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Your Womanhood is Not About You

By: Bethany Beal

After a long and deep sleep Adam finally woke up. There before his eyes was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. This newest creation was beyond anything he could have ever imagined. He immediately realized that this beautiful woman was perfectly designed for himself.

She had been taken from his very own body and was fashioned to fit him perfectly. 

Can you imagine how Adam must have felt that first moment he laid eyes on Eve? Wow! What a way to get a woman. Not only was Adam getting a companion, lover, and friend, he was getting a woman who would compliment him and help him both physically and spiritually.

For just a few minutes let’s forget what the world is telling us about manhood and womanhood and step back in time to the Garden of Eden. Let’s see what God had in mind when He invented and created the male and female. Unless we understand what He has to say about our design and role as women, we will be clueless as to what we are truly made to do.

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27).

You and I were created in the image of the God of the universe.

As Christians we are created to be a reflection of God to the rest of the world. Yes, there are the basic morals and characteristics we should be displaying in our lives that reflect the beauty and perfection of God; but there are also aspects of God that can only be displayed when womanhood and manhood are lived out in the way that God originally designed.

As you know, Adam was created first and Eve was created second. Everything God did was on purpose and for a purpose. God did not create Eve and then bring Adam to Eve as her helper. No. God Created Adam and then brought Eve to him as a helper suitable for him.

“Then the LORD God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him…Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib He had taken out of the man, and He brought her to the man” (Genesis 2:18, 22 ).

All through Scripture we can see this main point emphasized.

The woman was created for the man not the man for the woman. “For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, His body, and is Himself its Savior” (Ephesians 5:23).

One of the lies that our modern culture is feeding us, is that it is discriminating and sexist for the man to be the leader and the woman to be the helper. Somehow we as females have bought into the lie that we are of lesser value if we submit to God by allowing the key men in our life (father or husband) to lead.

Whose idea was this anyways?

Before you get bent out of shape realize that this plan wasn’t some dumb idea that guys came up with. This was God’s idea. God created us in His image to reflect and glorify Himself. That is the reason we as females should strive to live this out. So that we can bring glory to God in the way that He designed us to.

Check out what this college guy had to say:

“I do not believe that one gender is valued more than the other in God’s eyes. However, I also believe that God designed men and women differently to fulfill roles which are unique to them. When people understand and accept their God-given design, they begin to represent the God who made them.” -19 Year Old Guy.

He makes a really great point. We are to represent the God who made us. That is a huge reason why we here on earth. Not for our selfish pursuits, but to represent and bring glory to our Creator.

I love the way Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh Demoss say it in their book Divine Design.

“Men were created to reflect the strength, love and self-sacrifice of Christ. Women were created to reflect the responsiveness, grace, and beauty of the bride He redeemed. And marriage was created to reflect the covenant union of Christ and His bride. Scripture is emphatic that the story line of male and female (and male-female relationships) has little to do with us, and much to do with God. Your womanhood is ultimately not about you. It’s about displaying the glory of God and His powerful redemptive plan.”

When we as girls choose to pursue a lifestyle that ultimately reflects God’s original design as a responder and helper to our husbands (or future husbands), it is a radical shock to the rest of the world.

Not to mention God’s ways work.

Following God’s plans for your gender role can make or break your future. If you truly desire God glorifying success in your life, you have to live life according to God’s ideas and not your own.

God created you as a female on purpose and for a purpose. I would highly encourage you to dig deeper into this topic by reading: True Woman 101: Divine Design. Understanding the big picture for gender will give you peace, purpose and direction like you’ve never had before.

Closing thoughts…

  • Have you ever been tempted to ignore what the Bible says about womanhood?
  • Can you describe from a biblical perspective why God created the female?
  • How can you as a female bring the most glory to God?

I challenge you to take advantage of the opportunity to study the Bible and figure out what God’s original purpose was in creating you as a female. If you haven’t read True Woman 101 I can’t recommend it enough. Understanding God’s purpose for you truly can change your life forever.

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 Your Womanhood is Not About You

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13 Responses to Your Womanhood is Not About You

  1. Mama Baird says:

    “Women were created to reflect the responsiveness, grace, and beauty of the bride He redeemed.” Love this! Great post Bethany!

  2. Hannah Jane Lynch says:

    Amazing! I am learning to love the role that God has set for me. It is such a beautiful thing when you learn to embrace God-given womanhood. Thank you for the wonderful post! Blessing!

  3. jiujitsulover says:

    Beautiful post! Thanks Bethany. 😉

  4. Moriah Mari says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes! Thanks for the encoursgment. 🙂

  5. Bianca Ortiz says:


  6. Phoebe Saywell says:

    You are so right, my mum and dad have always said this and they have been happily married for 22 years! So it really is true that God’s way works! Thank you for the great post! x

  7. Geice Kelly says:

    Adorei o Blog. Uma benção! #Brazil

  8. Sara says:

    I struggled with this in my young adult years because my dad used to use the “head of household” excuse to always do things his way and to emotionally abuse his family. It turned me off to traditional gender roles. What I came to realize is that I get to choose my husband – I get to choose who becomes the head of my household. And to allow him to lead in righteousness. I worked through my issues and married a wonderful man who would never abuse his role. We are happily married!

    Satan will always take what is good and try to manipulate and twist it into something bad. I think more discussion needs to be had in church about what it means to be a righteous husband and father (head of household) and what it means to be a wife and mother (equal and worthy woman! NOT subservient or less than) and ways we can avoid Satan’s deceptive lies about these roles.

    • Sarah Brinson says:

      I love this comment!!!

    • Jason Garrick Shirtz says:

      I’m not such a fan of this comment. Sure it’s true (in the technical sense). The problem is that I’ve been reading this blog for a while, and not a single time have I seen Kristen or Bethany mention that in the case of abuse that you have the right to reject unrighteous authority, male or otherwise.

      Every lick of advice I’ve read from them in the context of how to respond to authority basically boils down to “put up, and shut up, because God placed that authority over you.”.


  9. “Somehow we as females have bought into the lie that we are of lesser value if we submit to God by allowing the key men in our life (father or husband) to lead.”

    You nailed it with that statement! I’ve never been able to fully understand why does society feel that being submissive or helpmate means that God or my husband sees less of me or is taking away from my value and character.
    Most of thr time the same people that are upset with this biblical view are also screaming equality and all people can be anything they want….until it comes down to me wanting to stick to “the traditional” way of life. Then I’m brain washed or old school or uneducated.
    So in actuality it’s them not God. They are the ones that’s actually taking away from my value and character with their confusion and deceptive lies. Thankfully I’ve got a Savior whose view of me never changes!

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