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Why Modern Girls Should Embrace the Lost Art of Homemaking

By: Kristen Clark

Every time I walked into this particular house, I instantly felt swallowed alive by the chaos and mess. Dirty dishes all over the kitchen, laundry piled on the furniture, toys all over the floor, and the TV blaring. This home had no semblance of order, cleanliness or peace.

It was chaos.

Every time I visited my friend’s home, I left feeling more chaotic and unsettled than when I arrived (and btw, to all of my current friends who may read this, this is not your house. This happened many years ago. *wink*).

In our upcoming book, I refer to this problem as the drive-thru kitchen and hotel bedroom lifestyle.

We live life constantly on the go, giving little priority to nurturing home life.

The sad reality is, we do live in a modern day and age where homemaking is close to last on the list for many Christian women. As a result, I strongly believe we’re missing out on huge opportunities.

Not because we should all have Pinterest perfect homes, but because the home should be one of our biggest assets for ministry and spreading the gospel.  

The more I’ve studied God’s Word, the more convinced I’ve become about the importance of managing my home well.

The more my eyes have been opened to in-home ministry opportunities, the more I’ve desired to make my home a place of order and peace.

I’ll be the first to confess though, that homemaking isn’t easy. I have to fight hard to be intentional about keeping things in order. And the truth is, if I didn’t have a bigger motivation for cleaning and doing laundry, I just might not do it.

However, I have seen God use my home as a place of blessing, ministry, rest and peace for so many, that I am motivated to keep working hard.

I have discovered that homemaking isn’t a “thing of the past” to God, but a highly important job that helps aid in ministering the gospel to everyone who walks through our doors. Which is why we, as women, are praised and encouraged to do this in Scripture (Proverbs 31:27, Titus 2:4).

Here are 4 reasons why we, as modern Christian girls, should embrace the lost art of homemaking.

1. Influence for the Gospel

We see the “home” all throughout Scripture as a primary setting where gospel work took place. The early church grew and thrived as a result of families opening up their homes. The same is still true today.

I read an amazing story about an unsaved, liberal, and lesbian woman who despised the church. However, a local Christian family invited her into their home for dinner, and over the course of time (and many dinners) she ended up becoming a Christian. This woman wanted nothing to do with church, but was willing to enter someone’s home and share a meal.

The home is the perfect place for reaching the lost by inviting them into your life and showing love within your home (Heb. 13:2).

2. Hospitality is Commanded

This was a tough one to swallow when I first discovered this. Hospitality isn’t recommended in Scripture – it’s commanded (many times). 1 Peter 4:9 says, “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.” Why is this so important to God? Because hospitality is the heartbeat for evangelism and ministry.

Showing hospitality means opening up your home to anyone and everyone in need.

Out of town guests, missionaries needing a place to rest, neighbors coming over for dinner, etc. If your house is constantly in a chaotic and messy state, how willing will you be to show hospitality? And if you are willing, what kind of testimony does your house display to the unsaved?

3. Impact on the Community

The early Christian church (Acts) thrived as a result of believers opening up their homes to one another. Meetings, secret gatherings, and church services were all held within the four walls of someone’s home. And look at the impact that the early church has had on history?

The home is a place like none other. It’s different than the gym, office, grocery store, or church building.

It’s a place we can encourage relationships to grow deeper and conversations to thrive.

Throughout history, the home has been the launching pad for huge, world-changing movements. If you want to have a huge impact on your community, start by inviting them into your home and show them Christ’s love through hospitality. You never know what could happen.

4. Order and Peace in a Chaotic World

What is the number one thing most people long for in this life? Peace. Peace from the pain, personal struggles, relational issues, past hurts, financial burdens, etc. Most people crave peace.

In a world that is filled with so much chaos, instability, and LACK of peace, the home is the perfect place to experience peace.

Imagine how inviting and intriguing it would be for a person with a chaotic life to come into your home and experience order, cleanliness, peace, and a home-cooked meal? Imagine how blessed and encouraged people would leave your home feeling? Imagine how inviting the gospel would seem in an environment like that?

Girls – hear me out. Hospitality and homemaking aren’t things of the past.

They’re relevant and desperately needed practices in today’s broken society. I know most of you don’t have your own homes yet, but I pray this post encourages you to see how valuable and needed godly homemaking is in this modern day.

I pray you will plan your future with homemaking and hospitality as a priority on your list of “accomplishments.” I pray you will join me in embracing the lost art of homemaking…not for our own sakes, but for the sake of advancing the gospel.

Let’s chat more about this topic!

  • If you had to be honest right now – do you place value on the idea of homemaking and hospitality?
  • Which of the 4 areas I shared above stood out to you the most? Why?
  • Share some ideas with me below on how you can show hospitality right now, wherever you’re living?

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