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Strong Girls Desperately Needed to Stand up for Truth

By: Bethany Beal

The other day I was playing a game with a group of friends called “Would You Rather.” The game is absolutely hilarious and asks the most bizarre questions.

One of the questions asked during the game got the whole group buzzing and discussing. The question asked, “would you rather have shockingly overdeveloped muscles, or, would you rather be extremely skinny and a total wimp?”

Hilarious (and weird) question, I know!

The group almost unanimously voted that they would rather have shockingly overdeveloped muscles.

Comments flew around the room,

“No one wants to be a wimp.”

“There is nothing worse than being weak and wimpy.”

“I can’t stand wimpy people. They drive me crazy.”

I don’t know about you, but I totally agree. Wimpiness defined by the dictionary says, “A weak and cowardly or unadventurous person.” Uhhh, no thanks! I really don’t want anyone to ever describe me as being weak and cowardly. How horrible.

The hard reality of this topic hit me this morning.

I was thinking through the topic of this blog post and realized that I’m a wimpy woman more than I’d like to admit.

I may not be a physical wimp (I don’t cry every time someone bumps into me) but I am a spiritual wimp way too often.

Don’t get me wrong,

I know what the Bible says.

I know how God wants me to live.

I know His words are true.

I know Heaven is my eternal home.

I know this life is a vapor.

I know Jesus is my Savior.

I know the gospel saves.

I know, I know, I know.

So, why don’t I always live in light of those realities? Because I’m a sinner and I way too often cowardly and weakly give into my flesh. I lose focus of the big picture and zero in on my current circumstances and feelings. I forget where my strength comes from and try to live life without Christ.

I have a feeling many of you girls can relate to me on this one.

Instead of focusing on Christ, you focus on yourself. You become the most important person in your world rather than your Savior. Your choices in life no longer reflect God’s Word, but instead reflect your feelings and momentary desires. As a result of being self-focused rather than Christ-focused, you weakly give into sin and live contrary to God’s Word. Instead of standing strong no matter what, you give into temptation when life gets hard.

I personally want to ditch wimpy womanhood and embrace a warrior mindset.

I want to (by the strength and grace of God) kick wimpiness to the side and fight for God’s truth no matter how difficult. No matter my feelings, circumstances, desires, wants, friends, family, etc. I want to be a girl who obeys and honors God in every area of life no matter the cost.

I think you would agree that we live in a culture with enough wimpy girls running around. Girls that claim to be Christians, but give up on God and His Word when the going gets rough. We don’t need any more of those kinds of girls.

What our culture truly needs is Christian girls who are willing to live out the Bible on a daily basis…no matter the cost.

Girls who are willing to fight for truth.

Girls who are willing to swim against the current of our culture.

Girls who are willing to say no to sin and yes to righteousness.

Girls who are willing to look foolish for the sake of the gospel.

Girls who truly live as ambassadors for Christ.

I sooo want to see a generation of young women rise up and become strong girls who fight to live out the Bible. Girls who truly understand that Jesus is all that matters and that living for Him is the most valuable thing you could ever do with your life. Girls who “when push comes to shove” follow hard after God and not the culture.

Will you be one of those strong girls?

I want to know which of you girls will join the ranks and be a strong fighter for truth?

Which of you girls are willing to make the Bible your ultimate guide for life no matter what your future holds?

Which of you girls are willing to fight against wimpy womanhood and bravely live out the hard truths of the Bible?

If you want to join the ranks of strong girls, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below letting me know you want to be a strong girl.

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Strong Girls Desperately Needed to Stand up for Truth

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27 Responses to Strong Girls Desperately Needed to Stand up for Truth

  1. Lindsay Rogers says:

    Thank you for posting this! I couldn’t agree more: we need more women willing to take a stand for Christ and not give in to the world and its lies. One of the things I try to remind myself when I find myself focusing on myself or getting caught up in “worldly” pleasures rather than focusing on Christ is that this world is not my home and I must be diligent to live for Christ every day because one day, He is coming back! I want to be found a faithful, godly woman when He does; a woman who is living in obedience to Him.

  2. Faith says:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for this!

  3. Autumn Lawler says:

    I so want to be a strong Christian whose identity is solely found in Christ. Try as I might, however, there is no way I can get to that point by myself. Christ is my strength and I need Him to work in me and make me strong for Him. The good news is, if the desire is there, God is more than willing to form us to be more like Him. Pray every day for God to give you His stength and His passion to share with a lost and dying world!

  4. Haley says:

    I’ll refer people to this post when they say Christians are anti-women and that we don’t let women think for themselves lol

  5. Cara says:

    Hey Bethany,
    Thank you so much for all of you and your sister’s encouraging posts! This one really spoke to me and definitely encouraged me…I stumbled upon your blog recently and I love everything that y’all discuss on here! 🙂
    On another note, I am learning to constantly learning to submit to God’s plans for my life! Currently, I am really struggling emotionally with letting go of a guy that I still have strong feelings for. I was “dating” him emotionally and emailing him a lot without my parents knowing. My parents found out and looking back, I am so grateful! I am so grieved that I allowed my flesh to get in the way of honoring my parents. I have repented, and am not in that situation anymore. My parents did not want me to be in a relationship right now with me being in my last year of high school. It is just the timing for me and if he is ready or not for marriage and to provide, for me to start a relationship with him, that my parents were concerned about. But, even though I am out of that situation and he has moved away to college, I still long for a real relationship with him and still desire for us to get back together when I am able to start a relationship. He was also extremely interested in me (at least this past summer) and expressed a desire for us to be together in the future, looking ahead to marriage. I have never met a guy near my age that has such a passion for serving the Lord and truly living for Him. I don’t think he knew that I wasn’t supposed to email him, otherwise, I am pretty sure he would have stopped and wanted to honor my parents as well.
    Anyways, it is still so hard for me to let go of him. I have absolutely no idea if he will come back into my life or even want to get into a relationship with me someday. I truly desire to obey the Lord by obeying my parents, but it is so hard sometimes…
    For me, it is the waiting. It is so hard for me to be patient! It is a struggle to constantly give all my worries and questions to the Lord about my future. I want the answers to all of my questions now, but that has not happened, haha! I am learning to be patient and practice contentment in my life right now. Is there any other tips that you would give for this situation?

    • Leanne says:

      Yours sounds very similar to mine, except that one of my parents is okay with my communicating with him, but now that both of us are in college, he doesn’t text/email me very often. He hasn’t said anything to me about the future but I personally would like to marry him someday 🙂 Just like you, I am waiting someday… IF (hopefully) that does happen. I read a little devotional card that said, to combat the distractions all around us, choose to focus on the gifts and talents that God has given you and focus on the here and now, the today. That is what I took to heart. I have practice and homework to do, and even if that’s not on my list, there’s always God’s kingdom. There’s people who need the Gospel, and you can always be working on that even if you have absolutely nothing to do. Does this help?

    • GirlDefined says:

      Hey Cara, Thanks so much for opening up and sharing what’s going on in your life. I know that that is not easy to do! As I was reading your comment I couldn’t help but think of a blog post I wrote a few months back. I think you will find it extremely encouraging. It’s called, “Letting Go of the Guy.”

  6. Marie says:

    Being a Christian and living a Christ-like life is what takes guts in this culture. Its easy to be “cool” and dress in the latest fashions with low-cut shirts and skin-right jeans; it’s easy to date around just for fun; it’s easy to watch the movies everyone else watches, listen to the music that everyone else watches, and read the same books everyone else reads; it’s easy to be disrespectful to authority; its easy to secretly smoke or do drugs; it’s easy to just go with the flow of the culture so you don’t stick out. But it takes a strong girl (or guy) to stand up for Christ in this worldly culture. It takes real courage to go against popular belief and trends, and that’s what we as Christians are called to do.

  7. Concerned says:

    Do you think you could illustrate your point without condemning, mocking, and making fun of people who are physically weak? There are countless diseases and disabilities that cause muscle atrophy or physical inability, and grouping them all together as this stereotype of wimpy and “what not to be” is so harmful both to your hurting sisters in Christ and those immediately around them, who are being done a disservice by being told they are innately better. You make great points about strength of character, but at the expense of your tasteless metaphor.

    • GirlDefined says:

      I’m so sorry that this blog post felt condemning, mocking or making fun of people. That was not my intention at all. I know several people who have physical ailments or health issues, but, are anything but weak! In fact some of the strongest and bravest people I know are those battling physical diseases. The entire emphasis of this post was on the “wimpy” (which is a state of mind) not the “skinny.”

      I hope you can see my heart behind this post and look past the aspects that offended you. 🙂 -Bethany

  8. Thais Diniz says:

    Hi girls, thank you for blessing our lives with this text!

    I think we will have always have some weakness point , because we are sinners, but what we could focus is: “God is the king of this world and He is with us, help us, look for us”.
    We have to be faithful to the end and He will give to us crown of eternal life.

    • GirlDefined says:

      Our strength comes from the Lord. He is the one who gives us the power to remain faithful to the end 🙂 Thanks for the encouraging word, Thais. 🙂 -Bethany

  9. Courtney Owens says:

    I want to be a fighter for truth, a girl after God’s heart:) I want to join the ranks of strong Christian girls!

  10. Juliette says:

    AMEN. Godly women are not weak. They are to be virtuous with pure hearts yet also mighty and strong in the spirit too. Its about time that God’s daughters rise up as warrior princesses. Regal and dignified yet fierce in spiritual warfare. Kind and humble yet courageous and BOLD in Christ!! Women who love God passionately and love people just as much. Its time to arise sisters!!

  11. ThePoeticMusician says:

    Yes! Totally spot on. So few girls, and young people in general, are afraid to stand up for the truth. The Gospel is an offensive message to those that are living in sin–it is still our job to give it. The world is getting increasingly wicked–are we increasingly bold to stand against the tide?

  12. Olivia Scott says:

    This post is my heart’s cry! I am a God girl. A Jesus Freak. A warrior for Christ! And I want to live my life in light of this truth: Nothing else matters except God.

  13. Tess Asare says:

    Thank you for this post. It is a great conviction. I can a wimpy Christian girl most of the time. Scared of what the people around me would think of me. Afraid of getting confronted. But that is not what I have been called to. I have been called to live a life pleasing to God. That life is going to be offensive to the culture and the people around me. I pray that the Lord would give me the strength to stand firm. Because my life is nothing if it is not being lived out for Him alone.

  14. Maria Wilson says:

    I really struggle with self-esteem. I want to be a strong and assertive young woman for Christ! This article couldn’t have come at a better time! 🙂

  15. Victoria says:

    What a great post, actually what a great blog!! you girls have helped me So much, I’m so thankful and want to be a strong young woman for God!!!

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