How to Show Love Towards Prostitutes, Homosexuals, and Muslims

By: Bethany Baird

If there was one conversation I’d never prepared for it was this one – randomly talking with a young woman at Starbucks and then finding out she was a prostitute.

Caught off guard and totally unprepared would be an understatement for how I was feeling when she told me what she did for a living.

I’ll never forget that day or that young woman.

My feelings of pity and sorrow went through the roof when she told me why she had recently moved to San Antonio. I wanted to reach out my arms, give her a big hug and help her get a new start.

The conversation ended before it began. Her “boss” called her on the phone and was there to pick her up. Before she left I pulled out a gospel tract and handed it to her. I explained how the message inside the booklet had changed my life and I told her of the hope and peace I now have because of it.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “Hope, that’s exactly what I need right now. Thank you so much for giving this to me.”

Ditching the Pride and Self-Righteous Attitude

I’ll be totally honest with you. In the past (and still at times) I’ve struggled to view lost people with compassion and love. When I hear the words “homosexual,” “prostitute” or even the word “muslim” I cringe inside.

In my sinful pride I wonder how those people could choose that lifestyle or religion. I think to myself, “Don’t they know how wrong that is?” “Don’t they understand how unfulfilling that is?”

Instead of having feelings of love, compassion and a desire to reach out, I’ve had a prideful heart that looked down upon the lost.

What I seem to forget is this. If it weren’t for the grace of God, I would be no better off than those lost people.

Without Jesus opening my eyes and saving me from my lost and depraved heart, I would be no better off than the unsaved around me. I would be no better off than the prostitute I met at Starbucks or any other lost person trying to find fulfillment in all the wrong places.

Reaching Out in Love

Instead of having attitudes of self-righteousness or pride, we as Christians need to have attitudes of love and compassion towards the lost around us. We need to recognize that any and all lifestyles outside of biblical Christianity will only lead to emptiness.

No matter how happy, fulfilled or satisfied lost people seem, you can know for sure that a lifestyle apart from, or contrary to, God’s Word will never lead to satisfaction.

In fact, the entire book of Ecclesiastes goes in depth into the story of a man who had it all, but was not satisfied. The Bible makes it clear that fullness of joy comes from one Person alone.

“In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever” (Psalm 16:11)

Changing my Attitude

In the past few months I’ve been challenged on several occasions to change my attitude toward the lost people around me. I’ve had the opportunity to hear testimonies from a former prostitute, former homosexual and a former muslim.

Amazingly enough each of those women had a very similar testimony.

Each of them was greatly impacted by one Christian woman who reached out and built a relationship with them. Through that relationship these Christian women were able to lovingly show them their need for a Savior and eventually won them over to Christ.

All it took was one Christian woman who was willing to invest. One woman who was willing to reach out. One woman who was willing to show the love of Christ.

Whether it’s a prostitute, homosexual, muslim, or just a lost and hurting person, each one of us can make an impact on someone’s life. Each one of us can be that “one person” who is willing to reach out and show Christ’s love towards a lost girl/woman’s life.

Here are five simple ways to start:

1. Start with Prayer

Start by using your most powerful tool, prayer. God knows the heart of the lost person you are trying to share the hope of the gospel with. Pray and ask God to soften their heart and give you wisdom to know how to love them best. Pray for opportunities to speak the truth in love and pray that God will give you the strength to speak. Never underestimate the God to whom you are praying to.

2. Say, Hello

So often reaching out in love is as simple as saying “hello.” My conversation with the prostitute at Starbucks started with small chat about her shoes. Slowly but surely our conversation escalated and was finished with me sharing the hope of Jesus with her. It starts with a simple hello and builds from there.

3. Build the Relationship

One of the worst things you can probably do is to condemn on the spot. Don’t start the relationship by pointing out the other person’s wrongs and sins. That will be a major turn off. Instead start the relationship by showing interest and care into the other person’s life.

When I was talking with the prostitute I didn’t bring up anything about her need for Jesus until the second half of our convo. I let her chat and tell me allll about herself before I started speaking truth. By the time I started sharing truth with her her heart was softened and much more open to what I was saying.

4. Remember their Root Problem

Whenever you are talking to an unsaved (or wayward) person, remember that their wrong choices are simply a result of a deeper issue. They desperately need Jesus and are trying fill that void with earthly solutions or pleasures. Keep their root problem in mind and remember that the gospel is the only thing that will ever truly satisfy them.

5. Don’t Give up on Them

It doesn’t matter how lost, broken or hurting the person is. Remember that no one is too broken for Jesus. His death and resurrection have enough power to save the most lost, broken and hurting person out there. Think of Saul turned Paul. He was a Christian killer and Christ saved him. Never give up hope. Christ is able to save even the hardest cases.

Who can you show Christ’s love towards?

Imagine the impact we as Christian girls could have if each one of us showed Christ’s love towards one hurting person. I want to challenge you to stop right now and think of one lost person that you know. Did you think of them? It doesn’t have to be a prostitute, homosexual or a muslim.

Maybe it’s your neighbor.

Maybe it’s the girl at school.

Maybe it’s one of your parents.

Maybe it’s your sister or brother.

Maybe it’s your teacher.

Maybe it’s your grandparent.

Whoever it is you have the opportunity to start praying for that person today. Take the first step by lifting that person up in prayer and asking God for the strength to start showing Christ’s love toward that person.

Will you take the challenge?

Will you take the challenge and pick one person to pray for? I would love to hear who you’ve picked and why. You can share your story with me in the comments section below. I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

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  • Gisela

    When I gave my life to Jesus that was one of my biggest struggles,didn’t know how to help the unsaved,what attitude should I have towards people that are unsaved,I saw myself many times being a little bit judgemental,thinking that I’m better,truth is I was just like them before I surrendered myself to the almighty,even though little by little I started to feel compassion for the unsaved,I didn’t know how to help them,this post helped me a lot,because now that I know the truth,I want everybody else to know.Bethany,you said that all of that: homossexuality,prostitution,Islam, among other things are the way they find to be fulfilled,and that’s true,but there’s another truth,nothing outside of Jesus can bring you satisfaction,nothing,am not just talking about these things that you mention,am talking about everything else:a marriage won’t bring satisfaction,money won’t bring it,a career…nothing!!I believe that before asking for anything we need to ask The Holy Spirit presence,cause God is the only one who can give you the biggest treasure of all,His love,I also believe that whenever we find ourselves with someone who’s unsaved,instead of judging we need to ask ourselves how can we help them.I’m so thankful for your blog girls!!!personally I’m praying for the part of my family and friends who didn’t accept Jesus as their Lord yet.

  • Mella TJ

    Even though I am a Christian girl, I have always been taught me to love everyone, no matter what. It makes me so sad to see what other Christian girls have succumbed to. It doesn’t matter what they are (homosexual, prostitute, Muslim), you should treat everyone with the same amount of respect. Labels belong on clothes not people.

    • I love your last sentence, “Labels belong on clothes not people.”

    • QueenEss

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I actually cringed internally when she brought up Muslims especially. The fact she wont even use proper punctuation for them and then grouping them with prostitutes and homosexuals too, was a low blow. Dealt with many people like that and I just learnt to ignore their “holier than thou” attitude. Hypocrites.

  • Confused

    This kinda off subject but I woukd like your thoughts on it. I am friens with a boy and we both have feelings for each other. We hav known each other for a little over 9 months and hav liked each other about that long to. He has recently told me that he wants to kiss me and I dont know if he should or not. I told him that I would think about letting him and I would tell him if he can or cant when I have an answer. So what I would like your thoughts on is should i let him kiss me or not?

    P.S. Im not aloud to have a boyfriend until January and when Im aloud to, he is going to be my boyfriend if God want it.

    • Hi! I’m not Bethany obviously, but if you don’t mind; I can tell you what God has taught me!
      Imagine your future husband…would you want him kissing on some other girl? Or would you rather him wait and save all of his kisses for you? Personally, I’d rather have someone pure and undefiled all for myself. And I’d rather save ALL of myself for him. Am I perfect? No. Am I tempted to go against what I’ve committed to? YES! It’s NOT an easy commitment, but I encourage you to wait and save your first kiss (at least on the mouth) for the man you are to marry. Personally, I’m going to wait until my wedding day, but I say at least wait until you are engaged.. =) I also think it’s good to examine why you’re in a relationship in the first place. I think it’s important to only enter into a romantic, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with someone could potentially marry. Getting into relationships without purpose can lead us down a road of hurt!
      These are my personal convictions and thoughts…I encourage you to pray about it and see what God reveals to you. =)

      • Confused

        Thanks Megan:)

        • you’re welcome! 🙂 I hope you don’t mind that I shared with you even though you weren’t asking me…..

          • Confused

            Not at all! 🙂

    • Great Question! I HIGHLY recommend reading my blog post “Should Christian Girls Kiss Before Marriage.” It goes in depth into my thoughts on this topic. In a very short summery I say “no, don’t let the boy kiss you.” The post will explain why 😉

      • confused

        I read the post. Thanks!

  • Thank you for posting this! I live in an African country where prostitution and Muslims are not uncommon….it was great to hear some helpful ways to love and encourage them in the Lord!!

  • Hailey

    Great article, thank you!

  • Madison

    My cousin is 27 and he is an atheist. He was in the army for a while and ever since he came back, he hasn’t been the same. He cusses, yells, drinks, but the one thing I dislike most is his hatred towards Christianity. My entire family are Christians except him and my uncle. At family gatherings we always pray for the meal. My cousin will purposely walk out of the room or give everyone a glare and play a game on his phone while we pray. It’s getting really hard for my aunt and it’s hard for us to watch. I’ve always tried sharing God’s love with him but it gets hard. When I was 8 I colored a cross at church and gave it to him when we got to my aunts house. I later found it in the trash. But it could’ve been a seed that is slowly growing into something bigger. We all pray for him constantly but it can be discouraging sometimes when he cusses you out or yells at you in a scary way. I truly believe that if God can save anyone, he can save my cousin.

  • sandra sullivan

    My niece Jasmine

  • Abbi W.

    I didn’t like that you lumped Muslims in with prostitutes and homosexuals. I do not agree with Islam, but categorizing those of another religion with prostitutes doesn’t seem right. Although Muslims do not follow Christ, they are not all bad people. They just don’t agree with us. It seems a little assuming to write about Muslims, prostitutes and homosexuals as though Muslims have sinned like the prostitutes and homosexuals. Just my opinion…

    • Hey @abbi_w:disqus, In the post I mentioned that I recently heard a testimony from a prostitute, homosexual and a muslim. That is why I chose to use those three in the title of my post. I hope that clears it up. -Bethany

    • Dawn

      When many of us hear the word Prostitute, Homosexual, or Muslim, we have an adverse reaction. Though many Muslims do not practice their faith radically, radical Muslims are what come to mind when we hear the title. Ultimately, we must love people no matter the connotation we associate with the name. I encourage you to read through this beautiful article once more. Note that Bethany is saying to love all people; she is not categorizing sin.

  • Celtic Princess

    This post is especially good in light of the vast number of people whom any of us will meet coming from various cultures that we may not understand… it can be something downright sinful, or just something from another culture that makes us uncomfortable, but it is important to remember that Jesus’ love crosses all cultural boundaries, and he calls us to love one another and serve one another as HE loved and served!

  • Hannah Becker

    There is a family that we have known for a long time, but haven’t seen for about 9 years. I was finally able to meet them again at the beginning of the summer. I have been building the relationship since then, and have been becoming really good friends with one of the kids, a girl my age. However, they are not Christians. Ever since I met them again, I have been praying fervently that the Lord would soften their hearts towards Him. Then, a couple of weeks ago, we were with their family and I was able to ask my friend what she believed along the lines of God. She told me she believes in God, and that He leads the paths of people. She just doesn’t think that she needs to go to church. I also asked if she has ever heard the gospel story, she hadn’t, so I gave her the gospel and told her that it is not about the church, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am just praying that God will work in her heart and show her how much she personally needs Jesus.

    • Hannah G.

      That’s so wonderful that you were able to share the gospel with her!

      • Hannah Becker

        I know! I am just praying the Lord is softening her heart towards him.

  • Grace M.

    Thanks for this! I think #4 is so important. If we try to condemn the sin before we have any grounds for showing them why it is wrong, things will backfire. In order to show them why what they are doing is wrong, they need the gospel FIRST.

  • Elisabeth

    Thanks Bethany!!Thus really brought to light that I still have problems in my own life, I still need to pray for other people!!I have decided to pray for my cousin who lives a long ways from me and I almost never have the opportunity to talk to, but if I pray for her, I’m sure God will work in her life, and many even give me the opportunity to help or say something to her.I would appreciate if ya’ll would pray for her too!!

  • jordyteapot

    Bethany, thank you for this post! A few months ago, I was told that I was going to meet a prostitute. I was immediately nervous, and I think that being nervous about meeting this girl because she was a prostitute just shows my judgmental heart. So I met this girl, and it turns out that she was a tiny twelve-year-old Cambodian girl, forced into this lifestyle against her will. I’ve lost contact with this dear friend of mine, but as an older woman, friend and mentor pointed out to me, my friendship with her has not ended. It is now that my true, Christ-empowered friendship with her can begin. I can still continue to actively befriend her through prayer, even though we are not together in person. That’s just how great our God is. So she is the girl that I’ve chosen to pray for.

  • Lauren

    Ahh, unity really does need to win over our human family’s hearts. I pray all our eyes will be opened to the truth and that we may all be freed from prejudices. God bless.

  • texassa

    What about Jews?

    • Ana Castro Yanez

      I think this can apply to everyone. We should show love to everyone. God draws people in by his loving kindness. Show Christ to everyone who has not yet known his salvation

      • texassa

        I think many “christians” – if not most – are more in need of knowledge and salvation than anyone else.

  • ameera

    So, you’re comparing Muslims to prostitutes. Mmmh. . . okay

  • Julia

    What’s sad about this is, there are so so many cases of young girls who are 10,11, 12 years old who are forced into prostitution. And they’re often lumped in as sinners. They aren’t wayward, or leaving the path of God. They’re being forced into something awful they often don’t want to do. It’s very rare a prostitute really wants to do that; it’s either forced, or the only way he or she can make money for themselves or even to support family. It’s really very sad this happens. I for one think raising money and awareness about these people who need somewhere safe is something God would want. We can worry about soul saving later; life saving comes first. As for the topic of Muslims; that’s just another religion, and I’m not sure why it’s been chosen in this list out of all the other religions our there. As for homosexuality, I’ve stated my views on another post of yours already and don’t want to rehash.

  • Nikole God’s child

    This is a really good post and thank God I was able to see it. I recently joined a soccer team and it turns out there are 2 Muslim girls on my team.

  • OrangeGirl

    “How to Show Love Towards Prostitutes, Homosexuals, and Muslims.”

    Perhaps simply treating them as human beings who have struggles just like you?

    • mantaqaa kabir

      right thank you! I listened to some of their videos before and it resonated with me since as a Muslim we have similar beliefs. I suggest they try talking to an actual muslim not former. Perhaps engage in a conversation not intended to convert?

  • Molly

    Umm… you do realize that by pitying and trying to convert “lost” people to your own belief system you are not actually showing them true compassion or love right? This is a truly despicable way to treat your fellow man and you can’t even see it. What a shame.

  • Whatever.

    Awesome job deleting my comment. Obviously your argument doesn’t stand up to reason, so you can’t have a thoughtful debate. Good job. Really doin’ the lord’s work.

  • Alice

    I don’t know if it’s just me but this article sounds really messed up. Forming a relationship with someone just because you think that they’re “lost” and not because you genuinely like them and then trying to change them is a very messed up thing to do.

    • Grace

      I understand where you’re coming from, but this is how I see it: It’s all about whether or not you let God’s love shine through you. If you truly do have God’s love, you’ll not be telling the gospel to them so you can feel accomplished, but so they might have a chance of eternal life. Telling someone the gospel is the most loving thing you can do for a person.

  • donna

    whats wrong with the Muslim religion?

  • becca19

    What about people who sometimes misuse the Lord’s name and are atheists? Are they lost causes because blasphemy against the Spirit is unforgivable?

  • ugh

    These two make being a Christian embarrassing. Other people’s decisions and lifestyles do NOT affect you in any way, shape, or form. Spreading the gospel isn’t about falsely befriending “wayward” people to “save” them, it’s about being Christlike and spreading His Word through example. It’s living your life for God and loving others just like Christ did. Judging others and shaming them for their choices is not Christlike, and is just an embarrassment to real Christians.

    • Shanae B

      It’s horrible when people befriend or even date to present the Lord to someone in a false way. However some people actually get into various kinds of relationships and don’t want the person(s) they care for to remain ignorant of what God has done for them. Sometimes God will geniunly place a person (even a stranger) on His people’s hearts. Becoming dear friends can happen in a moment in any situation. Sometimes someone is in place that they need to hear positively about God or just need someone to cheer them up and encourage them. God may want that person to be you. This post wasn’t a call to judgment and shame. It’s a call to care and be there, even for a stranger you most likely will never see again.

  • foxsa

    “Don’t they understand how unfulfilling that is?” Uh. Lesbian here. I’m exceptionally happy and lead a wonderful fulfilling life. Don’t you understand how utterly patronizing you are? If a Christian tried to befriend me with the sole cause of trying to convert me I’d be utterly disgusted. How about attempting to friend a person because you are genuinely interested in them.

  • Just another stranger…

    Im lesbian and I’m happy.
    I’m Catholic and I’m happy.
    I’m for sure not lost.

    This post makes me “cringe.”

  • Hannah Wolf

    “If not for the grace of the lord, I would be no better off.” Thinking for one second that you are “better off” than another one of God’s children, thinking that your sins are less offending than others, paints you as the exact Pharisees Christ condemned.

  • Lol

    Imagine being so close minded that you can’t accept other peoples life styles

  • Laura

    Bethany, from a Christian perspective, it is extremely prideful to judge people based on these labels and this idea you have of what their lives must be like. If you actually listened to and believed the stories of gay people, perhaps you would have some compassion. I can promise they’ve faced more persecution than you ever will. If you do dare to spend time with people of different lifestyles (which I find hard to believe), I hope you are humble enough to hear what they have to teach you too.

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