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Kristen and Bethany would be honored to speak at your church event, retreat, conference or Bible study. These sisters don’t miss a beat when it comes to sharing God’s truth with girls and women of all ages. The energy and enthusiasm they bring will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. If the attendees aren’t laughing or crying, they are scrambling to take notes during these fast paced sessions.

Whether it’s a retreat, Bible study series, conference, or just a one-time session, your audience will leave with a renewed passion for God’s beautiful design for womanhood.

The only regret your attendees will have is that they didn’t invite more of their friends to come.


  • God’s Design for the Girl
  • What is True Beauty?
  • Why Gender Matters
  • God’s Liberating Truth About Sex
  • Guys and Romance
  • Why Being a Girl Matters
  • The Lies of our Culture
  • A Snapshot of Feminism
  • The Purpose for Modesty
  • Godly Friendships with Guys


  • Biblical Womanhood
  • Discovering True Beauty
  • The Wise Girl vs. the Foolish Girl
  • God, My Heart and Fashion
  • Valuing the Male and Female Roles
  • The Bible’s Take on Marriage
    and Motherhood
  • God’s Best for Your Love Life
  • Being Wise in a Seductive Culture
  • The History of Feminism


  • Girl Defined Discovering God’s Design for Beauty,
    Femininity, and Identity
  • Brave Girl Embracing God’s Best in the Midst of a
    Crazy Confusing Culture
  • Reaching Beyond Myself Gaining a God Sized Vision for Your Life
  • Radical Purity Staying Afloat in a Sex-Obsessed
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  • Guys: Keeping Your Heart in Check
  • How to Honor God with Your Love Life
What Others Are Saying

“So many girls left asking when we would have another event! Our event was a total success!” -Jay Schein

“Kristen and Bethany made such an impact on our students! What an incredible team!” -Tonya Prewett

“Kristen and Bethany do a great job delivering God’s truth to teens. I feel our students were so blessed by their message, and we would love to have them back in the future.”-Leigh Smith

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Kristen and Bethany would love to chat with you about the possibility of coming to your event. Please fill out the form below to get in contact with their team. Someone will respond to as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you speak on other topics besides the ones mentioned on your website?Yes we do! Email us directly with the topics you have in mind and we'll let you know if we can do it.

Do you travel for events?Yes, we do! We are located in San Antonio, Texas and are willing to travel to most events around the state, country, and internationally.

Is there a cost to have you speak at my event?We do not charge a set speakers fee, instead, we gratefully accept a donation of any size for the ministry. However, as the host, your organization or church will need to provide the necessary transportation for your event (i.e. airfare and rental car) as well as cover the costs for local hotel lodging and all meals.

What age range do you typically speak to you?We speak to girls and women of all ages. We have created sessions geared towards teens, college age girls, and women. Let us know which age group you’re interested in and we will gear the sessions accordingly.

Do you speak individually, or only as a team?Almost all of our sessions are formatted to speak as a team. To get the full benefit of each session, we are most effective when speaking together.

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