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Shirtless Guys: What Every Christian Girl Should Know

By: Kristen Clark

Shirtless guys. They’re everywhere.

Go to any swimming pool or beach and you will see dozens of them. Watch any modern chick-flick and you’ll probably see a generous amount of them. The sidewalks in the summer reveal shirtless guys running. Pinterest is filled with thousands of “hot shirtless guy” boards. Instagram is loaded with male celebrities eager to fill your feed with their shirtless bods.

Shirtless guys have been an increasingly common part of the modern American culture.

However, it hasn’t always been this way.

Wikipedia stated that “during the Victorian period, Western cultures deplored nudity of any degree, even barechested [shirtless] male swimmers at ocean beaches, and people took great pains to cover themselves up.”

In fact, as late as the 1960’s a man could have been given a ticket by police for going shirtless in New York City’s Central Park.

As shocking as this is, our American culture used to consider shirtlessness as partial nudity.

Shirtless guys were considered indecent, inappropriate, and immodest.

So what happened??

Our culture has been slowly softening our moral compass. What used to shock us doesn’t phase us anymore. Bikinis for women are a normal part of swimwear today, but they used to be completely indecent and inappropriate as well.

Little by little our culture has been desensitizing us to the point that partial nakedness seems totally normal.

However, as we all know, our culture doesn’t usually get things right. Our culture doesn’t usually go to God’s Word for wisdom and guidance. Just because our culture tells us shirtless guys are okay, doesn’t mean we should automatically accept it.

As Christian girls, we have to go to God’s Word first then filter our worldview through His lens.  

So what does God think about guys going shirtless? Let’s find out.

Here are 4 reasons why I think God isn’t in favor of guys going shirtless:

1. Clothes were designed to cover.

In a perfect world, clothes weren’t needed. But Adam and Eve sinned, and nakedness was no longer appropriate (Genesis 3:21). God purposely and intentionally made clothes to cover the male and female nakedness.

When we “uncover” our bodies, we’re rebelling directly against God’s plan. We’re pridefully saying, “Thanks God, but I don’t need your covering. I’m doing things my way.”

Whether it’s a male or female body, God gave us clothes for the purpose of covering our nakedness.

2. Our clothes display our heart.

Sadly, we live in a “selfie” focused culture. We’re all about one thing: ourselves. Whatever makes us feel good and we look good in, we wear. We want attention and affirmation, so we often wear immodest clothes to get it.

Girls aren’t the only ones wearing immodest clothing though. A young Christian author named Brett Harris confesses that guys want to show off their bodies too:

“I have to confess, I wasn’t modest in college. I got into working out my freshman year and enjoyed showing off the fruits of my labor. My Christian school had a dress code that didn’t allow guys to walk around shirtless, but I probably pushed the limits of what was permissible. It wasn’t always conscious, but I wanted people to see my arms. I wanted my shirts tight enough to show my muscles. I wanted people to see my shape.” 

Whether it’s a guy taking off his shirt or a girl wearing a bikini, showing off our body is a constant temptation. We pridefully want the attention on ourselves, instead of on God. We want people to look at us and think we’re “hot.”

Whether it’s a guy or girl, we as Christians should dress in a way that reveals a humble heart devoted to pointing others to God, not our bodies.

3. Modesty is for both genders.

In 1 Timothy 2:9-10 Paul encouraged the Christian women of his day to be “modest” for the sake of not dressing like the worldly Roman women. Paul was basically telling the women to be set apart (holy) in that culture. He didn’t want them looking like the prostitutes and pagan women of the day.

If God is concerned about women being set apart, modest and holy in a pagan culture, it makes sense that the same underlying principle would apply to men as well. God wants Christian guys and girls to reflect the purity and holiness of His Son through what we wear.

Whether it’s a guy or girl, modesty should be a priority, because it sets us apart from our pagan culture. It covers our nakedness and reminds us of our need for a Savior.

4. Women have lust problems too.

Lust isn’t just a guy problem. Girls struggle with lust too. Why do you think there’s a massive influx of movies, books, and magazines featuring sexualized males? Not every girl struggles with lust to the same degree, but it hits all of us sooner or later.

God designed us to be attracted to the male body. Female lust has been an issue since the beginning of time. Remember Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 39:6-10)? She wasn’t the first or the last woman to lust after a good looking guy.

As Christian women, we are 100% responsible for guarding our eyes and fleeing from sexual temptation. 1 Corinthians 6:18a commands us to, “Flee from sexual immorality.”

If we gaze upon the “ripped out body” of a good looking guy (even in a movie), we are setting ourselves up for serious temptation. We’re also enjoying the body of a man who is not our husband. God wants us to be faithful to our future husbands, even before we meet him (Proverbs 31:12).

Lust is a girl problem too and we should work our hardest at guarding our eyes from all temptation.

Rethinking the shirtless guy.

I think it’s time we, as Christian girls, took a step back to rethink this whole shirtless guy thing. How serious are we about our purity? How serious are we about honoring God?

May Psalm 101:3 echo the cries of our heart, “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me.”

Sometimes being “set apart” means we have be extreme.

Personally, I have committed to guarding my eyes against shirtless guys. If I’m driving by a shirtless runner, I look the other way. If I see an ad featuring a shirtless guy, I look away. I avoid swimming in crowded places where shirtless guys are unavoidable. I’m careful about which movies I watch and avoid any that feature shirtless guys.

I challenged you to ask yourself these probing questions to find out where your heart is.

When I look at a shirtless guy am I…

…tempted to lust after him?

…being unfaithful to my future husband?

…desensitizing my eyes towards nakedness?

…enjoying something not meant for my eyes?

I’d love to hear from you!

  • In what ways has our culture desensitized you to viewing nakedness as normal?
  • How have you been tempted based on seeing shirtless guys?
  • Do you guard your eyes against lust? How do you do this?

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64 Responses to Shirtless Guys: What Every Christian Girl Should Know

  1. Len says:

    I just stumbled across your site and really enjoyed reading through some
    of your posts, you have so much awesome stuff to share. 😀 I’ve just
    noticed though, that you refer to “your future husband” quite a lot… I
    dunno, I just think it’s a bit of an assumption to think that it’s God’s plan for *every* girl to get married one day… 🙂 Anyway yeah just throwing
    that out there. 🙂

    • Kay says:

      Even if you’re not meant to get married, you can still stay pure for God! As the Lord said in Scripture, the church of God is His bride – meaning that He is our true Future Husband, as well as our Father, Savior, King, and so on.

      “‘Let us rejoice and exult and give Him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure'” (Revelation 19:7-8, ESV).

      “For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior” (Ephesians 5:23).

      “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 4:25).

      “And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” (Revelation 21:2).

      I agree, they have such an awesome ministry. 🙂

      • Len says:

        Oh yes I absolutely agree with everything you said! 🙂 I just meant that instead of staying pure for “your future husband”, who may not even exist, we should be striving for purity for God. Regardless of whether you’re going to get married or stay single, purity is so important simply because that’s what God commands. 🙂

        • Will says:

          I find it very disheartening how the focus of this discussion is on something so meaningless as shirtless men. It should on more christian things such as charity, assistance and forgiveness. This screams of fundamentalism, which in any faith causes people to obsess about the ridiculous and lose sight of the really important principles of their faith. I think shaming men or women into not even exposing their bodies at the beach in a swimming suit borders on sharia law. I took off my shirt once to assist someone in shock from an accident–what if I felt shamed not to do that? What kind of christian would I have been?

          There are plenty of Christian cultures that don’t sexualize the human body the way some of you do. Should all if us being wearing hijabs or burqas and covering are faces as someone might sexualize them too? For one thing, please learn how to not sexualize people automatically. Secondly, we were all born with desire, but it is our responsibility to control it–not impose our perceived orthodoxy on others. I don’t see “God’s word” being interpreted the same way as you do. Please keep fundamentalism out of Christianity and really focus on making your fellow human feel better instead of shaming them. Why is that lost on so many people who call themselves Christian?

          I can’t believe this is really how people approach their faith in the 21st Century.

          • Christopher Michael Gallardo J says:

            As soon as you started you started using long words not found in The Holy Bible such as fundalmentalism I think this became more of a post about your theory and not about God’s word.

          • HaydayontheBay says:

            this is very misleading about modesty. I would encourage you to study more on the bible, because although these ‘little’ things may not be important to you, they may be the difference between whether you go to heaven or not. To get into heaven we have to obey the covenant (which is the new testament- testament means covenant).
            Satan doesn’t want us to go to heaven and it’s these little things that Satan would use to try to make us not follow. SO just make sure that everything you do is justified by God, so that you will surely go to heaven.

    • HaydayontheBay says:

      I agree completely.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Well, Kristen,I usually always love your posts!But, to day was an exception, I can see your point though because your marred.That that’s nice standees to have, but unfortionately, fir a single girl who enjoys watching even just most old TV, “it’s not particle”.Stuff like that abounds in westerns, which is one of my Most fav things to watch, and it has never bothered me, because that’s what I grew up on.I’m sorry to disagree with you this once, but stuff like that is inescapable if you going to watch evevn a few things even on old timy TV”Like from the 50’s to 80’s” mostly.So I can not honestly see how this is wrong or how it could negatively effect you if the shows have good morals and there more like family shows.My parents are very carful about what I watch, and that has never been an issue.Thanks for the info, though.

    • Jesusfreak17 says:

      Hey Elisabeth, I don’t know if it’s quite my place to point this out, but it sounds like you’re throwing Kristen’s entire post out the window because you watch a show with shirtless guys. If you’ve been a Christian for any amount of time, you probably know that conviction is sometimes painful. I don’t know if God is trying to convict you about the TV show, but think about this: if you didn’t watch that show, wouldn’t you agree with her? If you hadn’t already had quite a lot of exposure to guys without shirts on TV, wouldn’t you think, “oh, that’s a great point,” or something? Kristen even asked us to think about this: “When I look at a shirtless guy am I…desensitizing my eyes towards nakedness?” Ask yourself that question. I’m not saying you are because I don’t know you in real life, but based on your comment, I think it might be beneficial to your relationship with Christ. I hope you will consider trying to stop thinking about the show for a second and read Kristen’s post again for what it is. (This should also answer your question: “I can not honestly see how this is wrong or how it could negatively effect you if the shows have good morals and there more like family shows.”)

      What you live by is God’s Word, right? Not that TV show?
      I hope this doesn’t come off as rude or presumptive; I know that I could’ve ended up doing the same thing in another situation, and that I would want someone to say this to me because God is more important to me than anything and I want to do that for others too.
      Your Sister-in-Christ

      • Elisabeth says:

        Thank very much for your advice,and I apologise to anyone who thought most post was harsh or that I was ad throwing Kristen’s post under the bus.I suppose I owe you an explanation.I’ve been going through many struggles in my life,trying to move up from a short and long time ago experience with ,but still very difficult,depression,and discouraged ment,and I try to get closer to God very day, find something that I need to change about myself,and find new ways to make my life and summer more enjoyable.I have a wonderful family,(parents,and a dog!)But unfortunately my life has been very hard at times and almost always lonely, one of my family is can’t get out off the house.My dad stays so busy,I sometimes don’t get out but to go to church,or once or twice a week.Though,most weeks it’s much better then that.This is very embarrassing and sad for me to say,but I’m an only child,homeschooled,and have No friends unless there older people or a few a rarely ever see.Even kids who I had gone to church with,just one day up and rejected me.To you tv may not seem like a big deal,and not that for the past year or to I haven’t been doing other things,or never really enjoy life,having fun or learning things,but that at times for fun,or enjoyment, or a little bit of remembrance that life’s still good and that I have something to live for other then my two parents and school and loneliness that I could see and really enjoy,and that was available to be and wouldn’t shut me out or make fun of me decent mostly
        to my tv and some movies where the only other things there for me!!God’s always been there but I’ve never been very close to him in till about year and a half ago,I never try to watch anything wrong,or lust after guys,it’s just that at times tv has been except for my small family,and no kids or people my age at church let alone a boy friend ,the only people contact I get.I find in almost everything there’s Eather an imodestly girl or guy as Kristen put it and I’m sorry If I can’t do without one of my only people contacts.Sorry this was so long,and please don’t share this with anyone.

        • Jesusfreak17 says:

          You don’t owe me anything, but thanks for your explanation. Like I said, I don’t actually know if God is trying to convict you about it or not as I don’t know you. I am very sorry you are so lonely and that your life has been difficult. I am defiantly praying for you! I hope you get an opportunity to join a sport or club or something so that you might make more friends. 🙂 Remember books too! They’re wonderful and do the same kind of distracting thing!
          I just felt saying something was important because sometimes a little thing like that can lead to sin and other stuff in the future whether or not it’s a current issue.
          “please don’t share this with anyone.”

          Um, I won’t, but you did just post this on the internet… this isn’t a private forum…
          Praying for you!

          • Elisabeth says:

            Thanks, I totally changed my mind about Guy’s with the shirts off,which is something a truly Godly guy would never do !!Your words mean more then you know!!Sorry, I was a jerk earlier.

          • Jesusfreak17 says:

            🙂 I’m glad. They’re God’s words, not mine.

  3. Abigail V. says:

    Sometimes my dad or brothers will take their shirts off around the house on a very hot day (when just family is there). What do you think of that?

    • NG says:

      It is their right.. They should be able to do that in the privacy of their home!

    • HaydayontheBay says:

      well in the old testament these guys walked backwards to avoid looking at their naked father while putting a blanket or something over him. I dont know much about this but it’s worth looking into.

  4. Katie says:

    interesting article! I’m not sure where I stand personally, yet these are good thoughts, and VERY timely. I was just thinking about this yesterday as I drove through town and saw a group of shirtless guys working on a house. I wondered why is it such a terrible thing for us women in Christian culture to where bikinis or revealing shirts, but no bats and eye when a young MAN walks around without a shirt at all! (And don’t get me wrong, I am all for modesty and personally wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini lol). But I was sitting in the hot car wondering “why?! Why have we made it such a big deal for young women and not for young men?” So this was great timing!

    • Rebecca Anderson says:

      Hmm I think the number of shirtless guys who are capable of making us lust is significantly smaller than what this article suggests. Sure, I turn away from shirtless guys – but only to save my eyesight. I only like to look at pleasant things.

  5. Aurea says:

    Thanks for this article! I have always thought the same thing. Our culture, specifically feminsts, are all about the “free the nipple” movement for women. They argue that there shouldn’t be a difference between male and female bodies. I agree that there shouldn’t be a difference, but instead of lowering our standards, we should encourage men to cover up, like God intended. It’s hard because it’s such a normal thing, but godly men should consider this.
    Greetings from Mexico!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    I was wondering the same thing as Abigail. What about dads and brothers who don’t listen to you on the matter?

  7. Elisabeth says:

    I never intended to even think about the topic of this post again, or at least that much, but what very sweet and wize Jesusfreek17 said to me, a Christian Movie, and just even though I’d never been convicted before, and never it thought I lusted over such a thing,God’s conviction totally changed my mind!!Thanks so much for the topic ,Kristen!!Thanks for bring something to mind that I never would have thought of, or been convicted of!!So, that’s why I’ve decided…..Where ever possible,..To not ever look at, watch, listen to,stare at, or what ever a guy without his shirt on again, until my honey moon!!!Kristen, your Awesome, and so is GOD For giving you the wisdom and the want to bring up such topics!!

  8. Billy Howell says:

    No offense, but where does God or Scripture define modesty as how much covering we are wearing? We cover ourselves with clothes, not because God told us to, but because the first thing that man became after sinning was self-conscious. God recognized this in Adam and Eve, and gave them more permanent clothes than leaves as an act of grace so that they could move forward with their lives.
    It seems to me that the same danger in wearing something ‘skimpy’ may lay in wearing something ‘modest’. That is that we become obsessive about our appearance. It can be “How good does this make me look?” or “How long does this have to be to be ‘modest’?” or “How can I get so-n-so to notice me?”
    You talk about lust as something we are to dress against, but that is not how Jesus says it–Lust is in the heart of the one who lusts, and no amount of clothes is going to cover it up. Even in Muslim countries, where women are covered head-to-to, with only their eyes showing, Muslim men confess that they struggle with lust.

    • NG says:

      exactly – and covering women from head to toe hasn’t always protected them from being raped and assaulted…

      • HaydayontheBay says:

        okay sorry but these women and men are not christian and do not follow bible teachings correctly so I would say their definition of modesty according to their specific religion is different to that of God’s which is very unrelated to Girldefined’s article.

    • Picturemaker says:

      “We cover ourselves with clothes, not because God told us to, but because the first thing that man became after sinning was self-conscious.”

      Our own Self consciousness leading to consciousness of others, and the judgements we apply and impose based on that consciousness, is the problem. God created humanity without it and the more we can eliminate it by being both less self conscious of ourselves and more accepting/loving/appreciating of others fat, thin, short, hairy, shirtless, etc., the closer we are to God and to God’s original plan. We weren’t created to worry about such things. We were created to be ourselves, unique and individual, each beautiful in our own way, despite our faults and flaws. If you don’t appreciate the body of the shirtless man, at least appreciate the man, himself, who is so comfortable in his own skin that he is confident in himself enough to be so. That he may be, or may not be, simply seeking attention by appearing shirtless is a judgement made and applied by you – and is definitely something God teaches us is wrong. That any woman, or man, may be tempted by his bare torso, is lust and is also wrong. But it is your problem not his. Men should not be constricted with unnecessary judgement and rules because you, or others, cannot control lustful feelings

      • Christopher Michael Gallardo J says:

        I disagree, you’re making a lot of assumptions on what you think God is saying without back it up with scripture.

    • HayDayontheBay says:

      But as Christians we should be more focused on whether we are following God rather than focusing on how we look.
      1 Peter 3:3-4
      “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

      Dressing modestly is about pleasing God, not ourselves and CERTAINLY not others. The whole point in being modest – is to not attract attention to ourselves but rather be humble and not showy.

      Also – scripture does classify low-key what we need to cover: in Genesis 3:21, God made “tunics” of skin for them.
      Now a tunic is a sleeved covering going from the shoulders to the thighs. So we can see from this that God didn’t think it was suitable for them to only cover their genitals but instead cover everything from the shoulders to the thighs (not including arms but most of shoulders).

    • HayDayontheBay says:

      But yes lust does start from the heart, if you aren’t making an effort then of course you wont have any restictions whatsoever which is what are happening to THOSE muslim men. They are taught lust is only related to how much skin we reveal but of course that’s not true.

  9. Jinny says:

    Our collective moral compass isn’t softening, just readjusting to focus on what matters. A shirt doesn’t make someone more moral. Feeding the hungry, helping refugees, returning things that you find! Those things make someone moral.

    • HayDayontheBay says:

      yes i agree, but following God (Christianity) isn’t Just about being a moral, good person. It’s also about obeying him and not doing anything that goes against his word. That’s how we know we are going to heaven.

      • Brittany says:

        Umm. . .Salvation isn’t about being good or obeying His commandments. It’s about accepting Jesus’ payment for our sins on the Cross through faith. He rose again . . .and is alive waiting for all to come to Him. Obeying His commandments is something we do because of His love. But it won’t save us. It’s to show Him we love Him. Salvation is a gift of grace. If we could earn it. . .why would Jesus die so harshly, or die at all. . .?

  10. Lauren says:

    Well it hasn’t caused me to lust at all but that’s only because it’s medical or rather so the guy can record his heartbeat a little better but I’m not sure if that’s a sin or not because I don’t watch the videos that are like that I only watch the videos where there’s just a heartbeat but I can’t see anyone in that but I don’t understand if just knowing it’s there is a sin in itself

  11. Natasha Quilceda Lovell says:

    Ok, I agree with being modest, and as a young woman, I dress with the idea of balancing good fit and style with modesty… However, in my opinion this article goes a bit too far…a shirtless guy does not bother me sexually… not saying it can’t bother anyone and I will admit I prefer seeing the not-obese guys. But…I do like seeing a well built shirtless young man. Not because I lust after him but because I appreciate the art form that is the healthy, fit male human (think Michaelangelo’s David…but with shorts on). The root Hebrew word for Man is “Ish”, meaning “Strength” and it gives me great (non-sexual) pleasure to see a strong healthy male body (with pants or shorts please, and no, speedos don’t count, I don’t want to see that part until I’m married…lol). He is one of God’s masterpieces also. Like Yellowstone National Park in the spring. But with skin…not grass and trees.

    • PoolyVitti says:

      Maybe you do not suffer. But other girls are struggling with this kind of lust. I understand you, this does not affect me before. However, now, I’m also struggling with this. I am brazilian and here’s shirtless men everywhere, and it’s not nice to see it several times a day. 🙁
      With love in Christ, Polly.
      (Sorry for my english, I’m still learning).

  12. Susannah Grant says:

    I agree. Shirtless is one thing that I was on the fence about, but I never even thought about a tight shirt being a problem. But I can definitely see the point you made. Thanks for the great post!

  13. NG says:

    Oh dear. I am all for modesty, but I do allow my brothers in Christ (and any other male) the freedom to go swimming on a sunny day without their shirt on… very grateful that I’ve had the blessing to know guys who were healthy enough to go enjoy outdoors and nature without any hiccups about our bodies… If I notice a good looking man, I will not stare, but I cannot expect them to be all covered from head to toe.
    there is a healthy middle road – instead of all of us covering ourselves in a sackcloth or, on the other extreme, walking around practically naked, there is a place and time to have a swim in a lake or a swimming pool.
    Thankfully I’m from Scandinavia, where swimming in the nature is still considered normal ..

    • HaydayontheBay says:

      Hi, sorry this is like so late to reply, but it’s very clear that in no way and in no time is nakedness ever acceptable. Now freedom is nice and all, but when it contradicts the bible, we aren’t really listening to God as he would like us to, but rather only obeying him only when convenient to us.
      so firstly, we need to know what nakedness means and why we should cover up our nakedness.
      In Genesis 2:25 is states “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”
      now remember that this is before Adam and eve had sinned and eaten of the apple of the tree God commanded them not to. So in their completely sinless state, they have no shame of their nakedness and neither does God condemn their nakedness. This is similar to children who feel no shame when naked because they are sinless (sin means knowing the difference between right and wrong, and choosing wrong). Now obviously children don’t know the difference between right and wrong and so in Matthew 19:14, Jesus says the children belong to the kingdom of heaven.
      So already we can see from the beginning of the bible, that we cover our nakedness because we are ashamed of our sin. we recognize we have sinned, so we cover up as God has told us. So not only is covering up, for modesty, but also for obeying God and showing we are ashamed of and recognize our sin.
      Now there is the other problem of – what does God consider to be naked?? when we read further on we see what MANs definition of nakedness is – Genesis 3:7 “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made loin coverings for themselves”.
      Note that loin coverings are “a one-piece garment, sometimes kept in place by a belt that covers the genitals and, at least partially, the buttocks.”
      So man would think covering oneself would be only covering the genital areas.
      If these were adequate covering’s according to God then of course he would have accepted these and left them. But no, God, in Genesis 3:21, God made “tunics” of skin for them.
      Now a tunic is a sleeved covering going from the shoulders to the thighs. So we can see from this that God didn’t think it was suitable for them to only cover their genitals but instead cover everything from the shoulders to the thighs (not including arms).

      In conclusion, It doesn’t matter how we feel about a subject. If it is clearly contradicting to Gods word, then we as Christians should rather obey God then going our own way and only obeying God as long as it is convenient to us. A big part of being a christian is sacrificing our earthly ways to obey God despite our opinions or social norms.

    • commonsensethinking says:

      By that logic, women should have the freedom to go swimming on a sunny day without their shirts on. If a woman can wear a shirt and not die of heat, so can a guy. And no one was suggesting that the guys be covered from head to toe.

  14. Avi yah says:

    There was a divorced guy in my congregation, with a child, and I don’t know the circumstances of his divorce, but he took off his shirt very quickly as soon as there was an occasion, playing volleyball, chilling on the beach, to show off his muscles, and he had a lot. As far as I understood, he wanted to attract another woman of our youthgroup into his life. Men want to attract women by showing off their bodies, and honestly it can be a pleasure for my eyes and desensitizing to nakedness.
    I think christian guys should ask this question also: Did Jesus show off his muscles? He was a carpenter and most likely well built. Why do I want so show off my body?
    Aswell as I ask myself as a woman: Would I meet Jesus in what I wear? Do I represent him and myself properly as who I really am, a daughter of the King?
    I can’t expect from “the world” to follow God’s standards, but people who say they are followers of Christ, I’d like to encourage them to ask God what He thinks about that.
    And it’s also just a form of respect and love for us female believers.

    • HayDayontheBay says:

      yes I absolutely agree, but remember you dont have to wear a skirt to be feminine – men have always worn skirts and dresses throughout history and in Jesus’ days, It was only made a woman’s thing recently I think, so if men wear pants and skirts, then should women, as long and it’s not too tight or eye-catching in certain areas (both men and women).

  15. JesusCrust777 says:

    This is absolute trash. Your God isn’t real. This is the only life you have. Think for a second and realize you will die forever and never be alive again.

  16. The Fat Lady Sings says:

    Do you turn your face from a magnificent sunset? Or from a beautiful landscape? Do you hide your eyes from paintings or sculptures?

    No, sweetie, you do not.

    God gave us beauty in order to draw us to himself. Lust is a sin, but refusing to acknowledge the gift of God that is beauty, including the beauty of the male form, is also a sin.

  17. Huy Pham says:

    Open your mind please. You are weak. Your morality is weak. Life is not perfect as you expect it is. Face it. I dare to ask whoever around here is more righteous than me. I am God.

  18. Bryan Boydston says:


    • HaydayontheBay says:

      lol even making it caps won’t make anyone listen to you. By the way I would recommend a video I think you could relate to – (“david wood why i am a christian”).

    • openeyes says:

      it sounds like you are very much about you. there are many women who work hard in the sun, served in the military, helped build houses and much more. even in the old testament there were women leaders. it sounds to me like you have a pride problem. you have made this all about you and how great you deem yourself.

  19. Candice says:

    I think it’s very interesting to see all the positive comments on posts about women dressing modestly, but suggest a guy should cover up and the world goes crazy. Double standard much? If women should be modest, so should men, end of story. Can’t have one without the other. If you think it’s okay for men to walk around shirtless, then you should have no complaints if women do the same. Just saying. Great article though 🙂

  20. Christopher Michael Gallardo J says:

    As followers of Christ we are called to love one another (John 13:34) and as men love our future wives as Christ loved the Church (the body of Christ, every believer in Christ (1 Corinthians 12)) and gave himself as a sacrifice for her. Husbands are called to love wives as themselves and their own bodies (Ephesians 5:25-33). For they are one in the flesh (Genesis 2:21-24).

  21. HaydayontheBay says:

    I just have to say – with all respect, I think you guys should discuss the topic in more depth. people are getting confused about modesty and reading all these comments I realized most of them don’t understand fully why we cover up. Just to point out a few reasons why we cover up – Not only is it to prevent lust on our behalf, but ALSO it is Gods command and will for all of us to do so. Modesty is not just about lust or even society, but also being ashamed of our sin, which is the reason Adam and Eve covered up – after realizing they sinned and their eyes were opened.

  22. Anna Williams says:

    Hmm. You see, I’ve never had a problem seeing a guy shirtless. It doesn’t cause me to lust at all. It might be different for others, but I just don’t struggle with that. I’m certainly not going to go to the extreme of not being places where shirtless guys are or not watching movies with them. BUT I think it’s great for you to resist the temptation if that’s what is tempting you.

  23. Jason says:

    great post on point! well said

  24. Brittany says:

    YES YES YES. I often catch myself staring at a ripped out dude. I usually objectify that person. . .isn’t that what guys do. . .? yep. COver yourself up if you want to be respected. And let’s stop staring at shirtless guys.

  25. LR says:

    Women who look at men with lust end up raped, or abused by their husbands.

  26. JM says:

    I think it is all how exactly you are looking at it. (pun intended) From the beginning of time there were always shirtless men everywhere, even in the Christian culture and religion. Granted there was a small fluctuation of views during the Victorian age all the way to the 1960s, but that is going against almost TWO millennia’s worth of knowledge and people (1895 years to be exact) where people accepted men without shirts…Not saying that all together men without shirts isn’t immodest, just saying that in general it was okay. It all depends on the intent of the person, and how the viewer looks at the man.

  27. Daliah Di Nikola says:

    Ahhh lovely- first thing I see in this comment section is victim blaming rape victims. Anyways, how are you being unfaithful to your *future* husband? The concept is a little ridiculous- and if I am never to be married? Do you owe anything to a person you do not know? Nudity and what is considered proper is far less about religion than it is about power dynamics and social rites of the west (granted, they stemmed from Christianity).

    • Ruth Jackson says:

      This “owing something to my future husband” concept is new to me too. I first heard the idea in a sermon at a church I was visiting a few months ago. The topic was lust. Uncommon in a sermon. Anyway, I learned something — whether or not I get married, I do owe it to God to treat men like they’re someone else’s husband. In other words, do not lust after them, do not imagine being in bed with them, do not try to entice them, treat them with respect, be honest etc. Because we are all God’s creation, we do owe it to Him to treat others around us in the best manner possible. If/when I get married, I don’t want to be ashamed to tell him about my past relationships. When you are married, it’s my understanding, that when the two become one there are no secrets. This can look several different ways, but this is my limited understanding of what the concept means. I’m still learning so I am in no means an expert on the topic. This is what I feel like God is trying to tell me. Some food for thought.

  28. Connor Russell says:

    I lust after shirtless men all the time

  29. Gordon D. G. says:

    As a guy, I needed to learn what GOD thinks about men going shirtless. I truly agree now with what this article is saying
    Our modern culture is desensitized. And, because of rampant sexual immorality being touted as “okay”, it seems more of a reason than ever to dress very modestly as in the days of old so as to be less of a temptation. Maybe in Biblical times, as in the New Testament days, men went shirtless, like fishermen, etc. But, if so, they certainly weren’t bombarded by eroticism and sexuality as we are so openly and arrogantly so. But, I’m not 100 percent sure of that on shirtlessness then.

  30. Jay Bramer says:

    When God made clothes in the Garden, HE made TUNICS, long robes that went from neck to near ankles. Jesus wore similar clothing. I’m pretty sure Jesus is a GREAT example of how we should dress. One time, Peter was fishing and was “naked,” that is, he had his outer tunic off. However, when the LORD called to him, he clothed himself so as not to be “naked”. What he wore underneath his tunic covered more than what most Christian men wear to the beach! And that was his UNDERGARMENT. Also, in Heaven, we’re not going to be given speedos and bikinis. We are going to be dressed in robes. Just a few decades ago men would be arrested for not having a shirt on at the beach or in the park. SHIRTLESS MEN ARE SHAMEFULLY/SINFULLY NAKED BEFORE GOD…unless they are where no one can see them or in the privacy of their own homes. What’s next? Women insisting on being able to go topless because men have that “right”? Ooops, that’s already happening. It is LEGAL in many states for women to go topless. Let me ask you some personal questions: Lust is lust, right? What’s the difference in GOD’S eyes between a women sinfully lusting over a topless man in public (who isn’t their spouse) and a man lusting over a topless woman in public who isn’t their spouse? Would GOD really say: Oh, it’s okay for a woman to look at the topless man because he doesn’t have breasts? It’s ridiculous. I’m a bodybuilder and used to have massive pecs, bigger than some women’s breasts. Couldn’t women lust over me? Lust is Lust. Nudity is Nudity. Women like men’s chests, men like women’s chests. Ladies, you watch shows like the Bachelorette, which often feature topless hunks. Would you like for husband to watch topless babes on the Bachelor? No? Then stop looking at topless men. I know it’s hard, but you may need to literally stop watching t.v. and going to co-ed gyms…or even the beach! It’s extreme, but our country is debauched. Lastly, regarding the beach, would you take your husband and kids to a topless beach where women’s breasts are bare? Maybe your husband feels the same when you go to the beach and see muscular topless guys. I strongly recommend the book: CHRISTIAN MODESTY, THE PUBLIC UNDRESSING OF AMERICA.

  31. Richard Paulson says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I read and believe the Authorized King James Bible. Only once is the word “modest” used. I quote: “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;” (1 Timothy 2:9) In context, this is not saying that a lack of clothing is immodest or indecent. “Modest apparel” is clothing that is not too rich and showy. It does not even refer to a woman not having “sufficient” clothing. Where is sufficient clothing defined in the Bible? There are no such laws regarding clothing because what is right or wrong only depends on motivation. Consider that even Isaiah went totally naked for 3 years at God’s commandment. And that is a man, not a woman. A man’s privates are clearly visible if the man is naked, whereas a woman’s is not at all, but is internal and even covered/clothed with hair. A real man, who is not a “beast” certainly does not see her as a sexual object (as is falsely taught that she is). And as for her breasts, they are not even private parts. Even a woman can go topless and it is NOT immodest, nor indecent. Notice if read in context Paul says that women should not be too much focused on their hair, or with adorning themselves with gold, or pearls or “costly array.” So women that are immodest are women that wear “too much” and it is an arrogant display for them to cover themselves too richly. Their doing so would not consider others who don’t even have sufficient clothing. So it would also be shaming the poor who hardly having anything to wear.

    Actually I have to disagree with you (as you also wrote somewhere else on this same subject), concerning you having had a “lust” problem “because” of seeing men without shirts. I am not denying that you had “carnal thoughts” (as everyone has had), but that can happen any time to anyone under circumstances where there is no suggestion of the flesh whatsoever, because the devil will tempt us or put thoughts into our minds. So it is just a matter of rejecting the wrong thoughts when they come, namely, the thoughts that are really focusing wrongly on one’s own flesh/appetites. But regarding you in this instance years ago, that is not because the body of a man has the power to cause lust just because you “see” it. The lust arises by a “law” in your mind or in this case even a false law (or a superstition) that men should not be topless. Paul in the Bible says that the strength of sin is the law. The more rules we of ourselves try to keep, the more strength sin can have in our flesh. Also, if you “think” something has the power to cause lust, then it will, just because you think it does. But there is no law in the Bible stating that a man (or even a woman for that matter) should not be without a shirt or that you should not look on a shirtless or topless man/woman. The Bible in fact states the opposite in pointing out that breasts are not lewd to see. The Song of Solomon (inspired by God) even sings of the female breasts as ornaments made for display. In the Authorized King James Bible Ezekiel 16:7 states that female breasts are “excellent ornaments,” and that without them the woman would be naked! God is speaking here figuratively of Jerusalem, however, it is clearly stated that a woman’s well fashioned breasts and long hair are “excellent ornaments” which “cover” her nakedness. There is no Scripture that states that seeing any part of the human body can even in itself “cause” lust.

    Lust defined is a desire to satisfy one’s own appetites that are in the flesh. It is to gratify oneself. But if you are really “seeing” a man for the purpose of appreciating what you consider to be “beautiful,” then that is an appreciation for God’s creation, and not a sin. That is not dishonouring to the man. Rather, it is respect for the masculine creation. I have also discovered that if a person really appreciates “beauty” he or she cannot by the very nature of it, lust. Because appreciation for beauty is contrary to lust. Appreciating beauty is a godlike quality and not a selfish thing in satisfying the flesh. It feeds the emotions, not the flesh. It can lift your spirit up to being heavenly minded. Thus if you rejoice in what God created or in the thing itself, then your mind is renewed and you are “free” from lust. In fact, the very opposite to lust happens in appreciating beauty. You kill the lust by appreciating beauty. I have noted that by experience, it isn’t just a theory. And also the Scripture tells us that it is not the Law, especially not any law we make up, but only knowing the truth that makes us free.

    Regarding being “lewd,” that is the motivation to manipulate another with one’s flesh into sexual desire. But it is not seeing the body itself that causes lust. But a person has to do sexual things to be lewd. It isn’t just the natural appearance of the body that is lewd. What I think was really happening in the experience you related years ago (elsewhere), was not your desire for anything evil, but simply your wanting to appreciate what looks “good” to you. And that in itself can be edifying. Our spirits have a desire for beauty, and even need to see it in whatever form represents the truth.

    Well, God bless you, and I hope you get something out of what I have shared.

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