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Why Thousands of Women are Shouting Their Abortions

By: Kristen Clark

Even amongst pro-choicers, abortion used to be viewed as a sad and unfortunate thing. It was viewed as an “out” for rape victims and women who had “no other choice.”

Not anymore.

The recent #ShoutYourAbortion campaign took this long-time debate to a shocking new level. Pro-choice women are now raising their voices and cheering for their abortions.

Women everywhere are being prodded and encouraged by radical feminists to shout their abortion to the world. To boldly proclaim their “choice” for everyone to see.

They are being told to celebrate, cheer and take pride in what they’ve done.

Many conservatives are calling this movement wicked and totally depraved, but these feminist are fiercely defending their stance.

After reading dozens of pro-abortion tweets and articles, it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s being “shouted:”

“There should be no shame in having an abortion, if a woman decides that’s what she is going to do, she is almost certainly making the right decision.”

“Abortion is a responsible and moral choice. You have the right to a safe abortion and no one can take that away from you.”

“Honestly, my abortion at 20 was one of the first responsible, non-self-destructive, grown-up choices I ever made.”

“My abortion was in ’07. I didn’t want kids then and still don’t. I’m managing my own wellness.”

There’s a common theme trending here.

It is the underlying attitude and worldview that says this: My happiness always comes first…no matter what.

In response to my recent open letter to the women of #ShoutYourAbortion, Lindy West (a leading pro-abortion advocate and feminist) responded to me by saying,

“I don’t believe in god. Every religion is equally foreign and improbable to me. You will as easily convince me to believe in Zeus as in your god.”

This explains everything right here. The entire shout your abortion movement boils down to this one fact. These women (most of them) don’t believe in God. Lindy West and millions of other women have rejected God and dismissed Him from their vocabulary.

As the famous saying goes, “If God does not exist, everything is permitted.”

When a woman dismisses the idea of God from her life, she does exactly what Hitler did. She becomes her own god. She is now her highest authority. She is now her moral compass. She is now the one who decides right from wrong.

She rules her life from an autonomous throne whose greatest interest is personal happiness.

And this is exactly why these women are shouting their abortion to the world. They’re saying, “My choice!” “My happiness first.” “My life!” “My rules!” “My morals!” “And don’t you dare shame me for it!”

Just read the quotes from above.

The number one interest of each woman isn’t others, it isn’t their babies, it is themselves.

Abortion isn’t about a “woman’s right to choose,” it’s about a woman’s right to be her own god and do whatever she thinks is best for her.

Without God, self rules. And that, right there, is exactly why women are proudly #ShoutingTheirAbortions.

What we see in the #ShoutYourAbortion movement is a perfect example of how Godlessness works. The pattern and progression of sin is always the same.

First you sin. Second you justify your sin. Third you advocate your sin.

Nobody who is proudly sinning wants to feel guilty for it. That is why these outrageous and mind blowing atrocities always turn into movements.

Sin doesn’t want company, it wants a support group.

The more people who will do what you do, and support you on it, the easier it is to numb the guilt. That is why women are shouting their abortion. That is why women are rallying together and affirming each other’s “choices.”

“If God does not exist, everything is permitted.”

A world without God is a scary, scary place. Anything is permitted. Ending abortion won’t happen by simply holding up pro-life signs and shutting down a few Planned Parenthoods (although that’s still good!).

The only way to truly end abortion is by putting God back on His rightful throne.

Until pro-choice women see God as the author and creator of life, they will not value the unborn. Until pro-choice women submit to God’s standard of truth and morals, they will continue to make up their own.

Until God is served above self, personal happiness will always come first.

As Christian women, we need to fight this battle first and foremost through prayer.

We must be in constant prayer for the hearts of the women in our nation. Second, we need to be ready to engage the lost with sincere hearts of compassion, love and truth. Thirdly, we need to boldly stand for righteousness and do all we can to protect the lives of innocent babies.

Let’s talk about it.

  • Do you see abortion as being an issue of the heart? Why or why not?
  • Do you think it’s possible for a woman to love God and love abortion at the same time?
  • What’s your opinion on the “shout your abortion” movement? Is it biblical?

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