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The Number One Thing Single Girls Should Look for in a Future Husband (But Rarely Do)

By: Kristen Clark


Most single girls have a running list of the things they’re hoping for in a future husband.

The list often looks something like this:

  • Handsome
  • Athletic
  • Smart
  • Funny
  • Good with people
  • Social
  • Loves to have fun
  • Makes me smile
  • And….oh — is a Christian
  • Goes to Church (at least most of the time)

As important as a “handsome face” and “funny personality” may seem to a girl before marriage, these things often take a back seat to something else that becomes MUCH more important.

Most Christian married women say that a handsome face and fun personality aren’t the most important things they want in their husband.

In fact, the number one thing that Christian married women say they desire in their husbands now wasn’t even a priority to them as a single girl.

Now that Kristen is a married woman herself, she’s had some perspective changes as well. Check out today’s vlog to hear her share about those changes.


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One Response to The Number One Thing Single Girls Should Look for in a Future Husband (But Rarely Do)

  1. Tamara R. says:

    Hi girls! I love your videos and blog posts, especially the ones about marriage, purity and dating. You saved me a couple of months ago from a serious mistake – accepting an proposal from a man that is not suited for me, in short.

    I also like the fact that you use the term Christian, instead of Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox. You are so relatable because of that, I do not even recognize which church of these you belong to, since the things you say are so universal for the Christian world. But I do have one dilemma. Is the point that the man is a devoted and sincere Christian “enough” or you have to be from the same church?

    I grew up in an Orthodox environment, but in my mid twenties moved alone to a different country with a Catholic, Protestant and atheist majority (let’s say with equal percentage). Today I celebrate both dates for Christmas and Easter, plus Orthodox New Year, the days of my patron Saint George etc. I connect with God through the scripture and prayer at home and go to available non-Orthodox churches outside of mass time to light a candle or pray alone.

    I would imagine myself to get married in any of the Christian churches, but still
    would be heartbroken if my husband wouldn’t allow me to pass this
    variety and wealth in culture/customs to our children. I would
    appretiate any advice, since have been seeking marriage for some time, but do not want to get hurt. In any case, many many greetings!

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