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What Christian Girls and Katy Perry Have in Common

By: Bethany Beal

This past year my younger sister, Ellissa was a part of a mentoring program at our local public school. She had the privilege of mentoring three little girls that were as sweet and cute as can be.

On one of her mentoring days, Ellissa walked through the lunch line and found a spot outside where she and the girls could eat. As they found a spot and began to sit down, the girls excitedly told Ellissa that they wanted to perform a song and dance for her.

Within seconds the girls were up and doing their thing.

These little girls broke out into the full word-for-word hit song “Roar” by Katy Perry. These girls had the dance moves down to perfection and sang their little hearts out.

They were copying their superstar role model and doing their best to Roar. 

Although this story may sound a little harmless to you, it opened my eyes to an interesting illustration.

Girls follow the loudest “Roar” in their life. 

We as girls are all part of a pride of lions. *Okay, maybe not a literal pride, but, follow along.* We have each chosen a pride of lions and are following the king of that pride.

We travel with our pride, listen to our leader, and go where the king of the pride tells us to go. That “pride” becomes our life and ultimately determines our future.

Far too often we as Christian girls follow the loudest “roar” in our lives. Whatever or whoever is getting the biggest chunk of our time usually becomes the king of our “pride.”

Sadly, the loudest roar in our life is typically not Jesus Christ and His Word.

Usually, the loudest roar is a Hollywood pop star, secular role model, best friend, boyfriend, online friend(s), music, books, magazines, movies, your own self or dozens of other things.

Katy Perry sings loud and clear about the king of her pride and it’s very obvious that she has chosen her very own self as the king.

According to her song According to her song Roar, she has decided that she’s been knocked down one too many times and it’s time for her to be the champion of her life and “roar” the loudest. She’s going to follow her own dreams, passions, desires, and feelings.

She finishes off her song by saying: 

“You’re gonna hear me roar… Ro-oar, ro-oar, ro-oar, ro-oar, ro-oar.”

Each and every one of us is like Katy Perry in this one area. We each have a king leading your pride.

The question: who is the king of your pride?

Stop and think about that question with me. Who is the king of your pride? Who has the greatest influence in your life?

If your answer to that question is anything other than, “Jesus Christ,” you are in serious trouble.

You’ve got the wrong king and are in the wrong pride of lions.

I hate the fact that the little eight-year-old girls I mentioned above are filling their minds with Katy Perry’s songs and memorizing her every dance move. They love her, want to be like her, and are excitedly following her loud roar.

Sadly, Katy Perry’s “pride” Isn’t encouraging young women towards the true King. Her songs encourage women to be the king, or queen, of their lives. They encourage us to try harder, be better, get stronger, and be the ruler of our lives.

I hope by the grace of God my sister, Ellissa will be able to point those sweet little girls to the true King.

He really is the only hope for any girl.

I may not know you personally, but, I sincerely desire for each and every one of you to have the hope, purpose, and fulfillment that can only come when Jesus is the King of your life. Not just the King of your life, as in, “yes I’m saved and am a Christian”, but the King of your everyday decisions and the determining factor of your future.

It’s been a long time coming, but I can confidently say that Jesus truly is the King of my pride. He is the reason I live and He gives me my day-to-day purpose. I love Him, trust Him and am positive that if I stick with Him, I will live for things that matter.

My life as a girl won’t be wasted and I will learn to “roar” for truth from the true King of Kings.

I want you to have that purpose, fulfillment, and security that can only come when God is the King of your life.

Let’s talk about it… 

Are you willing to make God and His Word a priority in your life? Are you willing to make Him the biggest influencer in your life?

If you are honest with yourself, who is the current King of your life? If the current king remains, where will your life be in five years?

Do you have an influence in your life that you know needs to go? Will you get rid of it or make drastic changes to put it in its proper place?

If you are looking for some additional encouragement and inspiration on this topic, check out these this awesome song by, Francesca Battistelli.

He Knows My Name


Katy Perry

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