The Trend of the Feminine Guy

By: Bethany Baird

It all started a few years ago. Guys began throwing away their rough and tough work pants for a pair of teeny-bopper-skinny-stretch-jeans. How or why a guy would want to wear girl’s jeans I’ll never understand. But it’s happened and it’s encouraged our generation of guys and girls to accept a new form of feminine masculinity. It’s not accidental either. I googled “the trend of the feminine guy” and came up with quotes like these:

“Diminished Masculinity”

“Mens Fashion has been feminized”

“Add a Purse and you have the final nail in the coffin of masculinity”

The fashion industry as a whole doesn’t create “accidental” clothing. They have an agenda that ever so subtly desensitizes its buyers into accepting a new form of clothing. Their goal? No gender distinctions. If you don’t believe me, take a walk through fashion history over the past one hundred years. You will find that clothing as a whole went from being distinctly masculine and feminine to shockingly similar.

The question is, why? Why is the fashion industry, along with dozens of other secular sources, trying to degenderize clothing? I think the issue on our hands is much deeper than guys wearing tight skinny jeans, deep v-necks or having perfectly groomed eyebrows. The problem is an attack on Christ and the push to eliminate anything that points to God’s original creation.

If the lost world can slowly but surely deceive us into thinking that there really is no difference between guys and girls, we will ultimately lose sight of why the guy (or girl) was created in the first place.

Stop and think about it.

Why did God create guys? What was His original design for them? Were they created to be unique from girls? Pop culture would like you to believe that there isn’t a specific purpose for the male gender. In fact, they’d love for you to believe that it’s up to each individual to choose what or who they want to be, a guy or a girl.

Thankfully pop culture isn’t (or shouldn’t be) our standard of truth. We have the Bible to show us the true purpose for the guy. Holding on to gender distinctions is more important than you might think. Here are three reasons why:

1. Guys were created to work.

God created man from the dust of the ground and then stuck him in the garden to work and keep it (Genesis 2:15). God designed man with a unique hardwiring for work to provide for those in his sphere of responsibility. God also designed men to be physically strong enabling them for this hard work. When guys work hard to protect and provide for those they are responsible for, it brings glory to God in a way that is unique to guys. Work takes on a whole new meaning for the guy when he views it as one of God’s purposeful callings for his life.

2. Guys were created to lead.

God created a guy with a unique calling to leave his parents’ house, get married, and lead a family of his own (Genesis 2:24). That would involve hard work to prepare for this stage and then spiritual maturity to selflessly lead his new family. Notice that it’s the guy who is called to leave his family. It’s his job to find and pursue a wife. It’s his job to provide a place for his family to live. No wonder it’s important for guys to initiate, pursue and provide. It’s part of their unique God-given design. When they do these things they bring glory to God in a specific way that we as girls can’t.

3. Guys were created to protect.

Do you remember the story of the Titanic? “Women and Children first” cried the heroic men on board the ship. Can you imagine such a thing being said in this day and age? Women would cry that the men were being sexist and then stand their ground. They would rather sink to the bottom of the ocean to prove that girls can be just as tough and sacrificial as guys can be. Sadly, modern day girls are completely missing the point. God has called and hardwired men to protect, sacrifice, and cherish women in a unique way (Ephesians 5:28-29). What an incredible responsibility guys have been given by God. They are called to work hard for their families, lead them in godliness, and now protect and sacrifice for them just like Christ did for the Church. The men on board the Titanic reflected Christ’s sacrifice incredibly. They lived out the ultimate example of sacrifice by giving up their lives for those God had called them to protect. God has given all guys a unique calling to protect. When they live out this calling, again, they glorify God in ways that we as girls can’t.

Trending Themes

Did you notice a trending theme throughout those three major points? A guys calling to work, lead and protect had nothing to do with making himself better and everything to do with serving others and bringing glory to Christ. When we encourage guys to live out their calling as biblical men, we are encouraging them to glorify God in a way that is unique to men alone.

We need to get serious about helping guys think, look, and behave like true biblical men. We as girls need to act in a way that challenges guys to live up to their God-given calling. It’s not just guys masculinity that is at stake here, it’s God’s glory that’s at stake.

The next time that you are tempted to think “guys wearing feminine clothing isn’t that big a deal,” remember what’s at stake. Remember that God chose to create the male gender purposely different from the female gender. Gender is a huge part of God’s design and we need to work hard to keep it distinctly different.

Do you believe that God had a specific purpose in mind when He created genders?

According to the Bible, why do you think God created the male?

How can you encourage guys to act more like a biblical man?

Guy in Skinny Jeans


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  • godsgirl

    Yes!! Finally someone says it! And this is NOT at new problem. It has been going on for ages. Even King James, responsible for the King James Version of the Holy Bible committed this sin! Here he is in a portrait dressed very feminine, wearing tights, and bows on his shoes. Even godly men stumble! But we are not called to follow “cultural norms.” We are called to follow The LORD Jesus Christ!!

    • I agree @disqus_iAZJeWksnf:disqus. This isn’t a new problem in history…but it is fairly new in American and is (sadly) becoming the new popular norm.

    • Katie White

      You are right, godsgirl. Like Scottish guys who wear kilts because of so called tradition which are obviously skirts like school girls wear. A heathen heritage is not a reason to wear a skirt its denying Gods design for men and shouldn’t be done. The media tries to convince us that its manly with movies like Braveheart, but that doesn’t change the fact that its a skirt. And a short skirt! Jesus is the true man King of Kings and he wore pants not a skirt! That is the true example for men!

      • Cilia

        But Jesus and his disciples were wearing dresses! I’ve never seen a picture or a movie where they would wear pants!!

        • Aaron Stevens

          Yes agreed, I don’t think you can say that King James was dressed feminine, that was the culture & fashion for men of the times, Jesus and the people of that time didn’t wear pants, they wore tunics and the like, which could be classed today as skirts or dresses, the point I’d say is yes culture and current fashion can point to what we wear, I understand that we aren’t necessarily to follow social ‘worldly’ norms, but it’s being modest about what we wear, different occasions require different clothing, You can’t say to a scottish man who’s wearing a kilt that he’s dressing like a girl, because that is what their culture wears, obviously they don’t so much wear that today, only on important occasions and shows, etc.

          • Richard Marsh

            I think what every one is missing the main point
            that we as christians are to dress with modesty with a scene of shame. 1Ti_2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; Again this is talking about Christians not sinners for you can expect this kind of behavior out of the sinner person

          • Anthony

            I’m not sure “shame” is really the right word. Shamefaced is an old school word that we don’t use today and consequently don’t really understand. We should not be ashamed of our bodies. They are the pinnacle of God’s creation and He called them “very good.” What Paul is getting at here is that, as Christians, our purpose is to glorify God and not ourselves. We should therefore dress accordingly. It is not bad or shameful to dress nicely or fashionably as long as it is not excessive. If you actually think about it though, you can be excessive on both ends of the spectrum. You can be too stylish and glamorous or you can be too anti-stylish like the Amish. They are by no means immodest, but they are so different that they lose many opportunitys to share Christ.

        • anna

          There were pants in the Bible. The priests would wear them under their tunics or robes so when they bent down or kneeled while praying/giving sacrifices, their thighs wouldn’t be shown. ( Isaiah 47:2-3) It was referred to as ‘men’s clothing.’

    • Jason Garrick Shirtz

      What I’m seeing here, is that whatever the current crop of conservative Christians believe is declared to be “God’s Eternal Truth, according to the Bible”.

      Despite the fact that whatever the current crop of conservative Christians believe has more to do with their current role in society (in this case, middle class, white-anglo saxon protestant values, WASP for short)

      Back around 300 AD, the fathers of the Catholic Church thought that the material world was EVIL with a capital E, and that procreation was WRONG with a capitol W, and that the only partial mitigation to the evil of the act of procreation was the continuance of the species.

      They also had a thing where bathing was morally wrong; with monastic asceticism and detachment from the material world being praised.

      This changed with society of course, the modern idea that “Christianity == Family Values” is a Victorian idea, only about 200 years old. Back in 300 AD, the idea was more “The Devil is probably behind the family unit, not god, because sexuality is JUST THAT WRONG”

    • Jason Garrick Shirtz

      What I’m getting at here, is the idea that pants do or don’t promote godly ideas of femininity or masculinity, or any other fashion trend is an idea, that has no biblical support.

      Just as the Early Catholic Church claimed that it’s ideas about sexuality being super, super evil and sexual intercourse being the “original sin”, and claimed backing by the bible (which by the way, is not backed by the bible, anywhere)

      Many modern protestant/fundamentalist groups are claiming that their ideas of God-given masculinity/femininity are backed by the bible, when they are clearly not.

      Yes, submission of women to men, and certain gender roles are supported by the bible. But fashion trends, overall are not, unless you are choosing to put forth the idea that women need to keep their heads covered, and are advocating the Christian equivalent of Burkas and Sharia law.

      I don’t see Christians doing that (often) so overall, most Christians that argue about fashion/modesty from a biblical perspective are just saying the bible supports their own personal ideas on the matter, regardless of whether or not those ideas have any direct biblical support.

  • Jenna J

    This is so good!! And it goes both ways!! I think we should be asking why there is such a thing as “girl’s jeans” in the first place, when pants are clearly men’s clothing, only meant for men. Pants only became acceptable women’s wear in the early 1900s thanks to feminist activists and the sinful world of fashion design. Split skirts (or “culottes”) give women plenty of mobility and modesty while doing things like gardening and housework, and they are still clearly feminine, but jeans are men’s laboring pants. And “skinny” jeans are highly provocative and immodest, designed expressly to flaunt the feminine curves of a girl’s legs and bottom, they leave little to the imagination. Women need to dress in a way that reflects the purity and modesty God commands of us. How can we in good faith defend worldly fashion when it is so corrupt? How can we show such disregard for the spiritual lives of our brothers in Christ when we cause them to stumble by wearing pants that invite lustful thoughts?

    • Anna-Raven

      Very good question Jenna! I agree 100%. This is one of the reasons I don’t wear pants.

    • becca

      what do you mean that “pants are only meant for men”? Pants, even for men, are a relatively new thing. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Jesus and the apostles did not wear pants they wore tunics. There were no pants in Biblical times.
      I do agree about the skinny jeans though, guys just look silly in them and girls look like stuffed sausages, they are just NOT flattering jeans.

      • Anna

        There were pants in the Bible. The priests would wear them under their tunics or robes so when they bent down or kneeled while praying or giving sacrifices, their thighs wouldn’t be shown. ( Isaiah 47:2-3) It was referred to as ‘men’s clothing.’

        • Nick

          Those were shorts; boxers, essentialy. They only covered to about the thigh, if I remember right.

    • Saltasaurus

      This is sarcasm, right?

  • Kevin M

    If only the great men like Paul could see how the church has fallen…gone are the days of Christians thirsting for knowledge and spreading the truth to the lost and impoverished. Now are the days of petty opinions about how people dress and twisting the scripture around to justify our wrongful judgememts of others. Shame on the so-called christian men and women who spend more time pointing fingers at others than helping those in need. When did Christians forget that we are servants, not punishers? You will be ashamed when you reach heaven and you must testify that you used your faith to look down on others who don’t share your point of view. Stop being distracted by all of these petty issues and get focused on serving!

  • Elisabeth

    Modern things take Soo much away from the guy . Girls are trying to take which is wrong!

  • Ethan

    To assume that the biblical man cannot wear a specific item of clothing is a bit much don’t you think? I mean realistically, should a man not wear any gender unbiased clothing pieces? T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Jeans? So, let’s take this the other way; if a woman wears boot-cut “man jeans” is she outside the will of God? I understand your argument towards the fashion industry wanting to desegregate gender. Yes, God created us with gender specific traits, but to specifically point out those who wear skinny jeans and then ASSUME that they need to be told to work, lead, and protect MORE than the men who don’t wear them is a bit much in my opinion. And on top of it, who are you to say that skinny jeans are the issue? What biblical evidence do you have that tight jeans are not to be worn by men when originally women did not even wear jeans. The concept of this article is correct, however I do not think that you should be discriminating specifically against those who dress themselves in a proper manner.

    • Richard Marsh

      It sound to me you need to your bible more there is a lot to in God’s word about dress Deu 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. 1Ti_2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
      and I could on just saying there is not much shame the way people dress anymore you can expect it out of sinner people but not Christians

  • Daniel Bullock

    Person who wrote this, sit back and read what you wrote then Actually research what you said and you’re completely wrong about everything you said. That being said freedom of speech so feel free to continue being wrong.

    • Daniel Bullock

      If you can’t be comfortable with you sexuality, don’t make it everyone else’s problem is all I’m saying

  • Kristen

    I’ll believe that clothing trends are gender neutral when it becomes the trend for (straight) men to wear dresses. This is basically slightly revised version of the old fundamentalist “pants are men’s clothing” argument.

  • April

    I laughed out loud when I read this. I cannot believe someone is trying to tie CLOTHING of all things to Christ. Do you think Christ wore overalls? Do you suppose he wore work boots? Hardly. Do you not understand that cultural shifts in clothing often reflect shifts in work and entertainment? It’s not about God, it’s about comfort and utility.

  • Dolly

    I completely agree with you, Miss Bethany. Guys are becoming way too feminine, girls are becoming way too masculine. “Girly guys” are absolute nails on a chalkboard to me. It is not right when guys: wear skinny jeans, comb their hair to perfection with a multitude of gels, talk with ultra- high pitched voices, etc. I would really love to see this trend end once and for all.

    Our nation (the world for that matter) is very sick. We need to pray and do our best to fix it.

    • Brinley

      As far as I know, you can’t help how your voice sounds!! I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone so harshly based off of their voice or how they look. Maybe you should ask yourself if you would like to be judged so blatantly and harshly on your judgment day, instead of judging others based off of their fashion choices and the sound of their voice.

  • I think that the main point of this article and the main point of the scriptures in the Bible that highlight clothes is that we, girls and guys, should dress in a way that does not call attention to ourselves, but to God.

  • Emmanuelle Harris

    I’m not sure that wearing skinny jeans is directly related to being weak or feminine… Doesn’t that have more to do with someone’s heart rather than their aesthetic choices?

  • Saltasaurus

    Oh dang, guys are wearing skinny jeans. Clearly this means society is crumbling.

  • Saltasaurus

    Tag yourself I’m the perfectly groomed eyebrows

  • Saltasaurus

    You’re not a real man unless you’ve wrestled 420 bears at once with shotguns strapped to your legs like stilts while eating an entire pine tree

  • TruthSeeker

    You are telling the truth. Feminine girls are interested in masculine boys, not boys who look and act like them!

    • Spaceee

      That’s actually not true. There has been a study that most women prefer feminine men.

  • Paulina

    Jesus was gay

    • Shanae Butterworth

      Have you actually read the Bible?

      • Saltasaurus

        Which Bible verse does Jesus say he’s straight in Shanae. It shouldn’t be hard for a Bible Expert™ such as yourself to find.

        • Shanae B

          Jesus never made any statement about that, however he never did or said anything that contradicted what was God ordained on that subject either.

          • Saltasaurus

            If he never said anything on the subject then how do we know what “God ordained” about it

  • Archie Meijer

    Not sure what any of those points have to do with a guy being “girly”. What does a guy’s style have to do with being a hard-worker, or a leader, or a protector? I’ve known plenty of stereotypically masculine men who were anything but those things.

    You also brought up leading a family of his own. Again what does being masculine or feminine have to do with whether or not a guy decides to have kids. Unless you’re implying that adopting a more feminine style will cause him to turn gay. In which case 1. it doesn’t work that way, you’re born gay or you’re not, how you dress isn’t going to turn you gay. I should know my clothes are fairly masculine but I’m still gay and 2. Some gay people do want to have kids and do have them, the funny thing is it’s people like you freaking out over other people not adhering to your precious traditions who protest and lobby against gay people having children.

    And furthermore there are plenty of people in the world as it is. Some people choose not to have kids. That’s OK. Some people choose not to have kids and still contribute to society and exercise leadership in other ways.

    And the fashion industry’s goal is like the goal of any other industry, to make money. They sell the clothes that people want to buy. They aren’t trying to destroy gender differences, they’re just catering to what people want to buy. It’s called capitalism in case you wondering.

    A guy’s (or a girl’s for that matter) style or appearance is just his (or her) style or appearance, not an objective barometer for whether he (or she) is responsible.

  • Elvira

    So, how exactly is masculine/ feminine clothing defined biblically? You do realize that your notions of masculine and feminine clothing are based on fairly modern, cultural ideals. Yes, the culture you claim to be staunchly opposed to decided that men’s fashion from the past few centuries or so looks feminine by today’s standards. Even though you choose to dress modestly, you are basing your ideals of feminine fashion on the modern culture. There are no biblical standards for masculine/ feminine clothing. The culture of any time or place has always decided that. So, unless you are advocating Christians to dress the way they did in they Bible, you are giving into the culture’s standards of masculine and feminine clothing.

  • Jason Garrick Shirtz

    Time to correct some bad history….

    Uhhh in general, when it comes to survival in a sinking ship it’s “Every man for himself”. Statistically when you look at survival rates in such scenarios; other than the Titanic, and the Birkenhead (where the Captains specifically gave the order to save “Women and Children first” it generally favors men, particularly crewmen over women, children, and passengers.

    The men who were “seated second” on the Titanic weren’t being noble or Chirstlike. They were being threatened by force of violence by the crew of the ship, who again were under direct and specific orders by their Captain to do so.

  • Nola

    1. The Bible makes it very clear (Proverbs 31) that women are also supposed to work hard, and all through the Bible its clear that being lazy and vain is a sin. Gender never had anything to do with it.
    2. No where in the Bible does it say a lot of stuff that you said in “Men were created to lead”.
    3. I don’t agree with the women and children first thing and if I was in that situation I would indeed refuse to go first. However, it has nothing to do with me, and it has nothing to do with proving ANYTHING. Its because I think its unfair that because men happened to be born with an X and a Y chromosome, they should have to die when women shouldn’t. It has nothing to do with me or proving that I’m strong or anything that you said. And you know what, I would rather give my life and drown then have someone else die unfairly. We should all follow Christ’s example and be willing to give our lives for others.
    4. What counts as “mens fashion” and “womens fashion” is a cultural thing. Not a moral thing. Same with all the stuff you said in part 2. Even if that HAPPENED in the Bible, it had to do with the culture of the time, not with morals. God never said that people had to do it that way, it just was the way things were done in that time period.

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