Transgenderism: Is it Really Possible to Change Your Gender?

By: Kristen Clark

They were the biggest women’s shoes I had ever seen. At twelve years old, I was extremely tall for my age and already wearing women’s shoes. But these…they were bigger than most men’s shoes.

I called Bethany over to show her my intriguing find. We were shopping at a resale store with our mom. Holding the enormous high heels in my hands, she came running over with wide eyes.

“Look, another pair!” Bethany said pointing to the rack.

We both scanned the rack and quickly noticed several more pairs of these mysterious mammoth shoes. They were in pristine condition and all boasted pricey designer labels.

Of course we did what any normal girl would do…we tried them on.

Our large feet barely filled half of the shoes!

A sales clerk stopped to watch us as we hobbled around.

He noticed our puzzled faces, then chuckled and said, “There’s a reason those women’s shoes are so large.” He grinned. “A man, dressed like a woman – a transgender – brought them in yesterday to donate. I’m guessing he had to special order them online.”

Stunned, we slowly took off the shoes. At this point in time, we had no idea what the word transgender meant, but our childish brains were instantly disturbed by the thought of a man dressing and acting like a woman.

Fast forward fifteen years to today, and the transgender movement is all the rage.

From popular magazines, to movies, to the President’s administration, changing your sexual identity is apparently the newest way to earn a “bravery” award.

It’s obvious where our modern culture stands on this new “frontier.” They adamantly promote the idea that a person CAN change their gender if they want to. Like choosing between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, you can choose between the male or female identity.

Is it really that simple though? Can a person really and truly change their gender?

To answer that question, we have to figure out exactly where gender came from in the first place.

Long, long ago, before any humans walked the earth, God was there. God was there and He decided to created mankind.

With a blank slate in front of Him, He could have created any type of human species that he wanted to. He could have made multiple types of genders, or maybe even just one neutral gender. But he didn’t.

What did He do?

He created the male and the female gender.

God decided to handcraft humans that would personally reflect HIS image (Genesis 1:26). He wanted you and me to see a glimpse of who HE is through our distinct gender.

The male and female were created to reflect different parts of the character, nature, and image of God.

As I mentioned in a previous post (Why I’m Not Jumping into the Gender Blender) God gave us an extremely detailed account of creation in Genesis 1 and 2 because He wanted to clearly show us what He created and why.

Gender isn’t a random identity given to us by “nature.”

It isn’t an identity based on how we feel about ourselves. Gender is an identity assigned to us from the beginning of time by the God of the universe.

It’s an identity given to us on purpose and for a purpose.

Before you were born, the eternal God had a plan for your life; and that plan is built upon your God-given gender identity (Psalm 139:13-14).

God is our Creator. He is the final authority. He defines who we are, not the other way around.

No matter how many surgeries a person gets, how much makeup they wear, and how much they change their clothes, they cannot change who God created them to be.

A man born a male will always be a male, no matter what he does to his body. A woman born a female will always be a female, no matter what she does to her body.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital agrees. He stated, “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women.”

So is it possible for a person to change their gender?

In short, no. It’s impossible.

Changing your physical identity does not change your gender identity. It only masks the reality of who God created you to be.

When a person tries to change their God-given sexual identity, they are saying, “I don’t care what God thinks. I’m going to define my life the way I want to. What I think and feel is truth for ME.”

They toss God aside and instead become their own gods.

Our culture is pushing us to towards embracing a self-identity rather than a Christ-identity. When you leave Christ out of the picture, corruption, distortion, and perversity will always follow (Romans 1:24-25).

It’s obvious that our culture is doing it’s best to normalized sex change.

Our culture is doing it’s best to redefine how we view gender.

I have some serious words of exhortation for you, my fellow sisters-in-Christ: Don’t play the game. Don’t buy into the agenda. Call out the truth.

If a man is trying to look like a woman, don’t start referring to him as a “woman” or an “it.” Call him a man, because that’s what God created him to be.

If a woman is trying her best to look like a man, don’t play the game. Don’t refer to her as a “man” or an “it.” Call her a woman, because that’s what God created her to be.

Transgenderism is just another symptom of a lost culture trying to find happiness apart from God.

As Christians, we need to respond with a healthy balance of sympathy and concern for the lost as well as unapologetic boldness for God’s truth.

The best way to help a lost and hurting person is to lovingly point them towards God’s truth. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). There, and only there, can any of us find order, peace, and lasting happiness.

When a person’s identity is firmly grounded in who they are in Christ, they will have no need for anything else.

Let me hear from you. Share your thoughts with me below.

  • In what ways has the transgender movement influenced your thinking?
  • Do you think it’s okay for a person to “change” their gender appearance? Why or why not?
  • If someone you loved told you they were embracing transgenderism, what would you say to them?

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Transgender shoes

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  • Airwren

    Well said, Kristen! I tremble to think that is fast becoming very difficult to tell if a person has had sex-reassignment surgeries. The growth of transgender reality tv shows will, I think, have a huge negative, sinful, and confusing impact on children.


    • Jesusfreak17

      Yeah, it really frustrates me with this and with gay couples who adopt or have kids because they think it’s all fine but they’re affecting kids for the worse. People don’t realize the huge effects their decisions make on other people. It may not seem like it will affect many people but it does!

  • Elizabeth Williams

    What’s sad is that even if they are not happy with the gender they were born with, no amount of changing it will fill that void and make them truly happy. Yes, it may feel good for a while. But it doesn’t meet the need in their heart. I totally agree with everything you said!

    • “But it doesn’t meet the need in their heart.”

      You’re sure right about that! All it does is save their lives, or enable them to become functional human beings. Kind of like mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer sufferers. They have to find happiness somewhere else – hopefully, through Christ.

  • Belle Chamberlain

    In a Health and Wellness class I am taking, one of our professors mentioned that even when people get some kind of gender appearance change, it doesn’t change whether the cells in their body react to medicine like male or female cells (and they do react differently!) This can cause serious complications when a woman has had a gender-bender and goes to the doctor for certain types of illness as a man rather than a woman.

  • CT

    Thank you for speaking truth, Kristen! I’m doing an online college class for psychology and it’s getting to the point where my textbook reading is so horribly wrong. It sounds right to the secular college student, but to me as a Christian, it is completely different from how God designed people to be. Sometimes I get so angry reading through this garbage because it is so far off from God’s sovereignty over individual people. Can you give me any help? It’s a requirement for my general studies, so unfortunately I have no choice but to take it.

    • Azi

      Side note because I’m also curious: what kind of material are you currently studying?

      • CT

        I just got into the chapter on personality where it talks about self-esteem. Not to mention how it talks about how we inherit different genes by evolution. And then there’s psychological disorders. Even if some of it is true, it just makes me really sad and angry at the same time how they don’t even acknowledge God as the Creator, they make no room for God’s will and instead try to reason why EVERYTHING is all manipulated by either human circumstances or chance.

        • Azi

          I think I see what you mean; that what we do is not given any credit to God; is that what you’re saying they’re saying? I don’t know if this is any help but there was a Christian student I knew who would pray before studying so that she could keep in mind the great things that God made through the subject. It was for a science class but maybe this could also apply to psychology. Best of luck with everything! 🙂

    • Jennette Barnes

      I recently graduated from college where I took Psych 101, Bio 101, and Oceanography. I started class with similar frustrations as you have described. After much prayer, I found it best to ask God to help me see things as he does; with a loving attitude towards His creation, heartbroken over the lost that have rejected Him and try desperately to explain God’s creation without Him. This really helped me to more lovingly understand the thoughts of the lost, providing more opportunity to build relationships with people, praying for their salvation and pointing to the Truth when possible. When absurdities came up, because the people around me already knew how loving and kind AND rational and scientific -fact-based I was, it gave me more latitude to point out God’s truths.

    • thehappygirl

      Leanne, I know this is very late, but I felt the same way about many of my required electives classes! It was a struggle for me because I didn’t want to fail, but I didn’t want to back up on my beliefs either. By the grace of God, I (barely) passed each of those classes without backing down. I was also blessed with one very kind instructor who took my personal beliefs into consideration and I passed with an A+! Whew! I wish the textbooks would be neutral at least. If they don’t want to promote Christianity, that’s fine…. But don’t promote anything else either! God bless you sister 🙂

      • Tessa

        Just for others reading this, try buying a textbook at a used book store, then study it and take a CLEP test to get the credit while avoiding the worldview changing garbage!

  • That is also my take in this issue: Psalm 139:13-16 clearly states that God knows every bit of our being even way before we were physically made. He can never go wrong; His design is what He intended everyone to be. Denying that is a clear rejection of His sovereignty.

    • lillay

      Exactly. He knows. That’s the point. Think: maybe God made people transgender? So they could grow and strengthen themselves. God puts people through trials all the time.

  • Kaylee O’Brien

    Transgenderism is truly another symptom of a lost culture trying to find happiness apart from God. People have always wanted to find identity in something, to worship something, whether we know it or not. We have been created this way, but our flesh points us away from God and to something else. Transgenderism is another example of this. Great post!

    • Mykie

      Do you ever wonder what its like to want to be something that people tell you that you can’t be, or shouldn’t be? Have you ever looked in the mirror and hate what stared back at you? Transgendered people aren’t looking for someone else to worship. We are looking for a way to make ourselves the way we want to be seen.

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  • As a Christian who is also transgender, I think I have a rather unique perspective on this subject. I agree, fully and based on my experience (as well as, for instance, Psalm 139:13-16), that a person cannot change their gender. I also believe that God is our creator, the final authority, and He defines who we are. We don’t get to choose our gender, no matter how much we’d like to. If we could, transgender people probably wouldn’t exist.

    One big question for me is, where do you draw the line at the intersection of science and the Word of God? I think we can all find ways that Biblical interpretation has changed over time as new scientific discoveries come to light. In this case, science has found genetic and epigenetic causes for transgenderism, as well as physical differences in the brain between men and women. Transgender people literally have female brains in their male bodies, or vice versa. If we accept that the Bible is true, how does that guide us in relationship to what science discovers?

    It seems to me, then, that we have three options: The Bible is true; therefore, when the science appears to disagree with the Bible, either:
    – the science is wrong, or:
    – the interpretation of the science is wrong, or;
    – the interpretation of the Bible is wrong.

    How do we know which one applies in each circumstance? Is there any objective criteria we can use to help decide?

    • Abby

      The way I see it is this. Men and women’s bodies are built differently. If a person has xx chromosomes, they’re identified as a female in the scientific world. If a person has xy chromosomes, they’re identified as a male in the scientific world. This generation likes to mix feelings with fact. If a person feels feminine they must be a girl even if they have xy chromosomes. That’s just science and culture. From a Biblical standpoint, God made male and female with specific body parts for reproduction. He told us to replenish the earth and that happens when a male body part gets with a female body part. It’s like a lock and key, two keys don’t unlock a door and two locks don’t unlock a door. A man can have a feminine personality, but he is still a man. A girl can be a tomboy, but she’s still a girl. What ever exterior activities you are drawn to doesn’t change your gender, it’s a personality thing. Does that help?

      • I tried to answer, but my replies don’t get posted. Sorry.

      • Sorry, I keep trying to reply, my answers go to mediation and don’t get posted. I don’t know why.

        • Abby

          Well that comment worked haha it’s okay

          • Ikr! I don’t know why my comments won’t post. I’ll try again, just know if it doesn’t post it went to moderation.

          • Ok, sorry for the multiple posting. I broke my response up into short sentences and then found the keyword that’s been messing me up. God bless!

      • Your answer doesn’t help much because it raises more questions than it
        answers. For instance, what about someone with xxy chromosomes? Are they
        male, female, or something else? What about xyy or xo chromosomes?

        • Or someone with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) – xy chromosomes, but they develop female bodies?

          • The problem with oversimplifying science to say that the xx/xy norm is
            everything, is that the many, normal though uncommon exceptions prove it

          • And then what do you do with the fact that trans people literally have brains that are differentiated to the opposite s_x?

          • And looking at it from a Biblical standpoint doesn’t help much with that
            argument, either, because the verses that you refer to (without citing) are
            actually pretty ambiguous. Take Gen. 1:27 – it says God (singular) created man (singular) in His (singular) image … “male and female” (plural?).
            Does that mean “male *or* female,” as is our traditional/cultural
            interpretation? or are we *all* “male and female,” in God’s image? And
            doesn’t Ps. 139:13-16 indicate that God creates xy AIS people as women “in their mother’s womb” – intentionally? And therefore trans people also? What about Isaiah 56:3-5?

            It’s not so much that this generation mixes feelings with fact – it’s that this generation is beginning to understand that science has more anomalies than was thought previously. And the idea that the line between male and female is sharp and clear is cultural and traditional, but neither scientific nor Biblical.

  • LegendaryLowndesy888

    not everyone’s a christian.

  • M Rob

    ”I have some serious words of exhortation for you, my fellow sisters-in-Christ: Don’t play the game. Don’t buy into the agenda. Call out the truth.
    If a man is trying to look like a woman, don’t start referring to him as a “woman” or an “it.” Call him a man, because that’s what God created him to be.
    If a woman is trying her best to look like a man, don’t play the game. Don’t refer to her as a “man” or an “it.” Call her a woman, because that’s what God created her to be.”

    There is no agenda. Society is not trying to redefine gender. The majority of people are a man or a woman and they have no reason to question it.
    I have some serious words of exhortation for you, no, don’t play games with people. What would be prudent in this situation, what would be more compassionate is to leave the person in question alone. You have no need to say anything to them if it pains you so much to do so.

    This is not your issue. This is not a religious issue. It’s not even societies issue. It is something that effects very few people and has been blown way out of proportion, for some bizarre reason, and you’ve jumped on it because it happens to suit your narrative.

    I have been watching your content on You tube for a few months now, and have agreed with your take on many things and have also disagreed with a few things.
    But this deliberate attempt to harm the heart of another, do you really think G-d would approve?

    If someone I knew and loved told me they are transgender, I would direct them towards the appropriate mental health and medical care required for the situation. Because I am not arrogant enough to think I am in any way equipped to help them based off of anything said in the Bible.
    I would stand by them whatever the decisions made, whatever the outcome, because I refuse to turn my back on someone likely in need of an ally, and become part of the reason they hurt, just another ignorant person stood in the way of their peace of mind. This is rooted in my understanding of G-d – compassion.

    Thank you, you have shown me that the Bible is not the way. It is not the truest reflection of G-d. It has been corrupted by man for his own purpose, in order to excuse the harm we do to one another, to treat others as less than. It’s a test. There is no manual for life – otherwise what would be the point? There’s something more than this narrow, superficial view and I intend to pursue it.

  • Amelia

    I think that anyone would have the right to be who they want. I also think it is quite insensitive to abuse these people. I am not saying you are correct or incorrect but this kind of opinion is abusive to the transgender people. Everyone can have an opinion but it is better not to share them if they will hurt others.

    • John

      I agree

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