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Why I Waited Until Marriage to Kiss

By: Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal


Waiting until marriage to kiss isn’t something you’ll hear much about from pop culture.

Although saving sex, kissing, or any other intimate act for marriage is a rarity, it can be done! 

In this video, both of us (Kristen and Bethany) share our personal journies of when and where the idea of waiting to kiss until marriage came into existence.

We also answer candid questions like…

“Was it worth it?”
“Would you do the same thing over again?”
Will I ever find a guy if I have such high standards?”


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3 Responses to Why I Waited Until Marriage to Kiss

  1. Bella D. says:

    Yes, I have the same problem as Loved! 🙁

  2. Anna Zimmerman says:

    Thank you so so much for this video, and for being so open. It is so hard to find advice on certain issues because a lot of people are not willing to share.

    Ah yes, kissing. I love what you guys said in another blog about not even having a hint of sexual immorality (Ephesians 5:3). Not even a hint, not even a thought. Scripture warns us about the thoughts and that we need to gird them up or captivate them (1 peter 1:13-16). Here are the patters. Lusting thoughts will become a heart problem, those heart issues will turn into actions. Actions into habits and soon habits into destinies. One needs to guard our actions absolutely, but have you thought about guarding your hearts and thoughts? Yeshua (Jesus) even speaks against having such thoughts or heart issues (Matt 5:27-28). You may have never did anything but what did your heart do with it? What happened to Israel during Jeremiah’s time? Yes they were breaking the Truth, but they also were condemned with a heart and thought issue. “Oh Jerusalem, wash your heart from evil and be saved. Till when would your wicked thoughts remain within you?” Jeremiah 4:14. We need to stand strong and be alert with our surroundings both outside of us as well as inside of us. So whether we are faced with a trial or temptation of any sexual immorality, we need to make sure that not only our actions are pure but our hearts as well. Thankfully we have a Messiah who will help us with these issues if we are willing to repent from them. HalleluYah.

  3. Never been kissed says:

    Even though I agree with you, I wouldn’t do it… I mean, it seems so amazing but I don’t like the idea of sharing such an intimate moment with everybody. I would prefer our first kiss to be just the two of us, a private and intimate moment, not something to be done in front of a crowd!
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience and being so open about it. I don’t know many couples who had done such a thing, let alone talk about it on internet. Most of people just don’t understand it, and are missing out the beauty of it.
    And yes, I do hope to find a guy with such standars! I have faith in God that he has the best for me.

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