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Writing Letters to Your Future Husband

By: Bethany Beal

On October 1st, 2004, I sat down on my bedroom floor, grabbed a piece of plain paper, and penned my very first letter to my future husband.

Since that day, I’ve written dozens of letters to this future unknown man.

These letters contain prayers, dreams, thoughts, encouragement, Bible verses and so much more. My hope is that one day (if the Lord wills) I’ll be able to gift these to him as a reminder of my prayers for him and faithfulness to the Lord even before I knew who he was.

These letters are (and continue to be) a huge reminder to me that my future husband is a real man that I should honor and respect even before I know his name.

I remember the very first time I learned about the idea of writing letters to my future husband.

A friend of mine had purchased a book written by a Christian, mid-thirties, single gal. In the book, the author talked about the importance of being faithful to her future spouse. She shared how she began writing letters to her future husband and explained why she thought it was a wonderful idea.

I, being a total girly girl and romantic at heart, thought it was a wonderful idea and soon began writing letters to my future husband.

As I look back over the 11 years and scan through the letters I’ve written, I personally am so glad that I wrote these letters (and will continue doing it into the future).

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “well, what if you never get married? What if I never get married? What then?”

For me personally, this isn’t an issue.

Generally speaking, the majority of women do end-up getting married. But, even if I don’t get married, I will keep those letters as personal little treasures between me and God. They will be stones of remembrance of where I’ve been in life and what my prayers were during that time.

I am sharing my heart with you on this topic because I want to be the gal that sparks the idea in your mind and encourages you to start what I started many years ago.

I was (and continue to be) blessed by this special habit and I think you could be blessed by it as well. Plus, I think it would be a beautiful wedding gift to give your future husband one day down the road.

Please keep this in mind though:

I don’t want you to obsess over marriage. I don’t want you to make an idol of getting married. I don’t want you to place all your hopes and dreams on that thought. But, I do want you to think ahead and plan and prepare for a day that God might very well bring into your life.

I want you to be a girl who lives with the future in mind. A girl who honors her future husband and remains faithful to him even before she knows him.

Unfortunately, many in our culture live in “hook up, shack up, break up” relationships. Long term commitments are a foreign concept in this modern age.

But, we know from Scripture, that is not God’s best for us. God’s best plan is for us to have one husband and to remain faithful to him until “death due us part.” Writing letters, with one man in mind (not several), is a beautiful reminder of God’s design for a life long covenant. At least this has been true for me.

If you’re interested in this idea of writing letters, I want to share a few tips with you.

These are things that I’ve done and I think you will find them helpful.

1. Find a special box or container and keep all your letters inside of it. This will be an easy way for you to keep track of the letters and will be a wonderful way to gift them to your future husband one day.

2. Keep your letters focused on the spiritual. Don’t turn these letters into fantasies or romance novels. Keep your heart pure and keep God at the center of your writing.

3. Include Scripture and prayers that will bless you now, and him, when he finally gets to read them.

4. Keep in mind that prayer is a powerful weapon and your future husband could very well be blessed by your prayers in ways you may never know on this side of eternity.

5. Don’t hesitate to share about your life and current happenings. Just imagine how cool it will be to one day open the letters and read about your past life.

Those are just a few basic ideas.

I’m sure there are many more and I’m sure you probably have some great suggestions as well.

If you are interested in this idea, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and we can chat more there.

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