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The Greatest Calling of a Modern Christian Girl

By: Bethany Beal

I was in my early twenties and nannying part time. It was a school day, which meant waiting at the bus stop to pick up kids.

As  I was heading towards the bus stop, I noticed a young woman waiting at the bus stop as well. I didn’t recognize her and figured she must be new.

Being the extroverted and outgoing girl that I am, I quickly introduced myself.

Sara shared with me that she had just arrived in Texas, coming from Europe, and would be nannying directly across the street from me.

Knowing that Sara was new to town (and had zero friends) I decided to reach out to her and build a friendship with her. Sara and I hit things off pretty quickly. I introduced her to my family, and she became a regular guest in our house.

As time went on, it became pretty obvious that Sara was not into Jesus or any sort of religion. 

Sara did not believe in Jesus as her personal Savior.

The months ticked away and I slowly began incorporating more and more spiritual conversations into our coffee dates and hangouts. I eventually shared my testimony with Sara and shared why Jesus was so important to me.

Sara was very interested in what I had to say but didn’t seem to understand her own need for Jesus.

Time was ticking.

Sara would only be in America for one year. I needed to be straight up with her. I needed to explain to her why she (just like myself) desperately needed Jesus.  I needed to show her what the Bible said about sin. I needed to show her that Jesus loved her so much. I needed to explain that Jesus died to save her from an eternity separated from Him.

I was nervous. How was I going to bring up that conversation?

The day arrived, and the Holy Spirit gave me the strength to share with Sara. I brought the kids across the street to her house and made sure they were entertained and distracted.

Sara and I made some coffee and then I told her I had a gift for her to remember me by.

She opened up the gift—a Bible with her name printed on the front. 

This was her very first Bible. She was ecstatic.  

She loved having her very own “book” in English. I had her open up the Bible and then took her to John 3:16. I had her read the verse and insert her name wherever it said “the world.”

It went like this, “For God so loved Sara that He gave His one and only Son, that if Sara believes in Him Sara will not perish but Sara will have everlasting life.”

Although Sara didn’t accept Jesus right then, she took the Bible and promised to read the passages I marked. Sara went back to Europe with her Bible in hand and a new understanding of her need for Jesus.

Sara just recently messaged me and told me, “I’m still reading the Bible you gave me.” Although I can’t spend time with her (because we’re oceans apart), I can still pray for her and encourage her through text and messaging.

I wish I could say that I’ve been faithful to share the gospel regularly, but I haven’t.

I’ve let my pride and nerves get in the way and totally ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I’ve been scared of what the other person might think of me. I’ve been nervous I wouldn’t explain it right. I’ve been more concerned about looking good in the person’s eyes rather than in God’s.

If you’re anything like myself, I’m guessing this topic intimidates you as well.

Bringing up the topic of Jesus isn’t the first thing out of your mouth. You get nervous. You get scared. You just don’t prioritize the importance of sharing the gospel. It’s hard. It’s awkward and you’d rather talk about something more pleasant.

I get it. I’ve been there. 

Despite each of our insecurities and lack of motivation to talk about Jesus with others, I want to challenge each one of us to be more intentional.

Sharing the gospel truly is our greatest calling as modern girls.

When you meet that new girl at school or at work, what will you do with the opportunity? Will you build a friendship and lovingly bring up spiritual topics? Will you care more about her eternal destination than looking cool in her eyes? Will you love her enough to share the best news in the entire world with her? Will you boldly and lovingly explain her current sinful condition and help her see her need for a Savior?

I love this quote by Ravi Zacharias:

Outside of the cross of Jesus Christ, there is no hope in this world. That cross and resurrection at the core of the Gospel are the only hope for humanity. Wherever you go, ask God for wisdom on how to get that Gospel in, even in the toughest situations of life.

I want to challenge you to have a bigger vision for the people you come in contact with.

Are you willing to love your friends enough to do these three things?

  1. Bring up spiritual conversations.
  2. Pray for an opportunity to share the gospel.
  3. Share the gospel with your unsaved acquaintances/friends.

Let me know if you’re brave enough to accept the challenge and do these three things.

Leave a comment below if you would like to join me in having a bigger and better vision for your life as a modern Christian girl.


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