Thinking Clearly in the Most Dysfunctional GENDERation Ever

By: Kristen Clark

Every generation has its thing.

The 1960’s brought about the sexual revolution, rebelling against God’s design for sex. The 70’s brought about the no-fault divorce laws, minimizing the long-term commitment of marriage. The 70’s also brought about abortion, the decision to redefine the value of our smallest human life.

One thing leads to another. One compromise becomes the foundation of the next.

And now this generation has brought about some of the most radical changes of all. The total redefining of marriage and gender.

Some are calling it the GENDERation.

Of all the generations in the history of our nation, no generation has thrown out the “gender rulebook” further than ours.

It’s getting to the point where it means nothing to be male anymore. Where it means nothing to be female anymore. Where it means nothing to be “married” anymore.

While many people applaud these modern decisions as great “accomplishments,” we couldn’t be further away from success.

Our Nation is headed towards disaster, and we’re too busy applauding ourselves to recognize it. We’re too busy partying on the Titanic to see the gigantic iceberg ahead.

In the history of our entire world, every powerful empire that ever existed which openly redefined gender and marriage, ultimately fell to destruction. Why? Because thriving nations are built on the backs of strong and functional family units.

Once a nation redefines the family, its backbone begins to crumble.

When you remove God from the picture, all things become permissible. Once the lines of authority are gone, who’s to say what goes and what doesn’t? When man makes the rules, anything goes. Regardless of how disturbing or creepy it may be.

When you toss God aside, anything becomes permissible.

As we choose to redefine marriage according to what feels good, where does it stop? If we’re our own authority, who has the right to draw any lines in the sand? If a woman wants to marry a cat, why can’t she? If a man wants to marry six other men at the same time, why can’t he? If a 50 year old man wants to marry a 7 year old girl, why can’t he?

If a man wants to change his gender to be female, that’s accepted, right?

But what if he wants to get surgery to take on the form of a gorilla? Or maybe a dog? Why can’t he? What if a person despises being male or female, and “invents” a new gender? Would that be okay? What if a 60 year old woman decides she is actually a 10 year old little boy in her personal reality? Can she be true to herself? Would surgery be okay? Why wouldn’t it be?

A nation will never thrive on the foundation of dysfunction. It can’t. There are no limits when man takes over the reins.

As sad as our modern condition may be, it’s not the saddest thing to be concerned about.

The saddest thing about our genderation isn’t that we’ve redefined gender…it’s that we’ve redefined God. The King of the universe and the Creator of the world has been tossed aside in pursuit of “progress.” God is no longer our King. God is no longer our authority.

Gender and marriage are no longer about what God created them to be (Gen. 2). They’re about who we think we should be. Instead of turning to our Creator for truth, we have turned to ourselves (Romans 1). We have become our own gods. Like a pagan nation bowing down to stone gods, we are bowing down to the god of autonomy.

And when God is no longer longer worshipped as the rightful King, disaster and judgement will follow.

“The sorrows of those who run after another god shall multiply…” (Psalm 16:4a).

“And I will declare my judgments against them, for all their evil in forsaking me. They have made offerings to other gods and worshiped the works of their own hands” (Jeremiah 1:16).

This isn’t a gloom and doom post, but a wake up call to show you the severity of our generation’s decisions.

If we truly love God and others, we will not keep silent. How can we? We see the iceberg ahead – we need to start ringing the emergency bells.

We need to get back to God’s word and remind our fellow American’s of this truth:

The more we rebel from our Creator, the further and further we will get from fulfillment. True fulfillment in this life cannot be found outside of God (2 Peter 1:4). This genderation cannot offer lasting fulfillment and happiness. 

The most loving thing we can do in this day and age, is to point people back to God’s truth. Back to God’s good plan for marriage. Back to God’s good design for the male and female. Back to God’s redeeming plan for Salvation. Back to the sin-conquering power of the cross.

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created” (Revelation 4:11).

Until we, as a Nation, repent before our Creator and humbly turn the reins back over to Him, the craziness and dysfunction will not stop.

We need to lead the way in courage, humility, and love.

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Let’s chat.

  • In your own life, where does your worldview about gender and marriage truly come from?
  • How has our modern culture influenced your thinking about gender and marriage?

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  • Elisabeth

    Wow ,what a great post thanks girl !!Keep ‘um coming.

  • Rebekah Teravskis

    Amen sister, I totally agree. What a reminder to stand strong in what God says is true and to pray for our nation! We also need to be praying that the church won’t be sucked into this downward spiral of “progress”. Thanks Kristen for another amazing post.

  • Kate Medaris

    My comment has not been approved by GirlDefined. Suffice it to say, this article has some problems.

    • Chloe

      Kate, this post is written from a Christian perspective. If you are looking for a non-Christian perspective, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

      • Kate Medaris

        So basically, you want this comment section to be merely blind approval and praise of whatever is said on the website and not an actual forum for thought progression.

        • Rachel M.

          They just want you to post questions or comments in a respectful, appropriate way. Make sure you are being respectful with your words. That could help.
          God Bless!

        • Chloe

          Sorry, Kate, my comment sounded very pointed and rude! I apologize…I was in a rush to school! Anyway, what I was going to say is that most Christians, like the ones on this blog, follow God no matter what the world says. We believe, as a part of our faith, that the Bible is infallible and true, so we follow it as best as we can and take our views from it. If you don’t agree, that’s perfectly fine; I’m not pushing you to become a Christian! I just want you to understand that these posts are written from a Christian viewpoint to stand up against what we believe is wrong. You are welcome to voice your opinion, just know that we will most likely not be persuaded by your viewpoint. It’s part of female stubbornness and Christian faith. 🙂

  • B

    I agree that this generation is engulfed with confusion. Even the other day at homecoming, I saw girls dancing romantically with girls, and girls dressed completely like boys (going as far as to bind their chests). I’m not saying I have anything against these people, after all, I’m just as sinful and have my own idols… But I just am shocked that it has gotten to this point. I feel so many are putting what society says and what feels good to them above what God says.
    Regardless, I feel it is important to show love to everyone. I am not in support of going against God’s design, but I am in support of loving and accepting others. I think it is important for everyone (Christians especially) to acknowledge that the pain and confusion these people are feeling is real. Additionally, we can’t erase the fact that in the past, “Christians” have deeply hurt the people of the LGBTQ community (I put Christian in quotes because I do not believe violent actions/words towards others represent Christ). To sum it up, I agree we need to stand firm in what God tells us, but like the article says, one of the best ways to do that is through unrelenting love and by extending Jesus’s sacrifice. God is Love.

  • Thank you for such a thought provoking post. Once you open the door for people to be whatever gender they want and to marry people of the same gender, there is no moral reason to stop anything else. Our culture has strayed so far from God that it has reached the point of wondering what DOES prevent it from doing what it wants? Morality without a reason to be moral means nothing. If there is no punishment for wrong, then what makes it wrong? Our culture is asking, “WHY NOT???” Without the Bible, there is no answer.

    Humanity wants to be autonomous. People want to “do their own thing.” And so they will not submit even to the most basic identity that God assigns each person.

    Again, thank you for the post, and also for being willing to unashamedly proclaim the truth in a hostile world.

  • Ashley

    I could barley finish this post. not because i didn’t believe it, but because it got me mad at society and the monster it has created. I want to spread the word so bad, but it is hard when you are 13 and have lots of friends who are already Christians. The one time I did talk to this stuff about it with a friend, we decided to stop (she was a not a Christian) because we were talking for two hours and i got her no closer to Christ. I was really mad at myself and I still am. Do you guys have any advice on what I can do to spread the word in a school that believes in transgender and all that stuff? I am going to get an Instagram account that I talk about this stuff on. Not yet, but soon because I have nothing to post with. Thanks! God bless 🙂

    • Haley

      One thing I would strongly encourage you to do is to be praying for your school and students who are immersed in the transgender ideology. Pray that Christ would meet them where they are and bring about His truth and revelation. That God would grant you a love for them, and that you’re able to see them the way Christ sees them. Not that their, or our, sin is acceptable but that you would care for them as a person. It’s easy to be disgusted by sin around us, but were it not for the grace of God we would be out in the world too.
      We’re called to plant seeds of truth in others’ lives, but it’s The Holy Spirit who causes them to grow, not us. Be firm in the truth the Bible teaches, but speak the truth in love as one who cares for these souls who are believing lies.

      • What is the transgender ideology?

    • If you want to evangelize LGBT people, there is only one way – and that is the way that Rosario Butterfield was evangelized. You need to be a friend, a neighbor – in fact, be better family than their own. Show by your love that the Bible is a good thing, and let the Word of God do the work. It is “quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edges sword.” Let it do the work. God bless!

  • Heidi

    God bless you, Kristen and Bethany, for standing strong on the Word of God! For not being afraid to warn everyone of the iceberg! Don’t ever back down!

  • At the risk of sounding like an apologist, I’d like to address a few of the (rhetorical?) questions asked in the post:

    “If a woman wants to marry a cat, why can’t she? … If a 50 year old man wants to marry a 7 year old girl, why can’t he?”

    In a word, consent. Or, in two words, informed consent. Because there is another trend in our modern culture that I don’t think is so bad – in fact good – and that is the primacy or importance of consent. (There’s an awesome cartoon video on YouTube called “Tea Consent” – it’s worth a view.) Consent is another form of the Golden Rule. A cat cannot give consent. Neither can a minor, especially one as young as seven. While our modern culture would likely embrace a marriage of 6 men, I believe it would, rightly, reject the other two forms mentioned.

    As for surgery for treating gender dysphoria, that surgery is prescribed for the relief of unbearable pain. 41% of trans people attempt suicide. It seems to me deeply disrespectful to compare such surgery to someone trying to make themselves into a different creature or something they are not, or catering to a delusion.

    • Sara

      It’s amazing that the concept of consent actually has to be described to these people. I always thought it was obvious that we don’t allow humans to marry animals/adults to marry children because it is an inherently abusive dynamic. Children and animals cannot consent. This is not rocket science.

      • Well, “these people” are Christians, of whom I am one. Unfortunately, what she says about transgender people (of whom I am also one) proves she doesn’t understand what the word means.

  • Stefanie

    I have to say the 70s did not bring out abortion. Abortion has been around for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. And if it becomes illegal, abortion will still exist. Likewise, transgenderism has existed for a very long time. Research the Hijra in India. I honestly think a lot of the hysteria over these things is due to the internet and instant news and people posting bogus stories to scare people. There are people who are honestly transgendered, just like how there are hermaphrodites. It is something that happens in nature. Our job is to love people, that is it.

    • Melissa VDA

      I think what Kristen meant about the abortion was not when it started, but when it became a normal practice and not something to be ashamed about and try to hide.

  • Hannah

    Yes this is right on! When people reject God anything and everything is ‘right.’ “The saddest thing about our genderation isn’t that we’ve redefined gender…it’s that we’ve redefined God.”

  • Dani M.

    I have been trying to read this for days now, and finally got to it! Thank you so much for putting this into words that are gracious and yet get the point across quite firmly. You ladies are a huge blessing- thank you!

  • Hello

    But Jesus was trans….

  • Saddy

    But Jesus was trans…

    • Saltasaurus

      And God is nonbinary

    • Jack Heiny, Jr.

      Jesus Was The Holy One. The Unchosen Among Not Be Tempted By Gender But By Being Human Before His Death, And Receiving His Father At The Kingdom. You don’t have a clue about Jesus. He Is God. Unlike You. I Suggest You Try To Pray For Your Salvation.

      • varsha

        um… please learn how to write properly okay?

  • Saltasaurus

    Not seeing any sources for these societies that crumbled because they redefined gender but okay.

    And I love how Jacob had like 12 wives or whatever but as soon as a guy has multiple *husbands* then it becomes the work of the devil.

  • M Rob

    As to the parts of your article which pertain to gender, genuine cases of intersex or transgenderism are still very rare. These conditions only affect a very small percentage of the population. It is a non-issue for the majority of the wider population.

    Gender Dysphoria is diagnosed by a doctor, and is the condition suffered by transgender people where they don’t identify as their birth gender. This causes extreme psychological distress where transitioning is done in an effort to alleviate said distress and help the individual to lead a better life. This has nothing to do with identifying ‘as anything you like’ a ‘gorilla’ or a ‘dog’ or anything other than human. If a doctor deems it necessary to help a person medically transition to alleviate their patients suffering, who are you to mock?

    No one is ‘redefining’ anything. The vast majority of people have no issue with the gender they are born, are heterosexual and go on to be in a relationship or marry someone of the opposite gender. Society is not somehow dispensing with this. All it is trying to do is make a little room for a small percentage who might need to do things slightly differently. It is trying to become more compassionate!

    ”..for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Yes, created by G-d, this includes ALL people, even the ones you don’t want to look at because they don’t match your rosy ideals. Consider that these people are put before you as a test of your humanity and you may very well be failing that test.

    Where’s this humility and love you speak of?

  • Anon

    People have been changing and redefining things from the beginning of time. Every generation has progressed to the point where new innovations of mankind has made humans’ lives much better than previous generations and every year has become greater than the previous. Life expectancy, height, birth rates, and medicine to name a few has significantly increased because of the liberal scientific mindsets people develop over time to benefit everyone. Have you ever thought maybe it’s actually what God wants and redefining things is not a bad thing?

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