?

This question gets right to the heart of sexual longings and true satisfaction. It’s a question that many of us have probably wondered or asked at some point in our lives. We want to know if the fulfillment of our sexual longings is a “must have” in order to experience true satisfaction.

In this video, we answer that question.

We dig deep into the fact that we were created by God to find ultimate satisfaction in a deeply personal and vibrant relationship with Him. We also show you three ways that you can begin developing a true relationship with Christ.


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One Response to Sexual Longings and the Source of True Satisfaction (Part Four)

  1. Brittany Elkins says:

    I want to thank you for being inspired by God to write those amazing books you have written and I just got your third book today and I love it what I am reading, also I feel I really need to hear this thanks!

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